Jan 29, 2015

Simplified Skinless Chicken Drumsticks

DrumsticksRack_1269 copy 2

With visitors from all over the world (over 170 countries) there was some confusion about the spices in my marinade. So I changed it. And I actually like it better. It’s now a simple combination of orange & lemon juice, garlic and salt and I find the drumsticks just as flavorful but a lot easier to make. I was afraid they would seem bland after the spicier version, but I was surprised how much flavor they had and I only marinate them while the oven heats up. I made other improvements too like reducing the cooking time by increasing the oven temperature.

Like most cooks, my recipes evolve over time  because I’m always trying to make things better. That’s why I created a special category in my blog called “Recipe Changes/Fixes” so if anyone is confused, thinking something is different than they remember, they can check on any changes I made in that blog  posting.

I make these skinless drumsticks a lot, usually on Fridays, so we have snacks for the weekend but I’m still working on avoiding the messy job of cleaning the rack. I tried roasting the drumsticks on greased foil but they stick to the foil even when it’s greased. I did find one thing, however, that is a disposable foil pan that allowed me to eliminate the rack.


It’s called EZ Foil by Hefty and these cookie sheets are textured on the bottom and there was no sticking whatsoever, and no greasing necessary. The drumsticks turned over beautifully with no effort at all. I’m guessing not all stores will carry these sheets but wow, I love the textured feature. And oh… good news: I wash and re-use them.

My new and improved skinless chicken drumsticks recipe is ready and available, just in time for the Super Bowl. Click here for the new recipe.  (Still want the old recipe? Click here) – Jenny Jones

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