Simple Whole Wheat Bread

Simple Whole Wheat Bread

Simple Whole Wheat Bread

This easy one-rise bread is ready in 90 minutes! It’s soft and perfect for French toast and sandwiches. I also use it to make rolls. Make sure the egg and oil are at room temperature and be sure to aerate your flour before measuring. No mixer? Just mix it in a bowl by hand but knead longer, about 150 turns. (This recipe also works with all white flour) - Jenny Jones

Prep Time: 15 minutes

Cook Time: 30 minutes

Total Time: 1 hour, 30 minutes

Makes: One loaf

Simple Whole Wheat Bread


  • 2 cups whole wheat flour
  • 1/2 cup bread flour or all-purpose flour
  • 2 teaspoons (1 packet / 7 grams) instant yeast (or active dry yeast)
  • 2 Tablespoons sugar (or honey but add honey after the milk)
  • 1 teaspoon salt

  • 1 cup 1% milk, heated to 120-130° F for instant yeast (or 110-120°F for active dry)
  • 2 Tablespoons olive oil (or any vegetable oil)
  • 1 egg
  • about 1/4 cup additional bread flour


  1. Place flours, yeast, sugar & salt in a large mixing bowl.
  2. Stir in milk, followed by oil and egg.
  3. Beat on high for 2 minutes.
  4. On low speed add about 1/4 cup bread flour until dough forms a mass.
  5. Place dough on floured surface and knead 50 turns.
  6. Cover and let rest 10 minutes.
  7. Shape dough into a loaf and place in a greased 8 1/2 x 4 1/2 x 2 3/4-inch loaf pan.
  8. Cover and let rise in a warm spot until it’s one inch taller than the pan, about 35 minutes.
  9. Meantime, preheat oven to 375° F.
  10. Bake for 30 minutes. After the first 15 minutes, I cover the top of the loaf with a foil tent to prevent over-browning.

Problems with this recipe? Click here.

Want to Eliminate the Egg? Try my easy honey wheat bread.

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Simple Whole Wheat Bread

529 Comments on "Simple Whole Wheat Bread"

  1. Sandy Abrams

    Is it ok to use only whole wheat flour rather than bread flour? I don’t want to use any white flour at all in my bread.

    Also, I grind my flour in a VitaMix and it is almost, but not quite as fine as bought flour.

    Thanks so much,

  2. Fariba Badii

    Love you Jenny you’re the best

  3. Smitha Nair

    Hi Jenny,
    Can I make this without egg? If so, what should I substitute it with?


    • Jenny

      Please see the bottom notes in the recipe.

      • Anna Peter

        Hi Jenny,

        can you give me a measurement of wheat flour in Kg.(2 cups)

  4. Edward

    Hi Jenny, just made a bread with your recipe, came out really well. What I would LOVE to know is why do the breads made of only whole-wheat flour, never rise to perfection? My white flour breads always come out super!

  5. Lisa

    I made this bread, and it turned out great for a first try! I plan on making it many more times in the future.

    I’m curious about adding cinnamon to make it a cinnamon bread. How much cinnamon do you think would be good to add? Do you think I would need more sugar to balance out the cinnamon?

  6. Anna Peter

    Madam, Can you tell me 2 cups flour(wheat) , in kilogram – ho many gram will be? Each and everybody cup will not be in same size. I hope your valuable reply.

    Thanking you,

    Yours faithfully,

    Anna Peter

  7. Shirley Lowe

    Jenny – Just came across your webpage and tried your simple whole wheat bread this a.m. Haven’t tried it yet – but the loaf looks wonderful and can’t wait to try it this evening with homemade soup. Thank you for sharing. Can I successfully double this recipe?

  8. Kathie

    This bread is awesome. Nice and dense. I usually make bread in a bread machine but that will go into storage. I added 1 cup of dried cranberries, raisins and pumpkin seeds. i willl certainly make it again

  9. cherry

    Saw your recipe, I am not a novice at bread baking, I love simple bread recipes. I bake bread often for our Church for Communion Sundays, and I WILL be trying your recipe this week.
    I will let you know how the congregation likes it.

    Thank you for sharing your simple bread recipes.

  10. Rucv

    Can I add an extra egg to the recipe?

    • Rucv

      I did add an extra egg..the bread turned out softer

  11. Chris H

    This recipe is great. I make 1 or 2 loaves each week.
    I’ve measured out in large quantities (in a BIG container) all the dry ingredients except for the yeast and additional flour. I added dry milk powder as well.
    When ready to make a loaf or two I measure from the big batch, the specific amounts for the recipe. I use water or milk as the liquid plus the oil and egg(s). I aerate or sift the dry ingredients as suggested. In the last big batch I used vital wheat gluten and no white flour.
    Comes out perfect each time.
    It’s nice to have everything ready to bake in a hurry..
    Thanks again, Jenny, for such great recipes.

  12. Benny

    I’ve done this 4 months ago and my husband loves it, he even made sandwiches with it for his lunch box. I just made a couple loaves this afternoon and went out great. Thank you Jenny, you inspired me baking with your simple techniques xx

  13. Deepa

    Can i skip the egg.

    • Jenny

      Rather than change this recipe I suggest trying my honey wheat bread, which has no egg.

  14. Verna

    Hi Jenny,

    I made this bread yesterday and it turned out great. I am so pleased. I am an experienced baker and I bake all the time. It’s my hobby.just like yours.Thanks much!

  15. margie

    Can I just use bread flour for this bread or must it be a mixture. Is whole wheat flour , whole wheat bread flour.? or is it normal whole wheat flour?
    We do not get all purpose flour here, what is it?
    Love your recipes!!!!!!

  16. Saumya

    Hi Jenny,

    I have tried this recipe before with successful results without using a stand mixer all mixing and kneading was done by hand. However I wanted to know is the half cup all purpose flour or bread flour absolutely necessary? Can I substitute it with something else? Thank you so much for sharing such a wonderful and easy recipe with us.

    • Jenny

      I don’t know of a good substitute but some people say they make it with 100% whole wheat flour.

  17. Sandy Cooks

    Hi Jenny! Can I substitute the whole wheat flour with spelt flour?

    • Jenny

      I don’t think spelt has the right kind of gluten but I suggest researching a little on bread baking with spelt flour.

  18. michelle

    I am an experienced baker and I’ve been making my own bread for many years so I was curious to try this recipe because it just looked to quick and easy. I’m seriously amazed by how great this recipe is and it will definitely be my new go to bread method.

  19. Gladys

    Instead of kneading 50 turns by hand, how long csn I knead it with the mixer? Thanks for your reply.

    • ChrisH

      Hi Gladys,
      Mix on speed 1 to incorporate ingredients to the desired consistency then Speed 2 for one or more minutes is fine on Kitchen Aid stand mixer.. You’ll be developing gluten which gives the bread structure.
      Good luck.

  20. Annie

    I tried this recipe yesterday and I must say that this is the best whole wheat bread I’ve ever made. I did not have whole wheat flour, so I used 11/2 cups all purpose flour, 1/2 cup bran and 1/2 cup wheat germ. The bread was soft and had a nice color and tasted really good too. I’ll throw in some flax seeds to help with my cholesterol and some oats on top to make it extra healthy. I’ll be making this recipe from now on. Thank you Jenny.

  21. Donna

    I made this last night and it came out FANTASTIC! My family members absolutely loved it and I plan to make more this weekend for us and some friends. Thanks Jenny for a simple, yet wonderfully tasting recipe!

  22. seema

    Hi, can I use a glassware to make this loaf? I do not have a metal pan. Thanks

    • Jenny

      You could try but glass loaf pans are usually larger than metal so it might not rise as tall and you would have to reduce the oven temperature by 25 degrees F.

  23. Cai

    This is the best wheat bread recipe i ever made! It is super moist and really tasty. I Doubled the recipe and didnt change the time and it was perfect. Even my husband who hate brown bread loved it!
    I will try the no egg recipe next time.
    Thanks for sharing!

    • Cai

      Btw, i plan on making some more loaf to freeze. Do you recommend slicing before freezing? Or juat freeze the whole bread?

      • Jenny

        Slicing before freezing is more convenient so you can take only the amount you need.

        • Cai

          Thanks jenny. I love love your recipes. Its always easy and fun watching you bake and cook.

      • Gladys

        I usually slice mine before freezing.

  24. Sera

    Made this recipe … came out like really well … yummy bread … thank you dear for this simple and easy Make:)

  25. Jennifer

    May I know whether you are using American or English cup in the recipe?

    • Jenny

      Please refer to the metric conversion chart in my blog.

  26. Jenny Huang

    Love what you do. I have been baking whole wheat bread and they’ve turned out AWESOME! THANKYOU SO MUCH FOR BEING SO KIND,LOVELY AND FUNNY ❤

  27. Audry

    I only took up baking couple of months ago as I didn’t have an oven in my old apartment. I like your recipes as they are simple and don’t require too many ingredients(especially no butter a because I don’t like its taste and smell). As I had one egg and about 1 cup of soya milk( substitute for milk) left in my fridge, I decided to give your recipe a try and it turned out well despite the whole meal flour was way passed its expiry date( just given to me by my sister).

    I know what to buy on my next trip to Australia; good flour and baking utensils since we have limited choice available locally(population is only half a million for the whole country).

    Thank you for your no butter recipes and keep them coming.

  28. hee

    Thanks for sharing your recipe. It’s very easy.

  29. pedro

    Thanks for this. It tastes great. I had a small issue with the way it is written. the preamble may describe results and history but is not usually part of the recipe so I did not read it. You have hidden some important details in the preamble. I did not use a mixer and did not triple the kneading time so my first attempt crumbled when sliced. The second time I got it right with great results.
    I keep almond milk in stock but not cows milk so I used the almond milk and loved the mild nutty flavour it adds.

  30. Sharon

    What an amazing loaf of bread, I was a bit concerned about converting Cups into Metric as I have had problems with this in other recipes but no problem with this, it really is simple to make. Thank you Jenny I will be using some of your other recipes.

  31. Heather

    Jenny you sure can cook! Delicious bread recipe 🙂

  32. Ritika

    hi jenny the bread recipe is great …. i have a few questions
    Can i make this using fresh yeast?
    Also i bread sticks to the pan so can i grease it ?

    • Jenny

      I have never used fresh yeast so you will have to research that, and step #7 of my recipe says to grease the pan.

  33. Fe

    Jenny l love baking your bread recipe l even try to incorporate 14cup of ground flax seeds and it turned out excellent .thanks Jenny I remember watching your TV show,.

  34. Kaylin

    I have used this recipe 10 or so times now, and turns out great every time! The whole family loves it, and always prefers when I bake bread than buy it at the store. Thanks so much for the amazing recipe!!!!

  35. Carolyn

    After years of trying to master bread and ending up with hit-and-miss results, I finally found a fool-proof loaf! This is now my standard loaf bread, in both white and wheat as the fancy strikes me. I’ve baked it as buns, boules and batards. I make dinner rolls with it, I make cinnamon rolls with it (MUCH faster than a standard recipe!), I’ve halved the yeast and doubled the olive oil and made pizza, calzones and strombolis with it. It’s the most forgiving bread recipe I’ve ever seen, and it’s obviously the only bread recipe I’ll ever need. Thank you, Jenny!!!

  36. Joanna

    I did this bread so many times and every time comes out perfectly. Thanks Jenny ☺☺☺

  37. Catherine

    Best bread recipe yet!
    I have been playing with different bread recipes for the last year or so, and this is the best recipe so far in taste, texture and results! Whole family likes and will be adding as a regular bake. Thank you Jenny!

  38. Rita

    This recipe is the best!!So easy and the bread it’s just delicious!!
    Thank you

  39. BlueMercedes

    I’ve been experimenting with whole wheat bread recipes as I am trying to introduce more whole grains into our diet. Many of them call for entirely too much white flour to be called ‘whole wheat’ and those I feel can be called such are too dense and dry. This one, however turned out perfect. And I mean PERFECT. This is the recipe I will be using from now on. I used 1/4 cup honey in place of the sugar. Everything else was according to the recipe.

  40. Paola

    I just made this and it came out great! Thank you so much for this recipe! I am going to make this every few days and never buy bread at the store again! I think next time I will add seeds to bake into the bread:)

  41. Maggie

    Since I used this recipe, my family doesn’t want to buy bread anymore, my husband buy flour twice or thrice to make sure I don’t run out flour, we are so thankful Jenny.

  42. Rocío

    It’s the second time I make this bread recipe and let me tell you, it’s the best whole wheat bread I’ve ever tried. Doesn’t even compare to the storebought, it is natural, homemade, it doesn’t contain weird additives, me and my family love it. Thank you SO MUCH for this recipe I can’t even tell you how grateful I am Jenny!! Love from Spain.

  43. Deepti

    Hi Jenny,

    Thanks for sharing this recipe… I am based in Mumbai India and love to bake my own loaf. Have already made a couple of successful lovely loafs with this. But, off late somehow my last 2 loafs just didn’t rise well. Only thing different is the packet of wheat flour I am using (though it is exactly the same brand from the same Miller). Any idea what could have gone wrong and how I could rectify?

    Thanks again for your time and patience…

    • Jenny

      It could be that your yeast has gone stale. Yeast has a very short shelf life and once opened, it should be kept frozen. Also, look under my “Questions?” link.

  44. Nadia

    Can anyone tell me if i can only use plain flour instead of the wheat one? Will that be ok? Do i need to change the quantity? Great videos my dear! Keep up the good work!

  45. Gaby

    I love this recipe so easy I stopped buying bread. I’m making one know . Trying it with chia seed. THANK YOU

  46. Letty

    Thank you so much for your recipe! I had never made bread with milk before, it adds such a lovely flavor! My husband and I have both really enjoyed the loaf I made the other day. What would you say is the best way to store this loaf on the counter? In a plastic bag, tupperware, etc? Thank you!

    • Jenny

      Plastic if tightly sealed can create moisture, which is not good for bread. I store mine wrapped in foil and I refrigerate it after the 2nd day.

  47. Dana

    Just had to let you know how great this bread is. My 11 yr old daughter made this (using a friends organic whole wheat flour) and entered it in the county fair and she got a purple ribbon. Everyone who tasted it, loved it. Thanks for this recipe!

  48. Em

    This is the first bread I ever made that looked, sliced, and tasted like bread should. It was so easy and both my husband and I love it! How is it after it is frozen? I would like to make more than one loaf so that I could have it on hand.

    • Jenny

      Try freezing a couple of slices and see. In my opinion, frozen bread is never as good as fresh.

  49. Deeksha

    During the baking my bread gets the crack from the point where the dough rises above the tin. Whereas in your pic the Crack is not so open… What precaution should I keep to avoid the crack

  50. Bob

    Found this recipe last week, and just whipped it together. The first time I try a new recipe I always make sure I follow instructions carefully. Well, the dough was very very runny…it seems that there was about 50 percent too much milk? I did mash it together with additional flour…and it is rising now…let me check it….well, 35 minutes are up and it is rising…almost to the top of the pan. I will continue with it and bake it when it gets a bit higher. I love making my own bread. I am a Canadian retired in Argentina, and the bread here really leaves a lot to be desired. And it is quite expensive. Will let you know how it turns out.

    • Bob

      Just checked the measurement of the Pyrex-type measuring cup I used…and one cup is more than 1 1/4 cups. Should have known…made in Argentina!!

      Anyway, the loaf I made turned out surprisingly good, despite basically pouring it onto the counter and flouring it half to death and hardly kneading it at all and then scraping it together to put into the pan. Very obliging dough that is for sure. A real go-to when you need a loaf of bread now…

      • Jenny

        I was about to suggest you used too much liquid so I’m glad you solved the problem.

  51. Siew

    I have just baked the wheat bread. I cut the risen dough into half as I got 2 smaller loaf tins ..(31/2 × 7). It turns out surprisingly good after 35min. Of proofing. The crust, texture and its taste are v. Good. Its my first suscessful and satisfying bread I have attempted. Thank you v. Much. I wonder if you can help for an eggless bread?

  52. Sylvia

    Hi Jenny!
    Can I use an 8 by 8 pan if its only 2 inches tall? Would you recommend any changes I should make?

    • Jenny

      I tried to research baking bread in a square pan and I’m not sure it will work. I can only guarantee this great bread if it’s made in a loaf pan.

      • Sylvia

        So I asked my dad for help and he rolled the dough up like you did in the video, then he rolled it up again, so it was a square. And it worked! Thank you Jenny, this was an awesome recipe!

  53. Joan from the Philippines

    Hi Jenny!

    I just successfully baked my very first whole wheat bread and wanted to thank you for sharing this recipe!
    I used soya milk instead of the 1% milk and didn’t let the dough rise for 35 minutes as suggested since I’ve used a different size pan than the one you used for this recipe, but it turned out as it should be and taste great as well! More power to your future endeavors!

    Joan from the Philippines

  54. Lu

    Hi…thanks for this easy recipe. But in the instrutions doesn’t explain about if you are doing the bread by hand. Only in the video you explain it wich for my was to late. The time to rise my dough was more than one our. I can think was for the lack of kneading process.

    • Jenny

      I sometimes forget that my visitors come from many countries and I assumed that everyone would know that “beat on high” means to use an electric mixer. I’m sorry if that was not clear. I also indicate above to knead the dough 50 turns but your dough rising slowly may be for a different reason. Please look at this post:

  55. elly


    made the bread this morning, it,s easy, soft en taste is delicious
    thank you for the recipe.

    • Julien Andrew

      As it says on the tin…simple wholewheat bread.

  56. Sue

    I stopped buying commercially made bread over a year ago due to all of the preservatives, HFCS, trans fats, etc…, and started making my own homemade loaves. Of all the recipes I’ve done, your recipe(s) for this whole wheat bread & the honey whole wheat bread are the easiest and softest loaves I’ve ever made! They taste wonderful too! And I can’t believe how quickly they come together. Every Sunday is bread baking day, so we have it for lunches for the week. Thanks for such a tasty and easy recipe!

  57. Helen A Lazarus

    Hi Jenny,

    Thank you ever so much for this beautiful recipe. Spot on at the very first attempt. Watching the video was a great help. I hand kneaded all through. The bread was super soft and flavour was wonderful. Thanks once again wish I could share my pictures.

    • Jenny

      You can share your pictures by using the “Your Photos” link at the top.

  58. Erma

    I wish I had seen the correction during the video saying to grease the pan! I had to pry the loaf out of the pan and the bottom did not come out with the rest of the loaf. The bread was a nice texture and very flavorful.

  59. Jasvinder

    Hi can we cook in microwave otg.

    • Jenny

      I do not know of any way to bake bread in a microwave.

  60. Joy

    First time making whole wheat bread. Followed the recipe as written. The bread was “butter soft” and delicious. Had a taste while warm with butter, brown cheese and jam. Delicious. Next time will be adding my favorite nuts to this recipe. Jenny when I lived in Canada I was hooked to your show. Now am hooked to your easy recipes. Have a great day.

  61. Tina

    Hi jenny!
    On the wholeweat bread can I use 1 tabl.of sugar instead of2?
    Keep up the good work. You have giving us great healthy recipes.
    And please make more videos!

  62. Tsegi

    I made twice with your recipe. Both successful and ofcourse tasted very healthily delicious. Though I added less sugar.

  63. Martin

    Decided to try and cook bread at home that doesn’t contain soy, which is great that you don’t include that. But I also don’t consume dairy but I really want to try this recipe ! Any replacements for the milk ?

    • Jenny

      I have only made it with milk but you can look through the comments as I don’t remember all of them. Someone may have make it with a substitute.

      • snperch

        I rarely use milk in my bread recipes. I just use plain water. It gives a slightly more “wheaty” taste. Works fine.

        • Anton

          My wife and I can’t have dairy I use water and a little more sugar or honey to help the yeast. It turns out perfect every time I make two to three loaves a week

  64. Kalyani

    hi there ! I dont eat eggs but very keen to bake this wholewheat bread soon ! I have the rest of the things ready 🙂 what can be used to sub the eggs ?? await your response, Jenny !


  65. Dana

    Jenny, your recipe rocks! It is so unforgiving to make. I made it in a nutri ninja dough blender. It tastes great and my picky teenage daughter loved it and so did my mom who is a great baker. I also love your entertaining way of teaching us to cook! Keep it up

  66. gaby

    Just made this bread so good, so simple. Not buying bread anymore. Thank you for the recipe.

  67. Rachna

    Living in India, working with completely different flour and yeast quality, I was apprehensive about trying this recipe as many other experiments had left me with dense, yeasty-smelling under cooked bread. But wow! The bread is a winner and I am really excited to try your cinnamon rolls next. Thank you for the recipe.

  68. Annmarie

    Because my bread pans are larger I made this recipe 1/2 more Of the ingredients and it turned out beautiful!!! Nice full loaf. Thanks Jenny, I am sticking with your recipes.

  69. Danielle

    Can I use whole milk instead?

    • Jenny

      I never have but please look through the comments.

    • Paula

      I only use whole milk and works just fine. I also substitute honey for the sugar. It all works well.

  70. Tasvir

    Fantastic. I only use whole meal bread, which I buy from the market. The taste and quality is never consistent. Now, with your help, I shall make my own. Thank you & Best Wishes

  71. Asl

    Hi Jenny your whole wheat bread recipe is definitely the best out of the others I’ve tried! Thank you so much!

    Do you think I can use all (2 1/2 cups) whole wheat flour?

    • Jenny

      I have only made this recipe the way it’s posted so please look through the comments below.

    • Paula

      I use only whole wheat flour and it comes out beautifully!
      Hope this helps.

  72. Dany

    Hi Jenny! I’m a college student from Mexico. I just made this recipe and it turned out amazing! I’m a huge fan of your recipes and videos, hope you are doing great.

  73. Errol

    Hi Jenny, I want to say thanks for this recipe and how easy it was. I tried your recipe today and it came out great, I don’t think i’ll be buying whole wheat bread from the food store anymore…

  74. Paula

    Jenny, thank you so much for this recipe. I have tried many (and I mean MANY) recipes with little or no success. This loaf came out beautifully! It is light, moist and will now be our bread for all times! I’m trying hard to get away from buying food items that have things in it that I cannot even pronounce! Note to others, I used only whole wheat flour. I skipped the a/p-bread flour altogether. My bread took about an hour to rise but other than that it was perfect. I live in New Orleans so maybe being below sea level was a factor or the humidity! I’ll be making another loaf tonight!

  75. Karen

    Jenny I love this recipe but was wondering if I could use water instead of milk for someone with a milk allergy. Thanks Karen

    • Jenny

      I have only used milk so you would have to experiment or you could try a non-dairy milk alternative.

    • Kitty

      Hi Karen, I always use what I have on hand. Sometimes I use milk or slightly soured milk, almond milk or water. The taste may be slightly different and the colour may be as well, but any of them work I find. I have been baking bread for some 40 years.

      • Jenny

        Thanks for helping out.

        • Nina

          Dear Jenny, can i use 100% milk.

          • Jenny

            I have only used 1% milk but look through the comments below to see what other people have used. I think you can use whole milk but it might make the bread a little heavier. If you try please let us know how it turns out.

  76. Elaine

    Thanks for this great recipe! Instructions were so easy made my first loaf every and it turned out fantastic. Had no trouble following you and had a Laugh too. Next Im making cinnamon rolls a family favorite! Thanks again good to see you again my Bro in Love found you on YOUTUBE and showed this to me I made it a week late to everyones delight.

  77. Julie

    Best bread recipe! I have made this 6 or 7 times and usually it turns out perfectly. I use heritage grain organic flour from my local farm which imparts a wonderful taste and texture. So much easier to slice than bread made in the bread machine! Thanks, Jenny! 🙂

  78. Shrenik Talati

    Can be this bread be baked without egg. Most bread do not have eggs in them.

  79. Helen

    Hey Jenny! I made this and the Cinnamon Rolls this past week, and they both turned out great! Thank You!!

  80. Sandy

    Dear Jenny,

    My 7 year old daughter and I are huge fans of you. When she gets bored she says let’s watch Jenny can cook (we have a You tube enabled TV). We appreciate your simple and elegant personality, not to mention yummy recipes.

    Anyhow, we don’t eat egg. Do you have any recommendations for an egg replacement?

    Please advise.

    • Jenny

      I’m sorry I have no experience with egg substitutes.

  81. Willa Lam

    Hi, Jenny,

    Refer to your recipe, I loved it too much and make it easier, but you mentioned the 2 cups of whole wheat flour r as well as the 1 cup of milk,
    would you mind to let me know the actual grams, as I don’t have that kind of
    cups for measurement?

    Thanks for your quick reply.


  82. Joanna

    I was looking for someting easy and good and this bread is fabulous. My son wants to eat only sandwiches whit this bread. Thanks.

  83. Amber

    For those that want 100% whole wheat soft bread, I did it with this recipe. I used Wheat Montana brand white whole wheat flour. I used 2 cups of this flour, and just left out the AP flour because whole wheat absorbs more moisture. Everything else I did the same as in the video including using the kitchenaid mixer. I am so excited to find this recipe as I have had so many bread fails. I love the breads simplicity with only one rise!

    I just used this recipe to make hot dog buns. I baked them at 375 for 10-15 minutes. They look great! Thank you, jenny!!

  84. Rene

    My pan is 9 x 5. Do you think it will work okay?

    • Jenny

      It will work but the loaf may not rise quite as tall.

      • Marcy

        King Arthur Flour has a rule of thumb to answer whether to use 8-½ ″ x 4-½″ OR 9″ x 5″ pan?
        **Single-loaves using 3 cups flour (or slightly less): use smaller pan.
        **Single-loaves using 3-½ cups flour: it depends. If bread is 100% whole-grain – use smaller pan. If bread is combination whole-grain and white – use larger pan. If using 100% bread or all-purpose flour – use larger pan.
        **Single-loaves using at least 3 ¾ cups flour (any kind): use larger pan.

  85. Patti

    So Soft and easy to slice. I have to say this is the best recipe for Whole Wheat Bread that I have tried. Perfect for those who are looking for a 1 loaf recipe. I may try adding some flax seed next time.

  86. Felishya

    Hi Jenny,
    I watched this video 5 times, and before i was not convinced at all.
    Yesterday I tried your recipe, followed it and it worked out so well.
    this is the first time i made bread successfully.
    pardon for my bad english.

    I have one question though, why does my bread smell yeasty when it’s cooked?

    THank you for sharing your recipe with us.

    • Jenny

      That’s difficult to answer. Most people like the smell of freshly baked bread and that smell comes partly from the yeast. If it’s too strong, let me know what kind of yeast you used and how much you used, and I will try to help.

  87. Sandy

    My husband and I love wheat bread but I have not found a good recipe for it. This recipe was just what I was looking for. Made my first loaf this afternoon and it was a hit with Jenny’s beef stew.

  88. Bob W

    I have tried recently to make wheat bread and have failed miserably. All my loaves have looked like brown bricks. This recipe was perfect. Thank you. I can now make wheat bread.

  89. Vicki

    Hi Jenny. I tried this for the first time and it turned out so well. Thank you!
    Love your video, you are so funny! I am so inspired that I went and bought a whole bunch of ingredients!
    1 ca I use this recipe to make French baguette?
    2. Can I add ingredients such as oats and seeds?

    Thank you.

    • Jenny

      This recipe will not make a French baguette, which is a very different process. As for adding things, I only make this bread this way so you would have to experiment if you want to add things. The loaf may not be as soft and light but you never know… Let us know how it turns out.

  90. Jaclyn

    Hi Jenny ,

    I made this for the first time and it turned out well . Nice fluffy texture . Subsequently, it came out with large holes and a strong yeasty smell – too strong . I am just guessing, over kneading in my mixer , or over proof? I always seem to have the same issue (large holes, and rubbery texture) when I bake it in a loaf pan . I will try it again .

    And when u said to beat on high for 2 minutes , what attachment do I use ? The whisk , or the hook dough ?

    Thank you !

    • Jenny

      It might help to watch the video again. You’ll see I use the paddle attachment. A yeasty smell can be from proofing at too warm a temperature or the oven not being hot enough when you first put the loaf in. Holes are from air pockets created when rolling the loaf so you may be using too much flour when shaping. Next time, pay attention to every detail and do not make any changes in the recipe, including the size of the pan. As I said, it would help to watch the video again, and good luck.

  91. Stephen

    I usually made bread using a bread maker machine. I do love the machine. Although a friend showed me some of the benefits of not using one. But, since counter space is limited, would I be able to use the machine for the mixing of the bread and transfer to a bread pan before the baking process?

    • Jenny

      I’m sorry I have no experience with bread machines but you may find some help in the comments, I don’t recall for sure but I thought someone did use a bread machine.

    • Maria

      Hi Stephen, I have a bread machine and since I don’t like the hole at the bottom when is done, I just let it do the mixing and then remove the dough on a surface, knead it a little and let it rise in the pan. You can still follow Jenny’s recipe using your bread machine just for mixing, Good luck

  92. Mickey Marie

    Hi Jenny, I have tried this recipe several times and while my bread looks okay and tastes good, it never rises as high as yours. (and I have given it as much as 2 hours to do so). I live in Nicaragua, and it is very warm and humid. Is the humidity the problem? I have tested my yeast and it appears to work find. I’ve used your white bread recipe with good success. I’m just at a loss about my whole wheat bread. Can you suggest anything?

    • Jenny

      Humidity is actually beneficial for rising dough. Please look here for a possible solution:

      • Mickey Marie

        Thank you so much for those suggestions. I changed some things about how I measured and took more care with the temperatures. The loaf is a little better. but still not as lovely as yours. I’m thinking it may be the flour. We are so limited about the flour we can get here, and they don’t have the same protein as elsewhere. Some folks have told me they can’t get their whole wheat bread to rise well without using a poolish. That’s lots more work than your method, but I believe I’ll try it and see what happens.

  93. Evy

    Hi Jenny, I have been watching all your videos and have also tried some of your receipes. And one thing I make often is this bread. Love it. Thank you for the recipes. I also like the colorful utensils and tools you use in your. Kitchen. You will be very surprised to know from where I live. I am a Sri Lankan and live in the capital city Colombo, Sri Lanka. Sri Lanka is a beautiful island in South Asiavin the Indian Ocean. All the best to you.

  94. jeff

    Hey Jenny my wife uses your recipe and it always turns out perfect. We have also used this recipe to make cinnamon rolls and they were fantastic. We made hotdog buns last night with this same recipe and again a winner as always thank you so much for this recipe and all that you do.

  95. June

    Ok Jenny I have used the basic white bread recipe for making bread sticks,cinnamon rolls,hot dog buns, dinner rolls and now I am going to make cinnamon raisin bread. This is a great all purpose bread dough that tastes wonderful any way you use it. My family,coworkers and friends are very happy I found this recipe. Thanks again for you recipes and videos.

  96. Alan

    I made a mistake at the grocery store the other day and bought wheat flour. I didn’t know what I was going to make with it till I goggle homemade wheat bread. It’s the first time I have ever made bread. It is fantastic ( there aren’t words) to describe this breed. Now my son and grandchildren can’t get enough. I am baking a loaf every other day. The only changes I made was to use home made butter and raw honey.

  97. Rene

    Has anyone tried this in a bread machine?

  98. Fadia Shehadeh

    Hello Jenny! This bread is something out of this world 🙂 I always bake bread and I have hundreds of recipes from my grandmother but this one I keep making every week it is amazing thank you Jenny. We love you <3

  99. Violeta57

    Hi Jenny, This recipe is amazing! I made it about 10 times and experimenting with different ingredients. In stead of regular sugar I used coconut sugar, instead of using vegetable, canola or olive oil I used coconut oil. The bread turns out with a mild sweet taste and you would never guess it has coconut oil. I use almond milk instead of milk. My family and friends love this bread. I make it at least every other week. It freezes great. I also make your original recipe. Thank you for making this bread recipe so easy and delicious!!!

  100. Brian

    This is the second time I made this recipe and it turned out perfect again. The only thing I changed from the recipe is that I use my Kitchen Aid mixer to knead the bread. It is a great tasting bread. This is now my whole wheat standard!

    • Gladys

      Hi Brian, how long did you knead the dough for in the kitchenaid?

  101. Debbie

    Thank you for this great recipe!!! I made this bread today and it turned out beautifully!!! First time I’ve made a loaf that looked great and tasted delicious. Plus the recipe is so easy:)

  102. Don

    Great and easy recipe. I would like to make 2 loaves at a time. Would I just double all ingrediants?
    Thank you Jenny.


    • Jenny

      I have never doubled this recipe. Please let me know if you do and how they turned out.

      • JIm

        I make a double batch of this every week. I just double everything. Works great. The two families I make it for just love it.

      • Marcy

        I made your bread for the first time today, but decided to try making two loaves to bake at the same time and it worked, but you need to be prepared and on your game to minimize the time between the first and second batch. (I made each batch separately because my mixer is not that big.)

        For the second loaf I had the dry ingredients already together, and next time I will have the egg and oil in the milk in advance to save more time. The only time consuming part is scraping and washing out the bowl so that the second one mixes right, so I was nervous about the raising time and put the second dough in the slightly smaller loaf pan (just in case), but I needn’t have worried – they turned out beautifully! I will now refine my technique further.

  103. Denis

    Hi jenny, i followed your recipe. It tasted good fresh from the oven, but as it gets to room temp, the crust became so crusty and tough and the inside a bit hard. Any idea what could be wrong?

    • Jenny

      I’m guessing you may have done something a little differently. Please list all your ingredients (exactly) and the size/type of the pan you used and I will try to help.

  104. Ash

    Jenny its beyond awesome i have tried many recipes but every time i got strongly smelling yeast n under cooked neither raised bread .. i just sliced my one few seconds ago and its so yummy like i get from outside ……… Never better !! Awesome ..

  105. Emma

    Dear Jenny,

    I am a professional who practically lives on a plane. So, I eat “plastic food” in hotels whilst I travel. When I return home, I eat healthy & make things from scratch.

    Thank you for this wonderful demo. It worked like a charm with only 1 minor difference. My bread didn’t rise an inch over my pan in 35 mins. Other than that, it was delicious, moist & smelt heavenly.

    Request – a demo video on Sourdough bread and Ezekiel bread please.

    I will be sharing your video with all professionals in my network and with my family.

  106. carin

    Hi Jenny, I have one major problem with this bread, I cannot stay away from it, it is so darn good, butter & jam, butter & cheese, butter & apple syrup, and today while it is hot it is gone, what happened? from gluten to glutton??

  107. Isabel

    I’m in love with this recipe, easy, fast and delicious!!! Thanks Jenny.

  108. Juliana

    Hi Jenny,

    Tthank you so much for this easy recipe,Your recipes are wonderful. I just started using many of them, My favorites so far are the bread, I have been doing both breads for my family and friends, Thank you again for getting us foodies excited about great recipes to make for our families!
    hugs from Buenos Aires, Argentina,
    I ask apoligise for my english grammar misktakes.

  109. Steven Holloway

    The recipe calls for either instant or dry active yeast. If you don’t put the dry active yeast in the warm milk, the dough won’t rise. I’ll try again later. Also browse Jenny’s “baking problems” page before you make this so you can understand the environment needed to make the dough rise.

    • Jenny

      Steven, I have made this bread with both instant and dry active yeast and they both work very well with my recipe. It’s possible the yeast you used was not fresh or perhaps the temperature of the milk was off. And thanks for reminding people to look at “baking problems” because I get overwhelmed sometimes with questions.

  110. Anna

    I made this yesterday for my family and they flipped out my grandson couldn’t get enough. I have to make another one this weekend. It was so easy I don’t have a mixer I tried using my food processor and it worked very well. The loaf came out perfect just like you said. Thanks

  111. FA

    Hi Jenny,

    I found your video on YouTube completely by chance (then subscribed to your page because your recipes look amazing) and decided to try making this bread for my husband.

    My “problem” was this: I had followed all the instructions for aerating the flour, measuring ingredients, etc., when I realized I was out of eggs and milk.

    As a vegan who loves baking, I tried making some substitutions. I used a flax egg (1tbsp flax meal + 3 tbsp water) and non-dairy milk. The dough took a while to rise above the pan (about 70 minutes), but my pan was taller than the one required.

    I followed all other instructions to the T and the loaf turned out AMAZING! Really light (for whole wheat bread at least) and slightly sweet. And vegan, so I got to dig in! 🙂

  112. Denis

    Hello Jenny,
    is this a kind of McDonalds McRib sanbwich roll?
    Looks like.

  113. Rebecca

    Hi Jenny, Why does the smell of yeast stays in my bread? You sound it so easy and healthy. Thanks

    • Jenny

      I’m not sure what you mean. Yeast is what gives homemade bread that great smell. If you bread smells off, give me a little more detail and I will try to help.

  114. Magart

    Made this twice and though it tastes very good, it never rose an inch above my bread pan and was very dense. My yeast is fresh and I measured correctly and checked the temp of the milk. I will try again and see.

    • Jenny

      This is a proven and consistent recipe and should not be dense. Please check this section for a solution: If your solution is not there, please send me an exact and specific list of your ingredients and will try to help.

      • Magart

        I tried it again and the bread came out beautifully. I was careful to measure the flours and check the temp of the milk. I raised it next to a heating vent on the floor and it rose in 35 minutes, no problem.

  115. Nancy

    Hi Jenny
    Love your baking video. Made your whole wheat bread it was so good also would like to know where do you perchance your colourful gadgets.

  116. Eddie

    I’m 78 and make this bread all the time. I add raisins and diced dates. Rub on sesame seeds or other variety of dried fruit. Add almost anything I like the flavor of. Thanks Jenny.

  117. Ada

    Hi Jenny

    I love wheat bread, I want to make this so bad, you make it look so simple ♡☆ question: Can I mix the flour and make it in my food processor ? Or in a bread machine ? Let me know ♡

    Yours truly,

    • Jenny

      This is the only way I make my bread so I can’t help with other methods… sorry.

      • Ada

        It’s okay thank you ♡ I will keep you post it on how it came out ♡


        • Marcy

          Some have, but I tried it and it was harder to judge texture, harder to get out, harder to clean, and it’s hard to judge the mixing time.

  118. Jess

    Jenny, I love your recipes. The Simple whole wheat bread has now become a regular for me. Have you tried to make bread with rice flour? Can it be done? Thanks

    • Jenny

      Bread like this needs gluten and rice flour does not contain gluten.

      • Jess


      • Canadagirl

        Had rice flour bread due to allergies when I was a teen and it was Awful! From a bakery so they knew what they were doing. Still, YUK!

  119. Margaret

    Hi Jenny,

    I tried the wholewheat recipe and it was delicious. Just one thing I know in your recipe you talk about the dimensions of the loaf pan. I realized the depth and/or height differs when you buy the same dimensions. Can you tell me the height of the loaf pan used in your recipe.

    Also, can you use fresh yeast and if yes what is the quantity. Thanks so much.

    • Jenny

      My loaf pan is 2 3/4 inches high. I have never used fresh yeast.

  120. Fan

    love your recipes. loved your show. YOu still a Hottie! mmmmmm

  121. Betty

    I make whole wheat bread for the first time I my life and we loved husband is a diabetic and I am trying to learn how to cook for him. Could I use this same recipe for whole wheat rolls?
    By the way, after lunch with your meat loaf, whole wheat bread and squash, his sugar count was below a hundred. HALLELUJAH!
    Thank you so much for your recipies and your videos.
    We ar having chicken and potatoes and wholewheat bread tomorrow.
    Wish me luck!

    • Jenny

      I have never made rolls with this recipe but you could scroll through the comments to see if anyone else has.

  122. Dorna .griffin

    Jenny can your bread recipe be made in bread machine?

    • Jenny

      I have never used a bread machine so I can’t advise.

  123. Ranyah

    I had tried whole many wheat bread recipes before but yours is the best. Thank you so much.
    You’re the best.

  124. Brenda T.

    Dear Jenny!

    I just made your whole wheat bread and it turned out perfectly! This is the very first time in 30 years that a whole wheat bread recipe has worked for me! I even took pics! I love that many of your recipes are dairy free as well. You really know how to teach in easy terms and I am so thrilled to have found you! My mother was Polish so another reason to love your recipes! Thanks so much!

  125. David Alexander

    Hi, Jenny, and thank you for this wonderful recipe for whole wheat bread. It is high, moist, tender, but with body so it slices well for sandwiches. I made only a slight change, and used coarse wholemeal flour (from for one cup of the whole wheat flour,and I think it made a more flavorful bread. I would stick to reg. whole wheat for the other cup, though. As for the critics who say is not 100% WW, I have found 100% WW to be heavy, leaden, sometimes bitter, and never rises as this bread does. Thank you so much for sharing all your great recipes! Please advise if you have ever doubled this recipe, and if I should double everything, including the yeast. In the past couple years I have tried many recipes for WW bread, and this is the best. Thanks again!

    • Jenny

      I have never doubled this recipe so I’m sorry I can’t help. If you try, please share your results with all of us.

      • Dale

        I did double the recipe, and it turned out perfect. In fact I’ve done it several times now in a double batch, with perfect results each time. The only difference I noticed is it took about 10 more minutes to rise 1″ over the top of the bread pan. This is a wonderful and simple recipe for whole wheat bread. Yum! Why would anyone ever buy bread from a store again?

        • Kathy

          Jenny,. I have been following you for years! So enjoy your videos. Have been using your ww bread recipe for awhile. I have a
          575w stand mixer. I don’t buy bread anymore. I always make 4 loaves, since my mixer can handle it. Today I used coconut oil and honey. My grands and I can’t wait? We must put soft butter on some ends hot from the oven!

  126. Moledina

    Hey Jenny, love all the recipes on your site. I made cinnamon rolls four times and every time they were perfect. thank you very much for the perfect recipes. Now I want to make wheat bread, can I make it without an egg? or what is the substitute for an egg in the recipe.

    • Jenny

      It appears that you did not look through my recipes. You will find whole wheat breads with and without eggs. My easy honey wheat bread has no egg.

    • Marla

      I can’t help you if the egg issue is of vegan origin, but if you avoid eggs because of allergies, I know the answer: quail eggs and duck eggs are safe for people who are allergic to chicken eggs. Four or five quail eggs equals one large chicken egg in a recipe.

  127. Carol

    I followed the recipe exactly, except it took about an hour to rise. Could be because I live at 7000 feet in Colorado. The loaf is light and delicious. Thank you. I will make this often.

  128. Rick G

    Hi Jenny, thanx for the recipe I have made the bread about five times but it comes out dense tastey but dense any suggestions?

  129. Jess

    This recipe turned out perfect for me. Tried making bread many times but failed. Thanks Jenny

  130. Helen

    I came upon this video by accident this morning and tried making it with home milled hard and soft wheat berries to replace the whole wheat flour. It came out beautifully and it’s my first successful bread with home milled flour. Thank you for the great recipe and video, Jenny.

  131. Rick

    Hi Jenny, I just made this bread and it didn’t rise , I used active dry yeast, would that be the problem?

  132. ChrisH

    I’ve been looking for a recipe that was light and fluffy since losing trusted recipes that never failed. From the reviews, this sounds like the one.
    I used the basic recipe ingredients a guideline, changing to increase the protein and increase the fiber by adding 4 eggs and wheat germ, vital wheat gluten, , honey as a sweetener and dry milk in the 1 % for more calcium, mixed canola and EVOO. I doubled the recipe to put in a 2 plus pound long Pullman loaf pan and baked longer. I needed to make more bread to bring to my Mom..
    We have a very small oven that was being used at the same time and space is limited so the pan is more narrow and fit better than 2 large or 3 small. The result…A PERFECT LOAF!!! OK, so I changed the recipe…Point is, the original recipe ratios allows tweaking easily if using basic bread baking principles!!! Easy to follow steps that help bakers, novice and beginners alike.
    Next time I will follow the recipe as written. From the positive comments, I’m sure my loaf or loaves will be perfect as well!!!
    Thank you for this recipe and I’ll be trying your other recipes, too!!!

  133. Debbi

    I made this bread today and I’m t came out perfect! Have you ever used sprouted wheat berries in any bread or roll?

  134. Anya

    Hi Jenny, thank you for your recipe! I would like to ask if I can substitute milk into water?

  135. Kathy

    Hi Jenny,

    Could you make this bread using a Kitchen Aid stand mixer? Are there any special tips I should use when doing this?

    • Jenny

      I used a Kitchen Aid stand mixer in the video. Can you please clarify your question?

      • Kathy


        Sorry that I asked such a silly question. I read the written directions and comments before going to the video. Lo and behold, you’re using my Kitchen Aid mixer! I am going to make this bread this afternoon – I can’t wait to share the recipe with my children and friends.

  136. Marian

    I made your Wheat Bread last night. It is sooooo tender, raised perfectly and looks like it came from the bakery and truly under 90 minutes. For years I have been making bread the old way, 2 hour rise, punch down, roll out, rise again…blah blah blah….NOT anymore!!

    This is the Bomb Diggity of Bread Recipes!

  137. Maureen

    I have watched cooking shows forever. Tried many recipes most do not turn out well until today. I have tried to make bread even in a bread maker .No luck I made your Whole wheat bread . I almost couldn’t believe it. It was sooooo good . I am using so many of your recipes all so easy and so good.

  138. Patricia A. Mills

    Hi Jenny I like the way your stove/oven looks. Why type is that (just to give me an idea what to consider purchasing. Thank you.

  139. Star

    This recipe has become my every day bread recipe I’ve made the bread so many time I know it by heart

  140. Julie

    I have made this twice. Both times, I threw all the ingredients in the bread machine on the dough cycle and then plopped it into a stoneware loaf pan to rise and bake in the oven. Turned out great. Thanks!

  141. Jessica Palomo

    Hi Jenny I recently made the lemon brownies and they were so good I ate them all….oops lol now I’m going to try this bread I’m always scared to try it because it’s whole wheat and usually those turn out tough but ur recipes are always great so I’m going to try it thank you for the recipe.

  142. Kavs

    Hi Jenny,
    I tried this bread and it worked perfectly.. Only change was i added oats, chia and sesame seed to the recepie and a dash of honey. Thank you for great recipe

  143. CB

    Hi, I am 15 years old. I make 2 loaves of this bread every weekend. I increased all ingredients by 20% to fit in 9×5 inch loaf tins. Also, I eat this most mornings with some peanut butter. I’ve shared this recipe to my school nurse, and she makes it now all the time, and then she shared the recipe to her relatives again. She said, “It’s gone the second I make it!”

  144. Sheils

    Hi Jenny. This is my ‘go to’ recipe for bread. Have been using it for a while now and the loaf comes out fine in every instance. However was wondering if I can use one cup of oat flour and one cup of wholewheat instead of the two cups of wheat

    • Jenny

      Oat flour does not have gluten and is not suitable for yeast breads. Gluten is needed to develop and rise the dough.

    • The Novice Baker

      You probably don’t want to use oat flour because there is no gluten. Bread needs gluten to help rise and for structure.

    • chesh kat

      You can search the internet for recipes that use oat flour. I just searched google for “baking bread with oat flour” and found many recipes.

      Also, you may want to search for “Vital Wheat Gluten” which is gluten that you can buy to add to your dough recipe. Of course, if you are trying to make gluten free bread, you may not want this. But, I thought you would want to have some information that provides you choices. Then you can decide if you still wish to add oat flour to this recipe.

  145. Elaine

    Hi Jenny,
    I made a loaf of this bread the other day and it turned out beautifully. My husband and I loved it–no more store bought bread for us. Thanks and hello from Sudbury!!!

  146. Rupa

    Can I make this bread without egg? If yes, what would be the variations or replacements in the recipe. Thanks !!

    • Ilan

      It’s basically a French bread, or “pain au lait”. Without egg, you won’t have the taste, flavor and sweetness, and you go back to a ordimairy bread vaguely milky.
      I know there is a substitution of egg, made with soy lecithin. It’s amply used by the industry. I’m afraid the result will be also industrial.
      Another possibility for a person intolerant to egg (that’s a maldiction!) is to replace the egg with fresh cheese or cottage (90 gr or 3 ounces replacing each egg). Take care to adjust the quantity of milk as the fresh cheese contains a lot of water. The proteins of cheese will act like the egg proteins. It will have a different taste but delicious.
      You can easily make yourself this cheese simply with milk and lemon juice (do not use white vinegar, that gives an acid taste), it’s the paneer cheese, you’ll find a lot of videos.

  147. Cissy

    I just retired, never baked before. I followed you video and made the most delicious whole wheat bread! I also made the no need bread, came out great. I will follow you and learn to bake! What is the cloth you cover your bowl with? Oilcloth? Beeswax? Just curious.

  148. Kellye


    I have made this whole wheat bread recipe four times now. My husband is a happy Man. I love your recipes.

  149. Judithah

    Made this recipe twice! Easy and perfect both times. Thanks, Jenny!

  150. Nita

    Jenny! I have made some of your recipes & have enjoyed them very much, Do you have a cook book out?

    • Jenny

      I have a cookbook that was published 10 years ago and there’s a free download in my bio (“About”) but I’m a much better cook now and I have improved a lot of those recipes and posted them here on the site.

  151. Antonnie

    Heey Jenny, I was wondering can you also make the bread without the loaf pan? Or is this a stupid question :P?

    • Jenny

      That’s a good question. I have made breads without a loaf pan, just shaping them into a ball to bake on a baking sheet. They don’t always rise up the way I would like, spreading a bit more sideways than up so I wind up with a loaf that’s a little flat but still tastes good. I think this recipe would work without a pan. If you try it, please let me know and I would love a photo to share with other bread bakers.

  152. Patty

    Can you add honey to this to sweeten just a little? If so, how much. I made this the other day and it turned out great especially for my first time ever making homemade bread. My daughter liked it, but is used to Honey Wheat bread so I wanted to ask it that was possible.

    • Jenny

      I have never used honey but I think some people have. Please scroll down through the comments.

  153. Donna

    I can use this in my bread maker?

    • Jenny

      I have never used a bread maker but scroll down in the comments to see if anyone has.

  154. Queta

    Can I use a bread machine to make this?

    • Jenny

      I have never used a bread machine so I don’t know.

  155. Cynthia

    Hi jenny i have tried your white bread recipe and it turned out very soft and nice
    I tried your wholemeal recipe yesterday but it turned out dry and bit hard. Is wholemeal bread supposed to be tougher than white bread? Is this normal?
    I followed all your steps closely

    • Jenny

      I make this whole wheat loaf often and it’s always nice and soft, although whole wheat bread will never be as cloud-like soft as white bread. If you scroll down the comments you will see that most people find it soft and not dry at all. Is it possible you did not aerate your flour before measuring? If so, you may have used too much flour and the loaf might be a bit dry. And did you use whole wheat flour and not whole wheat pastry flour? If you follow the recipe exactly with no changes, it should be soft and moist.

  156. roz

    hi jenny can I use wheat grain that I mill for this recipe

    • roz

      also can I use whole grain that I milled for the quick dutch oven recipe

      • Jenny

        Not everyone likes the 100% whole wheat Dutch oven bread because it’s dense and heavy but I love it. Again, it depends how fine your flour is. I can never advise on something I have never done so you may just have to try.

    • Jenny

      The flour I use is a fine grain so I suppose if yours is a fine grain, similar to what’s sold in the stores, it’s worth a try.

  157. Chris

    Hey, Jenny! I made this recipe last night and it turned out GREAT!!! I’m going to make the white version later today.

    I set out to learn how to make really good home-made breads because my local grocer stopped carrying my favorite kind. So, I’ll be making it all from scratch now.

    Thanks for a great channel and website. You set a Very high standard for us to follow.

  158. kary

    Hi Jenny,

    I baked this bread today! Everything went well until I tried to let my bread out from the pan….

    Did I have to oil my pan? Or Did I just have to wait until the bread was cooled down?

    It stil tastes great but I basically broke it so I will not be able to make a sandwich with this bread today….

    Thank you!


    • Jenny

      My recipe does state to grease the pan.

    • Sandra Grace

      I have not made this bread recipe…yet, but for all other recipes I will grease my bread pan and then add piece of parchment paper to the bottom of the pan (I cut it to fit) and then grease the parchment paper. If the sides stick, I can use a thin knife to loosen them, but the bottom never sticks with this method. It is easy to peel the parchment paper from the bottom of the bread after it is removed from the pan. I suggest removing the paper, then letting the bread cool on a rack.

      • Jenny

        I don’t think anything caramelizes like cast iron but if you check your product manual, I wonder if you can use an enameled cast iron pan? If not, there’s no harm in trying it in stainless steel. Please report back if you do.

  159. Cynthia

    Hi Jenny I love your recipes and videos!!! tried out your white bread and it was awesome!
    I would like to try out this wholemeal bread recipe.. can I add in some chia seed and honey to the recipe?
    Will that affect the quantities of other ingredients or outcome of the bread in the end?

    • Jenny

      I have never used either one in this bread so you will have to experiment. The loaf might not be quite as soft and light.

  160. Julia

    Hi Jenny, So glad to see another recipe of yours, however, I did make a few changes. I used 2 cups of bread flour and the remaining flour, I used all purpose and I did use whole milk. I did exactly what you said for the rest of the recipe. I don`t know why, but it did take 1 hour to rise. I had it in my boiler room, (which is very warm) and my yeast was fresh and the milk was perfect temperature. It baked in 17 minutes! The end result was a beautiful texture and a delicious tasting bread!!!! LOVE, LOVE YOUR recipes, please, please make more videos, LOVE `EM.

    • Jenny

      My rising times vary as well, and for no particular reason. It’s just the way it is with yeast.

  161. Ana Beatriz

    I loved the recipe. Even though mine did not rise as much as yours, it worked fine and tasted even better.
    Thank you for the recipe.

  162. Ayaan

    Hi Jenny,
    I have tried to bake the whole wheat bread twice now and both times it didn’t rise like yours did. I don’t know what I’m doing wrong

    • Jenny

      There are three things that could be the cause. One: Yeast has a short shelf life and should be kept in the freezer once it’s opened, not refrigerated. Second: The temperature of the milk must be right. If you can use an instant read thermometer that will help. If not, the right temperature for instant yeast is very warm, usually about the same temperature as hot water comes out of the tap – around 125 degrees F. Third: You need a warm spot to rise the dough. Here are some ideas for where to rise dough: Let me know if any of those make a difference.

    • Baker babe

      When I bake my bread, I set the oven to the appropriate temperature and set the dough in a bowl upon the stove so it has a warm environment to rise and I crack the oven door open. It may help activate the yeast if you weren’t able to get the milk the perfect temperature. 🙂

  163. Jenny

    For everyone who has asked, I finally tried and the answer is yes. THIS RECIPE WORKS WITH ALL WHITE FLOUR. I finally tested it and it works just the same with white flour (I used bread flour but all purpose will work too).

  164. Theresa

    I followed your directions exactly. I even have the same mixer. Everything went as shown on your video up to the additional rising in the oven. My loaf was 1 inch above the pan when I put it in the 375 degree oven and there it stayed. Do you have any idea why it may not have continued to rise through the baking process? I aerated my flour and measured it properly, I took the temperature of the liquids, my egg and flour were room temperature. My yeast is fresh; just bought it yesterday along with fresh flour. I have been trying to make bread since 1988. I think I am destined never to bake a really good loaf! Any ideas would be appreciated. I come from a family of bread makers and they’ve all given up on me.

    • Jenny

      Don’t give up. We can figure this out. Did you rise it in your oven and if so, how did you keep the oven warm? After that, how long did you preheat your oven and where was the bread during the preheating process? Do you have an oven thermometer? I think that’s where the problem lies. Let me know…

      • Theresa

        Jenny, I let the dough rise in the microwave with two cups of hot water sitting next to it. It took about an hour to rise. I left it in there while I preheated the oven. The oven beeps when it reaches the correct temp so I didn’t time it. I do have an oven thermometer sitting in my oven as well and it showed the correct temp. I have a small size oven…a 30″. That has never affected any other item that I’ve baked but perhaps it is a problem for bread baking.

        • Jenny

          It’s a puzzle. I see no reason for the bread not to continue rising and you can see that almost everyone has success with this bread. A 30-inch oven is not small. Mine measures 30 inches across and that’s standard. Let try the ingredients. What brand/type of flour and yeast are you using?

          • Theresa

            I did some research on the Fleishmans yeast I used. I didn’t use the rapid rise which can be added to dry ingredients when 120 degree liquids are used. I used the dry active yeast which they say should be added to110 degree liquids prior to adding to the dry ingredients. I used 120 degree liquids with dry active yeast and added the yeast directly to the dry ingredients. Do you think I used the wrong type of yeast using the incorrect method for that yeast? Perhaps I ruined the yeast.

          • Jenny

            I doubt if that was the problem because if the milk was too hot, the dough would not have risen to start with. By the way, I never proof either type of yeast and I add active dry yeast to the flour just like the instant kind. Let’s go back to the flour. What brand and type?

          • Theresa

            I think the flour was just a store brand, so I bought ‘Dakota Maid’ Stone Ground High Protein Spring Wheat, 100% Natural Whole Wheat flour. I also used Hodgson Mill Active Dry Yeast with 25% more for a higher rise which is especially good for whole grain flour. I proofed this yeast with 1/4 cup 110° water and 1/4 t sugar and reduced these amounts from your recipe’s ingredients. I added 10 minutes of kneading and a second rise. I finally made a fabulous loaf of bread! It had a very nice fine grain too. I’m thrilled to bits. I hope I’ll be able to duplicate this success. I am interested in what type of flour you use if you wouldn’t mind sharing that. I don’t know much about flour types and didn’t realize that could make a difference. Thank you so much for all your help. Your videos inspire me.

          • Jenny

            I’m glad to hear you finally succeeded. (I use King Arthur whole wheat flour). p.s. Your photo came through and is posted.

  165. Sueallen Lobo

    Hey Jenny my name is Sueallen from Goa, India..I was having lots of trouble with my bread..I have been be obsessed baking bread when I came to know the consistency of your bread..I just couldn’t get the softness and the pliable texture of the dough of the bread..Before my bread was quite hard ..and patience sometimes is not my virtue..but when I googled to find out what would make a nice soft dough bread, I came across many and I was not satisfied..But Lo and Behold I found you and it was just perfect, I watched , loved it..Now I enjoy doing it with hand too with the help of the video..Thank you so much for this video..People have been asking me what makes your bread so soft and I say go follow Jennycancook..your an inspiration…love ya and take care n have a very merry Christmas:)

  166. Terri Y

    I lost my recipe for honey whole wheat bread. This is similar. My recipe you heated the milk with butter and honey. In your bowl you had the flours and the yeast and salt mixed together. You added the warm liquid and maybe an egg? -to the flour mixture. And mixed and kneaded by hand, let it rise, punched it down, put it in pans, Let it rise again then baked it. I want to find that recipe again so badly. Made it for many years. It got rave reviews.

  167. CC

    Thanks for this recipe….easy to follow and my 1st try turned so good. At last found a way to bake bread easy and simple way. will try your other bread recipe. Merry Christmas to you and family.

  168. Saee

    Hi jenny, I tried your bread today. I measured all the ingredients correct but the dough seemed very dry and bread was very dense. Any suggestions? I am sorry if this question was asked earlier. There are so many comments. I could not ho through all. It tastes and smells great though. Thanks.

    • Jenny

      When any dough is too dry it’s often because the flour was not aerated before measuring. If you did aerate the flour then please list every ingredient and quantity that you used as well as the size of the pan and the exact method you used – in other words, walk me through your recipe and I will try to help further.

      • Yoly

        Thanks for the Easy Wheat Bread recipe. I followed the exact recipe and procedure. It turned out GREAT I had a slice as soon as it came out of the oven.
        THANK YOU.

  169. Rekha

    Hi Jenny,

    Thank you for the recipe. This is awesome one. Being a beginner i was able to follow you recipe and baked a loaf of bread. I enjoyed doing it. But after slicing them when we tried to make sandwich the bread was breaking and got crumbled soon. Can you suggest any tip for that. I doubt on the pre-heating in my oven as it does not have a preheat option so i have to switch it on and set the temperature manually till the bread dough rises in the pan. It would be great if you can suggest me on this.

    • Jenny

      This bread is soft and not as sturdy as store-bought bread so don’t try to slice it too thin. Also, don’t try to slice it while it’s still warm and make sure to use a serrated, very sharp knife. Assuming you followed the recipe exactly, that’s about all I can suggest.

      • Rekha

        Thank you Jenny. Would do as you suggested and will let you know how it comes out.


  170. Hector

    Hi jenny thanks for this recipe I’m going crazy with it, I make it with mango juice and dry apricot and coconut flakes wow delicious> tell you I don’t buy bread anymore thanks your amazing I will try more of your recipes and I will let you know and send you pictures in the future Thanks

  171. jaspal kalra

    hai all the recipes r very interesting

    very simple and easy

    i tried cabbage rolls got good result

    yhanks a lot

  172. Brandi

    This is the best whole wheat bread recipe I’ve ever made and I’ve made a lot! I am so happy I found your YouTube channel, I can’t get enough!

  173. This Dame Cooks

    Jenny, I made this with only whole wheat flour and it was amazing. Then I tried this method with only all-purpose flour, it was perfect. I slashed the top down the middle before baking and it sliced perfectly for sandwiches and toast. I’ve baked bread for at least 40 years and this is terrific. Thanks so much for sharing.

  174. missy

    Hi Jenny,
    In your recipe you say to add the active yeast to the flour, sugar, and salt but on the packet of active dry yeast that I have the directions say to dissolve in warm liquid then follow your recipe. So sure I just follow your recipe or dissolve the yeast in the heated milk first then follow your recipe.

    • Jenny

      I never dissolve yeast before using, whether instant or active dry. It’s only necessary if the yeast has been around for a while and you’re not sure it’s still active. If it’s fresh yeast, feel free to follow my recipe.

  175. Nancy A

    I bought a bread machine a year ago but didn’t use it until recently. Making bread always intimidated me. So finally I could get home made bread. But it was taking 3.5 hrs used up to 4 cups flour and every time came out different. Some better than others. Then I came across your website (loved you when you had your talk show) and thought I could trust you. Well I’m happy to report it came out perfect! Light, crisp outer and fluffy inside. So light my goodness! I have only one question. Do you need a hardly used bread machine going real cheap. Ha ha. Thanks Jenny.

  176. Claire

    Hi Jenny,
    This was my first attempt at baking bread and I was patting myself on the back because I succeeded. I made the bread following your recipe to a “T”. It came out great but was lacking in flavor. I used all fresh ingredients but the bread didn’t even taste or even smell like bread. I used white 100% all wheat flour and regular unbleached flour and everything else that you used in your recipe. I even tested the temperature of the 1% milk. The yeast I used was Rapid Rise with an expiration date of Sept. 1017. Can you explain why the bread turned out so flavorless? Thanks. Love your recipes.

    • Jenny

      If you used white whole flour it would likely turn out differently than mine which uses regular whole wheat flour. I suggest you try my recipe exactly and you might find it tastes better. Much of the flavor in bread comes from the salt so be sure to measure it carefully and let me know how it turns out with regular whole wheat flour. Good luck!

      • Claire

        I bought the white 100% whole wheat flour at Trader Joe’s. The cost for a 5 lb. bag was $2.99. If I bought a 5 lb. bag of 100% whole wheat at a grocery store, it would cost twice as much. The salt was measured correctly so I’m sure you are correct when you mention that it could be the flour. I will buy the wheat today and give it another try.
        Incidentally Jenny, I am 84 years old – hate to cook and it’s the first time I have ever tried to make bread from scratch. It may not have tasted good but I was ecstatic with the way it turned out. You sure do know how to teach!

        • Jenny

          You could try adding a little more salt (like 1/8 teaspoon more). If you used kosher salt, that could be why the flavor was bland so make sure to use table salt.

  177. aliza656

    Hi jenny
    I want say if we don’t have mixer can we use handmixer. & How much turns if we use handmixer.

    • Jenny

      I hand mixer may not be strong enough to beat this mixture but you can use a hand mixer. You can also mix the whole thing by hand. The less beating, the more kneading is required. If the hand mixer works, about 100 turns should be enough. If you mix by hand, you might have to knead it 150 to 200 turns until the dough is smooth and elastic.

  178. Malini

    Hi Jenny. Your recipe liiks simple and tempting but i am looking for eggless bread with wheat flour. what will be the substitue. I am still trying new recipes fro bread just new learner and is fancied about making bread at home

    • Jenny

      I have no experience with egg substitute so you might be better to look for a different recipe because I can only guarantee my recipes if no changes are made. Good luck!

  179. Maha

    I like all your videos they are really amazing ,I want to ask you do you use an electric oven or gas oven when you bake bread and when you bake do you turn on the lower heat of the oven or both up and down ?

    • Jenny

      My oven is electric and when I bake I use only the bottom burners in the oven. The top burners would only be used to broil or brown something. With American recipes, whenever it says to bake it’s always the lower burners only. It will always specify to use the “broil” setting if the upper burners are required.

      • Paul

        There are some electric ovens that require heat from the top and bottom elements to reach the required temperature. When the bottom element is selected the top element still comes on, but not so strong as when it is selected by itself. I had one and had to get rid of it because it burnt the top of the bread and cakes before the bottom was baked. My new electric oven has top and bottom elements and each comes on as selected or both together. However, if the bottom element only is selected it cannot raise the temperature of the oven more than 300F or approximately 150C. I don’t have this problem with my regular gas oven. The burner below will raise the temperature to 446F or 230C. It does not need the help of the upper burner or broiler.

        • Jenny

          Thank you for sharing this.

        • Maha

          Hi Paul
          I have a gas oven and it raise the temperature to 260 but the problem that I have when I bake the bread it bakes good from down but it doesn’t take the color from up and when I leave it for longer time it becomes dry

  180. sara y

    Hi Jenny I am love you Cook very much
    It s very good.
    I want to thank you because your ingredients in cups not in grams i am so happy I fond Ingredients by cups .
    Thank you

  181. Alia

    Dear Jenny, thank you for this amazing website and I cant wait to go back home and try this bread. I will update you with the results <3

  182. Linda

    Thank you so much for this recipe and your website!!! I just found you. I have made 2 loaves with great success. I am 69 years old and have never been able to make bread. I will be making more for gifts and family.
    The only trouble I have is the rising because my house is cool now that fall has come. Once the oven had been on for a while, the rising was better, but it was still closer to an hour than 35 minutes. But that is OK. It still turned out great.

  183. Rich

    After reading all the comments I’d like to suggest next time you make this that you weight the flour and milk. There can be a huge difference in a cup of flour. I’ve gotten a variance of an ounce or more. If you spoon the flour into the cup verse scoop. That way we are using the same amount as you are and may have less failures. Love the video and I’m going to try using molasses as the sweetener.
    BTW, I have looked at 10 different conversion charts on line and it seems no 2 are the same. Can’t figure that out.

  184. Cathy

    Thanks Jenny, you are a wonder! That is the best and easiest bread making recipe, made three times, all successful. I have added cumin and other seeds for variety and used coconut oil, gives off a fragrant aroma when bread is baked. I can now get rid of my bread maker as it cost more to bake a bread using premix bread mixture from the supermarket. I’m sharing your bread recipe around.


  185. Elizabeth

    I didn’t do well with this the first time but I am trying it again. I proofed the yeast and it worked way better.

  186. Alison from Hayling Island UK

    I can confirm that this recipe works great with 100% wholewheat spelt. Didn’t use any other flour. Just spelt. On the second attempt I used a lower oven temp – 160C (not sure what deg F that is). This gives a softer crust and no need to cover. Still the same baking time. The loaf is like a classic sandwich loaf. Not rubbery or dense at all. I also stand my bread tin in about an inch of warm water to aid the rise when proving in the tin as 30 min is not enough in my cold kitchen.
    Thank you so much Jenny. This is the best bread recipe I have ever used and won’t be bothering with any others from now on. I can’t wait for my new deep, straight sided bread tin to arrive so that I can make a very square loaf for sandwiches and toasting.

  187. Cristina

    How lucky to find your channel. Everything so healthy. For the longest time I was searching how to make breads and now I found you. As I am writing I am making the whole wheat bread but is taking more than 35 min to raise. I checked the yeast date and is good. Hopefully it will turns out ok. Waiting to raise an inch above the pan. Will let you know. Many blessings and thank you.

  188. Maggi

    Hey jenny thnx for the lovely recipe,i didn’t use milk but it came out out v nice n soft 🙂

  189. George

    Thanks for sharing this recipe Jenny. I have made bread for many years. I am always looking for the best recipe for homemade bread.
    This recipe will become my new go-to bread recipe.
    After all these years of bread making I finally discovered that I had been using liquid in my bread recipes that was too cool for instant yeast.

  190. Ekin

    ive tried this recipe today.and it turns oit to be marvelous! thanks Jenny,simple yet delicious

  191. Umme khizar

    I loved the recipe. I just tried it and it came out perfect. I just added little oats n sunflower sewds on top of loaf for a cute look.

  192. Shirley

    I did everything like your receipt. My bread did not rise in 30 mins. It took about 1 and 3/4 hous to rise. It did not rise an inch over the pan. But it did rise a little more when I bake it. What could have happened.

    • Jenny

      Assuming you followed my recipe EXACTLY there could be two reasons why your dough didn’t rise. One – the yeast was expired. Yeast has a very short shelf life and once opened, should be tightly sealed and kept in the freezer. Two – the temperature of the milk was wrong. To be sure it’s the right temperature, a thermometer is the best way. Again, that’s assuming you made no changes, including the size of the pan. Let me know…

    • Linda

      Mine came out exactly the same. Didn’t rise, heavy. However, I have decided a part of the problem is the pan. I use Corningware breadpans.
      I noticed in the picture a metal smaller pan is used.
      This is the second time I have tried this recipe, so I am going to try it again using a metal pan.
      Also going to try cutting WW and adding more BF on a 4th try.
      Can’t hurt…

      • Jenny

        You should not have to adjust the flour for this recipe to work. If you don’t make any changes at all, use fresh yeast and the right temperature of milk, it will be fine. But you’re right about using the right size pan. A standard loaf pan is generally 8 1/2 by 4 1/2 inches. Good luck!
        p.s. make sure you’re not using whole wheat pastry flour.

  193. Dee

    Hi Jenny,
    Can I use honey in place of the sugar?

    • Jenny

      Please scroll down – I think some people used honey.

  194. Hiranya

    Hi, Jenny. I just want to say thank you very much for your recipe and the YouTube Video. It helps me a lot. I have tried a couple of time to make a whole whead bread, but it still did not work out well.

    Last week I found your YouTube channel, and yesterday I have tried this recipe. And you know what, it works perfectly!

    So thank you very much. It is simple and easy more than I thought.

  195. Yolande Mahieu

    Hello Jenny,
    Can you please give me the ingedients in grams?
    I don’nt have those cups.
    Have a nice day!
    Yolande from Holland

  196. Nusrat


    I was searching for bread recipe for quite a long time and came across this one. After reading some comments I feel that I should give it a try. Just one question …Can I replace whole wheat flour with multigrain whole wheat flour, i=along with wheat it has oats, chickpeas, husk, maize and soyabean. Do u think the end product will be soft? Though I feel I should try with just wheat flour first but still would b happy to see ur reply.


    • Jenny

      The more different grains you add to bread, the more dense it usually becomes so I don’t think it will be soft. I agree you should try my recipe first and then you can experiment.

      • Nusrat

        Thanks Jenny for the reply… I tried your recipe as it is and the bread came out perfect… and the house smelled so good. My kids loved the fresh warm bread.

  197. Jean

    I have made bread many times but they never quite turn out the as I expected. Finally I came across your website, tried out this recipe and it was a success! I just wish to know if it is normal that this bread is crumbly?

    • Jenny

      I don’t think I would call this bread crumbly. I wonder if it’s because you are slicing it with a knife that’s not very sharp. If the bread is just out of the oven and your knife is not serrated and super sharp, it could be the reason it gets crumbly.

  198. Samantha Liew

    Hi, love this recipe so so so much and I did it on the 4th round. Thank you so much for sharing the easy recipe and ” I don’t need to buy bread anymore “

  199. Vani Arun

    Hi Jenny…Just made this couple of hours before..And that was really delicious…Thank you so much for this recipe..It was easy comparing to some other recipes which needed more resting time for raising..used a hand mixer..

  200. Jackie

    Jenny I was so thrilled when I found you on YouTube. I made your Whole Wheat bread today and it turned out perfect. I have been struggling for a few weeks trying to make a successful loaf of WW bread and first try with your recipe was successful. Thank you for your videos and recipes.

  201. Sandra

    Made this bread and love it so easy and good but just wondering could honey be used in place of the sugar?

    • Jenny

      I have never made this bread with honey but if you scroll down in the comments I think a couple of people made it with honey.

  202. sabrina

    omg! that bread was light and fluffy !! I have never made anything so good before! thanks! I just wanted to ask…how do I store it?

    • Jenny

      I keep mine wrapped in foil (never plastic) and on the counter top for 2 days and after that I refrigerate it.

      • Toni

        “Never plastic” – how come?

        • Jenny

          To me, bread needs to breathe a little and being tightly sealed in plastic can create moisture and that can lead to mold. (maybe that’s why people used to use bread boxes)

          • Beli A.

            Interesting point. That’s why store bought bread is unhealthy I think. It’s sitting in a plastic bag for so long that it needs tons of preservatives to keep it from developing mold. thanks. I am buying a bread box today!

          • Jenny

            You don’t need a bread box, in fact I don’t think they make them any more. Just don’t store your bread in plastic.

  203. New to Baking

    I make this recipe now as follows 1 1/2 cups white whole wheat flour 3/4 cup red whole wheat flour 3 tablespoons ground flaxseed 1/2 cup all-purpose flour 2 teaspoons wheat gluten 1 1/8 teaspoon salt and 1 packet instant yeast. I add to this 1/2 cup water 1/2 cup milk 2 egg yolks 2 tablespoons honey 1 tablespoon melted butter. It rose much higher using honey than molasses. I knead it in my stand mixer for 8 minutes. I give this dough a 30 minute rise, punch down, and then rise again.

  204. Verena

    I love the bread i am from Germany but i lived in the US and now in the UK and i don’t like there bread. So i bake my bread over 5 years now. But i always do the same bread. Now i have a new one thanks to you . I add this now to my baking folder. Thank you Miss Jenny

  205. Winnie Cheug

    i live in Belgium
    May I ask 1 cup flour =grams?

  206. Granmama11

    i was wondering if you have ever used this recipe to make cinnamon bread?

  207. FAEZ

    Thanks jenny. It is wonderful recipe.
    Can you please specify the ingredients in grams. I prefer to use a scale in baking.

  208. Annie

    Hi, can I use a regular cake tin instead of a bread loaf tin, to bake the bread?

    • Jenny

      I don’t think that would work as well as just shaping it into a free form loaf and baking it on a baking sheet or on a baking stone.

    • Toni

      I think a cake pan would work – I’m Portuguese, and most of the recipes I’ve seen from Portuguese bakers are made “in the round.”

  209. Tina

    Hi Jenny!

    I made this for the first time today and really liked the way this bread turned out (the only change I made was using milk powder and water instead of milk). However my loaf didn’t come out with a perfect dome on the top – it split on the side as it was baking. When I rolled up the dough I did put the seam on the bottom of the pan. Any advice on how to avoid the split on the side and achieve the perfect dome?

    Thanks so much!

    • Jenny

      I often think that changing a recipe can cause problems and wonder if not using milk was the issue. I guess we won’t know unless you make it again with real milk. The other reason it might split on the side is that it rose too much before baking. Make sure it’s not more than one inch above the pan when you put it in the oven. It might seem like it’s too low but this loaf rises really well and it sounds like it rose too much too fast. That’s all I can offer. Let me know if you try again.

  210. The Novice Baker

    Wonderful bread! Will never buy store bought bread again. Also, I made a few changes that I would like to note. 1st, I did this in my bread machine. What I did was I put water instead of milk on the bottom of the pan and sprinkled in 1 packet of active dry yeast into the bowl. I put in 1 teaspoon sugar and let it sit for 10 minutes. Then, I added in brown sugar instead of white sugar, melted butter instead of oil, and added in 2 tablespoons flax seed and left out 1 tablespoon bread flour. Also, I used an egg like the recipe. I just wanted to let you know, It was my first loaf that didn’t turn into a brick!

    • granmama

      i am interested in your use of the bread machine. Wondering the reason for using water instead of milk?

      • The Novice Baker

        I accidentally used water instead of milk! I didn’t want to knead it so I used the bread machine. The next time I used 1 cup whole wheat flour 1 cup white whole wheat flour 3/4 cup bread flour 2 tbsps flaxseed and 2 eggs subtracting 3 tablespoons water. The bread held together better when slicing

  211. Aasha

    Hi Jenny can I add extra sweetness to dis recipe?
    Will it make any difference in d texture???
    Last week tried dis bread nd found a great soft texture with almost no sweetness

    • Jenny

      You can try doubling the sugar, which will not make any difference in the texture but it may take longer to rise.

      • Aasha

        Hi jenny can I half the recipe and try out it???
        What about the amount of egg i must use if so???
        The original recipe makes a big loaf and i dont need that large..

        • Jenny

          If you cut the recipe in half you will need a smaller loaf pan and for the egg, you can break the egg into a cup, mix up the yolk and white, and then pour half of the mixture into the dough.

          • Aasha

            Hi jenny i tried to half the recipe and made a smaller bread and it came out very Well
            Thank You
            I have a problem always with breads
            My breads turn little dry after a day
            Is that a problem with the bread or its me not preserving it properly???

          • Jenny

            If the bread turns dry, first make sure you do not change the recipe. Even the smallest change in baking can affect a recipe. Of course fresh bread always tastes best the day it’s made but this loaf should not turn dry. Make sure you wrap it well. I wrap mine tightly in foil the first day and leave it out on the counter top. After the second day I keep it in foil and then in plastic and refrigerate it.

          • Carla from The Bahamas

            Hi Jenny,
            Love the bread recipe! But if I want to double it do I simply double the ingredients? Does anything stay the same? What would the new amounts be?

          • Jenny

            I have never doubled the recipe myself but I’m not sure it’s a simple thing. You could research other sources for any changes you might need to make. If you try it, please share your results for anyone else wanting to double it. Thanks.

  212. Devi

    hi Jenny I am Devi from India tried this recepie and my bread came out very well I have also tried your cinnamon rolls recepie too they came out very well thank you so much for the lovely recepies.

  213. Sister Kyoya

    I needed to make some bread but I’ve been dreading it because of the heat, the long kneading times, and my general patience in cooking (or lack there of) since I work at home. I’m picky about my whole wheat bread, and much of the commercial kinds I can’t eat because I’m highly allergic to honey. So in short, I wasn’t expecting much.

    And then I discovered that my husband failed to tell me that he had used the last of the all-purpose flour. Needless to say I wasn’t happy. Being out of options I replaced the AP flour with whole wheat and whisked in 1/4 c. vital wheat gluten before proceeded with the recipe. Once I started mixing the dough, I realized that I should have waited to put the other 1/2 c. WW flour in as it quickly formed a ball. The rest of the process went on without any more unexpected deviations. I have to say I’m in love with the minimal kneading, something my wrists really appreciate.

    Once the bread came out of the oven it looked PERFECT! I couldn’t believe it was even soft on top after I was bracing myself for another thick crusted wheat bread (that ends up feeling like eating shrapnel.) The best part is I didn’t feel trapped in the kitchen and I was able to have homemade bread done for my husband’s lunch before he left for work. This recipe is so easy to make that it really should be the first bread recipe someone should learn. My mom taught me to make bread when I was in grade school and now I’m in my late 30s. THIS is my new favorite bread recipe! No more dragging out the bread machine for gross bread that takes longer, and no more wasted time waiting for the traditional first rise. Thank You!

    • Jenny

      This is great to hear. Thanks for taking time to write.

  214. Chitvish

    Excellent soft bread, mildly sweet !!

  215. hector

    wow that bread in 90 minutes is a big hit you rock jenny love you
    I made 6 times in one week everyone love it and they don’t believe me I made in 90 minutes. I told everyone because Jenny rock

  216. Yasmeen

    Hi jenny
    Just wondering if I could rise my dough in the pan while the oven is preheating? And if this may reduce the rising time.

  217. Sybil

    This is a great loaf of bread! I’m so excited! I used Whole Wheat Sprouted flour and it worked beautifully. Have you ever tried Sprouted Spelt flour?

    Also, Do you think I could substitute the Sprouted Spelt flour for the 1/2 c bread flour or would this be too heavy?

    Thank you so much!!!!

    • Jenny

      I have never baked with spelt flour but the bread flour is what makes this loaf so light and soft. If you try it with spelt, please report back.

  218. Stephanie

    Wow, this is so easy and the bread is soft and yummy – hubby and kids love it!!! I’m making my third loaf already.

  219. Caette

    What size loaf pan is the recipe for? I just started baking and bought the one pound load pan but there was a 1.5 pound option as well.

    • Jenny

      I showed in my video that’s it’s a 9 x 5-inch standard loaf pan but there is no indication on the pan regarding weight. I’m sorry that’s all I can offer.

  220. Laurie

    My bread did not rise. I had to knead my hand because dough was going up into beater. So i knead 150 times let it rise 10 minutes that worked than shaped it an let rise but did not after 10 so kneaded 50 times more an let sit 30 minutes. Not sure if I should bake. Boo hoo. Was it the yeast or what.

    • Jenny

      You may have just overworked the dough. Most yeast doughs will eventually rise when left, even at room temperature, so you can try just to leave it alone for a while to see if it rises. Continuing to knead and likely adding more dough can result in a dense loaf but you have nothing to lose at this point.

      Assuming you are using a hand mixer, you should still follow the same steps in the recipe: (notes in brackets are for using a hand-mixer or mixing only by hand)

      3. Beat on high for 2 minutes. (or beat as long as you can – or mix with a spoon)
      4. On low speed (or by hand) add about 1/4 cup bread flour until dough forms a mass.
      5. Place dough on floured surface and knead 50 turns. (longer, until dough is smooth and elastic, about 100-150 turns)
      6. Cover and let rest 10 minutes.
      7. Shape dough into a loaf and place in a greased loaf pan.
      8. Cover and let rise in a warm spot until it’s one inch taller than the pan, about 35 minutes.
      …continue… with baking per recipe

  221. Granmama11

    Not where have you been..but where have I been. Don’t know how I had missed your great site and videos, recipes, etc. But I just found you this week and love all of it! For my first recipe on your site I tried the 90 minute Whole Wheat Bread today. I did exactly like you suggested, changed nothing in the recipe and it was so easy and is delicious! My husband and I have already enjoyed two nice thick slices and that is what I will have for breakfast until it is gone and then…..I will make more! Thank you!
    Wondered if you have ever considered giving the nutritional values of your recipes?

    • Jenny

      I’m sorry I don’t have the nutritional values of my recipes, but I’m glad you liked the bread.

    • Toni

      I found a great nutrition calculator that lets me save recipes and their data. It’s at I cannot verify whether their calculations are accurate; someone had to enter all the data for each ingredient and there’s room for error, or just difference between brands. I ran Jenny’s wheat-bread recipe and calculated a loaf at 10 servings. Here’s what it gave me per slice:
      Calories 149
      Total fat 5g (1g saturated, 3g monounsaturated, 1g polyunsaturated)
      Cholesterol 21mg
      Sodium 259mg
      Potassium 67mg
      Total carbs 20g (dietary fiber 2g, sugars 3g)
      Protein 5g
      Vitamin A – 2%
      Vitamin C – 1%
      Calcium – 5%
      Iron – 4%

      • Jenny

        Thanks so much for taking time to share this.

  222. Devi

    hi Jenny can I use all purpose flour instead of whole wheat flour.

    • Jenny

      That would be white bread and I’m not sure you can make this swap without making other changes. I would look for a white bread recipe rather than try changing this one. By the way, I will be posting a simple white bread recipe very soon.

  223. Chen

    A big THANKs for this easy and delicious recipe! I have made it twice and both came out great! I want to make the bread again today but I don’t have the regular milk. I do have the buttermilk in the refrigerator. Can I use the buttermilk or water instead of 1% milk? BTW, I like your foil-tent trick! Awesome!

    • Jenny

      I would not use buttermilk. You can use water but you may have to adjust the flour a little (maybe more?) and the bread may not be as moist.

  224. Bernie

    Jenny, Thank you for this recipe The bread came out fluffy and delicious
    My family really liked I rather made it HomeMade Thanks you!!!

  225. Nan

    Jenny, by what I’ve read, looks like whole wheat flour has more fat and more carbs than all purpose flour. Yet, I hear whole wheat is better. Please let me know which you think is best. I watch what I eat and do my best to bake with less fat. I want to make your bread but want to make sure I do it the healthiest way. Thanks so much

    • Jenny

      I think you make your choice based on what’s more important to you. If you want more fiber and whole grains, then you get a little more fat. If reducing fat is more important then you give up the fiber & whole grains. Keep in mind that the carbs in whole grains are healthier complex carbs, which differ from the simple carbs in white bread. I always choose whole grains as long as the recipe tastes good.

  226. Lisa

    I grind my own wheat and the only wheat I use is spelt. Can you use spelt flour?

    • Jenny

      I’m sorry I have no experience with spelt flour.

  227. Joyce

    I saw how to cut & shape the dough on what’s 4 chow for hot dog buns but I am going to use ur receipe for the dough. I like ur receipe better than anyone else’s. Just thought I would let u know in case someone else is interested in making hot dog buns

  228. Vanessa

    Thank you for this wonderful recipe. The bread came out fluffy and delicious. Better than the brand I usually buy!!! I’m joining the Never Buy Bread Again in Store Club. I just want to add that what made it a success was the way you explain the procedure in the video. Next time I will try adding some seeds to it.

  229. Shaguna


    What an amazing recipe! I’ve never been able to get this soft and yummy whole wheat bread. This is going to be my go to recipe now! Thank you so much!

    BTW, I wasn’t sure if my active dry yeast would work well, so i proofed the yeast in warm milk and sugar separately.

    You are too funny! Hope the smell of egg didn’t take too long to go away 😉

  230. Nidhi

    What if I leave out the egg? Is there a substitute for the egg?

    • Jenny

      Please scroll down to Dolly’s question.

    • Tabatha

      You can try a flax egg (Google it) and it may work. I’ve used it as a substitute in pancakes and it worked great. Worth a try, I suppose.

  231. Joyce

    I made hot dog buns eith this receipe and they turned out wonderful. The nice thing about making them with this receipe is the hot dog buns are more healthy they aren’t as heavy as reg hot dog buns are. It made 8 nice size buns. I just cut the dough in half &I then half again & then in half once more. They are great &I I am going to make hamburger buns next.

  232. Chit

    Hi Jenny!

    Would the weather matter in terms of the effect on baking bread?

    • Jenny

      I don’t think weather matters since you are baking indoors. However, altitude does matter when baking.

  233. Joyce

    i would like to see a video using this receipe where u make hot dog buns & hamburger buns so that I would know many this receipe makes. Thank u so much or maybe u could suggest how many

  234. Joyce

    Can I use this receipe for hamburger buns?

  235. Elvira

    Hi Jenny
    I tried your recipe this week and it came out great! I used honey instead of sugar and no problem. Can I possibly use oat flour instead of the all purpose flour?

  236. Leena Mohan

    I have been looking for an ideal recipe to make a soft & fluffy healthy bread (whole wheat flour, oats & all purpose flour) using my Breadman bread maker without using bread flour. Kindly advise me whether I can use this recipe to make a 1 lb loaf in the bread machine and what would the other changes be. I don’t get bread flour where I live.
    Please do respond

    • Jenny

      Bread flour and all purpose flour can be substituted for each other so you do not need bread flour to make a good loaf. However, I do not use a bread machine so I can’t tell you if this particular dough will work in a bread machine. I think recipes need to have specific quantities for a bread machine per their manual.

      • Leena Mohan

        Thank you Jenny for the prompt response

      • Leena Mohan

        Jenny what do you say about adding vital wheat gluten to whole wheat bread to make it soft and porous?

        • Jenny

          I’ve never seen the need to add gluten since all my breads are just right inside for my taste.

  237. Dolly

    Hi Jenny,

    Is there any way we can skip the eggs?


    • Jenny

      I just tried it without the egg and the dough was too firm to beat for two minutes so I added the egg and proceeded with my original recipe. If you left out the egg you would have to use less flour or more milk but I don’t know how much and I don’t know how it would turn out. You would have to experiment but I doubt if the loaf will be as soft and tender as this one. If you simply can’t eat eggs you might be better off looking for a proven recipe without the egg.

  238. wendy

    Can I add honey to this recipe? How much??

    • Jenny

      I have only made this bread with sugar so I can’t say how it will turn out or how much honey to use. I’m not sure how using honey will work with this one-rise recipe or if honey will weight it down so it’s not the soft loaf that mine turns out to be. I wish I could be more help but I’m just a home cook and not a trained chef so you may just have to try and let us know since I have never baked bread with honey.

      • Deb

        Jenny, I have tried honey (equal replacement as sugar) in this recipe and it came out great!

  239. Gina

    Jenny, thank you for this recipe. My bread came out nice!!!

  240. María

    Hi Jenny, just want to say THANK YOU SO MUCH!!!!
    I made one of your recipies, and today I’m selling it, and I’m earning money. I am from México city and I hope you understand my english. I haven’t practiced for so many years. Again, thank you very much.

    • Jenny

      Wow, that’s wonderful to hear. Which recipe is it??

      • María

        Granola. It’s delicious. I already have my bags & my brand printed on them. Again, THANK YOU VERY MUCH!!!!

  241. Nate

    Can you use Almond Milk in place of regular milk?


    • Jenny

      I never have but I’ve seen recipes for whole wheat bread that use almond milk so I believe it would work. I’m just not sure if it will make the loaf heavier. Please let us know if you try it.

      • Gloria

        I just made the whole wheat bread and reduced the sugar to 1 Tbs. and also used 3/4 almond milk and 1/4 water. It turned out amazing! I left it 5 more minutes in the oven, but will just add 10 more minutes next time since the color didn’t turn quite like in your picture. I don’t think I’ll ever go back to store baught wheat bread. This recipe is 100 times better! Thanks a bunch Jenny!

  242. Nance

    Jenny, I would like to make about 6 mini loaves of bread for gifts and Thank You’s. . Can you please tell me how the recipe may change and what temperature it would be? Thanks so much.

    • Jenny

      I have never done minis but this recipe seems more suitable for four mini loaves but then I don’t know what size pan(s) you’ll be using. It just seems like there may not be enough dough for six (unless they’re really tiny). If that’s the case, you might have to do 1 1/2 times the recipe. I’m sorry I am just a home cook like you and learn by trial and error. I did some research and they say the baking time is not reduced all that much. It would have to be at least 20 minutes and possibly 25. The best way to be sure the bread is done is to use an instant read thermometer on one of the loaves – it should be 190 degrees F. I wish I could be more help.

  243. Deb

    Jenny, thanks for such a simple yet awesome recipe! I have made it three times! Question – does this recipe double? One loaf does not last too long 🙂

    • Jenny

      I believe it can be doubled without any changes. Let me know how they turn out.

      • Deb

        Jenny! This recipe perfectly doubles! Made twice already! Wrapped one of the loaves in foil-ziplock and put it in the colder part of the refrigerator until I was ready to use it. Same great taste, and washing/cleanup reduced to half!! Thank you! Love your videos!

  244. Susan.B

    Well I’m trying this right now and mine was not as loose a dough as yours.Mine was very dry and I measured everything properly.It’s rising in the pan right now so hopefully it does and bakes up the way yours did????? Cross your fingers.
    This is my first attempt at making bread,I made homemade cinnamon buns last week and they were a huge hit here at home.

    • Susan.B

      Well it didn’t rise 🙁 But I’m baking it anyways. Will have to try again another day.

      • Jenny

        As long as you aerated the flour before measuring, the problem might have been the yeast. It has a short shelf life so it might have lost its potency. Once I open a packet of yeast, I store it in the fridge. I hope you’ll try again. Aerate the flour(s), use fresh yeast, and otherwise if you follow the recipe with no changes, it should turn out.

        • Susan.B

          It was a new container of yeast,it still turned out tasting great though.Just not light and fluffy.I will have to try again another day….thanks Jenny.I love watching your videos.

  245. kathy

    omg Jenny your video for wholewheat bread is hilarious!! no surprises!! lol

  246. jac

    Yes! Success, finally a bread recipe that works in my kitchen. Thank you for sharing. I used coconut oil- out of olive oil.

  247. Lynne

    I just made this bread, it came out great!!

  248. Darcy

    Hi Jenny I’ve been looking for a Whole meal loaf mix that didn’t contain honey. What a find when (new to youtube) your video popped up for the whole wheat bread. Watched the video then played it again to write the recipe down. Played the video and made the bread a long with it. It was so quick and simple to do and very tasty. Looked just like yours. My daughter came as I was taking it out of the oven and immediately cut it in half and took it home with her. She’s so good at sharing. (hahaha!)

    I don’t normally eat sugar, can you leave sugar out of the whole wheat recipe? New to bread making and did this all by hand.
    Have just found your blog and recipes. Wonderful and thank you for sharing them.
    Very impressed..

    • Jenny

      I have only made this loaf with sugar because it seems to make the bread rise quickly. You can certainly try leaving it out but it may take longer to rise.

      • Darcy

        Hi Jenny

        Thank you, have tried the bread without sugar and left to rise for 40 mins instead of 30 mins, still tastes and looks the same, works every time.

        Do you have a recipe for Rye bread or can you just alternate whole wheat with Rye flour.

        Many thanks

        • Jenny

          I’m working on a rye bread recipe but meantime, I don’t think you can just substitute rye flour for whole wheat in this recipe.

  249. Huminbyrd

    Thank you for this easy one loaf recipe. Waiting for mine to rise now. I am a baker at heart and I love to bake. I make cinn. buns, hotdog buns. hamburger buns, French bread and many others. This will be my first try with sandwich bread.

    • Joyce

      Can u leave a comment on how u make the hot dog buns I have been looking for an easy way to cut &a shape the hot dog buns. I found one on another site but he wasn’t really clear on how thick to roll the dough &I how to really shape the buns or how long to bake them. Thank u it would be much appreciated . Joyce

  250. Frankie

    Jenny thanks for this super easy and delicious bread. I came out perfect. Will make it again and again – way better than storebought!

  251. Mugil

    Hi Jenny…tried this recipe…turn out so well! The bread is soft & exactly like buying frm shop….after reading few comments below i was worried if it wud turn hard next day but NO! Smooth as ever :). Thank u fr sharing the easy way of doing bread. However since i used closed loaf pan, the top portion didn’t turn dark at all & i increased baking time another 20mts…wish can attack picture here…

  252. JR

    I wish you’d please tell me how to begin warming milk in microwave. I just got a food thermometer. I try 30sec too cool, another place said check at 2-3minute intervals! I tried 2 min, now I have to wait for it to cool and hope I’m nearby when it gets cool enough! This is a small thing but very frustrating to new “bread cook!”

    • Jenny

      I warm my milk in the microwave and it takes around 40 seconds on high. Try that and if it’s not warm enough, keep microwaving but only 7-8 seconds at a time. Good luck!

      • Mugil

        I tried warming the milk in microwave as well about 40~50 seconds…the heat was ok for yeast to be activated

    • JR

      OK, notes of a “frustrated newbie bread maker” 😉
      I finally got milk down to temp. After adding as your recipe says-warm milk, egg, 2Tbsp oil, and beating on med 2 min- after about a minute the kitchen aid mixer was bumping and jumping from the DRY dough! I had not even added in any of the “extra about 1/4 cup bread flour”! So I let it keep going and at end of 2 mins it was allot dryer than yours looks, so never added that flour, and used as little as possible when kneading. The kneading process was very dry and felt like I was handling bran mixed into whole wheat flour, so it was very hard to even bend dough over to press down with palms!
      This made me re-check recipe to see if I had it flipped and it should have been 2c white bread flour and 1/2 c ww flour-but no, I had it right. My wheat must be “too strong”? The bag says: Stone-Buhr, Whole Wheat Flour-Great for Breadmaking”. The white says: “King Arthur Flour, Unbleached bread flour”.
      …it’s in the “35min rest, cover with towel phase”. I’ll put notes of what happens next (I’m about to give up, but will see how it cooks out. I don’t know why mine is so DRY?)

      • Jenny

        Baking bread, even a simple recipe like mine, might not go well the first time but be patient and don’t give up. Two things about your flour: 1) It may be a more grainy, heavy whole wheat flour than the ones we usually find at the grocery store. If you use the same flour again, you could try reducing it to 1 1/2 cups and using 1 cup of bread flour. 2) The other thing is it could be the way you measured it. Flour needs to be aerated in case is has settled in the bag or container. If it’s not stirred up well before measuring, you might have used more flour than needed. It does make quite a difference. Other than that, make sure your yeast is fresh because yeast has a short shelf life. Please don’t give up and try again.

  253. Larry S

    Came out great!
    In your recipe you FORGOT the foil tent and the additional 15 min. bake time?

    • Jenny

      Oops! Thanks for the reminder. I am adding it now. (There is no additional bake time. The total time is 30 minutes, with the foil on halfway through. I usually set the timer for 15 minutes, put on the foil tent, and set the timer for another 15 minutes to finish.)

      • JR

        You also said in recipe to grease a pan, and in video said it did not have to be greased. So do I not grease or grease, and if grease, with butter or crisco- will butter make it burn?
        (P.S. I wish you could send email reply because sometimes I forget to come back here for a few days and then trying to scroll down a long list to find answer to my question is very hard to find the answer)

        • Jenny

          My loaf pan is non-stick so I usually don’t grease but to be safe for most cooks, I said to grease the pan. I did that since the video but I can’t change the video. Some people use Pam spray, which is easy but I don’t like the smell. I grease with butter and it won’t burn.

  254. Jeslyn

    Thank you Jenny for this awesome recipe.

    I’m just wondering does the bread harden the next day. I bake my bread overnight and store in a container. The next morning it appear to be harder than the night before. Is this normal or how should i store the bread?

    • Jenny

      My bread does not harden at all. I usually wrap it snuggly in foil after it’s cooled and I keep it in foil for a day or two. After that I wrap it in plastic and refrigerate. I’m guessing that your container is larger than the bread and too much air is drying out the bread. I suggest you wrap it tightly in either foil or plastic wrap and let me know if it’s better.

  255. Anna

    Dear Jenny,
    love your recipes! I would like to ask you if possible not to put the egg. I tried the recipe and it was great, but i did have that slight egg taste which i do not really enjoy.Do you think it can do without?Thank you!

    • Jenny

      I have only made it with the egg, which provides moisture and a soft texture. If you omit it you might have to adjust the other ingredients and I can’t say exactly what. You might be better to look for a different recipe that does not use eggs.

  256. Myra

    Jenny, I made this today and it was awesome. I really enjoy your videos, always so easy and your humor really cracks me up!
    I’m thrilled when I get a notice that you have a new video to watch. Keep up the great/fun/easy recipes.
    Myra J.

  257. Grace Park

    Hi Jenny! Thank you for showing me I can make bread…whoowhoo!
    When I received the email with your new video attached I just had to try it!
    It turned out fantastic! I CAN MAKE WHOLEWHEAT BREAD!! And I have the pictures to prove it! We had it with dinner, it’s number one on my grandsons (10 and 7 years old) list now…thanks again, you’re one of a kind!

  258. madelyn

    Hi Jenny, I made this bread today and it came out beautiful. The name says it right, it was super easy. The only thing I did different was kneading it using my stand mixer with the hook for 3 minutes. Thanks Jenny for an awesome recipe!

  259. rafael

    Jenny, I mainly just wanted to say thank you for simplifying cooking/baking.
    I really enjoyed the mac & cheese.
    I do have 1 question…..About 1 out of 7 bread attempts for me do not rise very much, but they kind of flatten out. What am I doing to cause this? I make bread daily and they usually come out right-I use from the same batch of yeast – one will flatten out, the next will not ???

    • Jenny

      That happens to me too. Yeast baking can sometimes be a challenge for no reason. It could be humidity, temperature, or sometimes the yeast can be stale. Yeast has a very short shelf life and as soon as I open even a small packet of yeast, I seal it tight and freeze it.

  260. Karl

    Jenny–I love your recipes, especially the polish section! For Easter, we always make fresh rye bread. Could I substitute rye flour for the whole wheat and add in the caroway seeds? Thanks!

    • Jenny

      I’m not sure but I don’t think so because most rye bread recipes use a smaller percentage of rye flour to bread flour or all-purpose flour and rye breads usually have other additions. I don’t think you can get an authentic-tasting rye bread without some experimenting. Using mostly rye flour probably won’t work and I wouldn’t know what the ratio should be since I have never done it.

  261. Jocelyn

    Can I just use bread flour without whole wheat flour?


    • Jenny

      I have never done it but I believe you can. However, you might not need all the milk because white flour is softer than wheat. I would add 3/4 of the milk and after the egg & oil are added, you can determine if you need the rest of the milk.

  262. archana

    I am from Karnataka
    I am not use please egg replacement..

    • Jenny

      I’m sorry I do not know of an egg replacement and I have only made this bread with the egg. If you omit the egg I am not sure what the result would be. There are a lot of whole wheat bread recipes with no eggs on the internet and you may be better to use a different recipe. I’m sorry I’m not very good with changes since these are just my own recipes from home.

  263. Jocelyn

    I’ve found many recipes online asking for twice rising of the dough. But yours is only once rising. May I know what is the difference? And is it necessary to rise the dough twice?

    • Jenny

      Some say that a second rise will result in a finer loaf with smaller bubbles and a better structure but I’ve never seen enough difference to spend the extra time. Maybe a bread purist could tell the difference but most of us, probably not.

  264. hala ayyoub

    hi jenny , yoyr a genuis with a nice taste , i just have a small question : what is the bread flour and what is thr diffrance between it and the white flour

    • Jenny

      Bread flour is designed for yeast baking. It has more protein than all-puropose flour, which helps to create more gluten resulting in a little more rise and more body in breads and rolls. To me it’s not a huge difference and the flours can generally be substituted for one another.

  265. Rupinder

    Hi jenny, cud u please tell how to use dry active yeast in the recipe. Will it require additional liquid to be activated first or we can use the same liquid from the recipe coz if I directly add the dry active yeast to the flour,the yeast granules do not seem to dissolve well n the end product is not worth. Please help.

    • Jenny

      I make this bread with both dry active yeast and instant yeast, using both the same way. I just add them to the flour per my recipe. With dry active yeast check the package for the required temperature. It usually needs the liquid to be only 110 degrees F. but as long as my yeast is fresh, I never proof it in liquid. I just add it to the flour. I’m glad you asked because I was not clear in my recipe and am clarifying my printable recipe right now.

  266. joy

    ms jen,today i baked for the first first my bread seems to be fine..its soft after baking but once it cooled down for 3hrs it turned hard..still chewable but the bread i make supposed to be soft..what am i doing wrong?..i followed all the intsructions..plsss help.

    • Jenny

      It could be that your flour is heavier than the one I use (King Arthur) so make sure you are not using only whole wheat flour because then it will not be soft. With my recipe, just adding 1/2 cup of bread flour to the whole wheat, as well as using the additional 1/4 cup of bread flour at the end makes a nice, soft bread. To be clear, the total in the end should be 2 cups whole wheat flour + 3/4 cup bread flour. If that’s what you’re doing and it’s still not soft enough, you could try reducing the whole wheat by 1/2 cup and increasing the bread flour by 1/2 cup. I hope that helps.

  267. Camie

    I made your whole wheat bread with all purp KA unbleached flour and added a small amount of KA bread flour and it came out perfectly. I’m so proud of myself and my husband picky-poo that he is has enjoyed it too. Can’t wait to make another loaf and your amazing pizza dough.

  268. Jenny

    I just realized I had the wrong temperature listed for the milk. With instant yeast it should be 120 degrees. I apologize and have corrected it. The recipe still would have worked but might not have risen as fast. I’m so sorry that I missed that until now!! 🙁

  269. Camie

    Read the blogs so know now that I can use regular bread flour instead of the whole wheat flour you prefer, unfortunately, my husband prefers white so will sneak in 1/2 cup of whole wheat pastry flour I have in the refrig. Do you think that would be okay. Please answer quick as I want to try this today. I love the pumpkin pie that I made with your recipe for Thanksgiving.

    • Jenny

      You’d be better to sneak in regular whole wheat flour and not whole wheat pastry flour. I know it seems like it will be a softer loaf with the pastry flour but w.w. pastry flour is not good for yeast baking, which needs flour with gluten. Regular whole wheat flour has more gluten needed to make the dough rise. Good luck!

    • Caette

      I made this recipe in the form of rolls today with mostly white flour. Turned out great. I used 1.5 cups white flour and 1/2 cup white whole wheat flour, and reduced the milk to 3/4 cup. I added the 1/4 cup white flour at the end as in the recipe.

  270. Linda

    Jenny, Hi, I love how easy your recipes are and how your videos are short and to the point. I am confused on this one though. I thought u could only let bread rest for 10 min with instant yeast. Your ing. specified active. Have u found it doesn’t matter or is this an error? Maybe this is why some are having a problem. Love your beater idea! So much better in my opinion. I intend to eat h all your videos: there greaaaat.

    • Jenny

      Funny you should ask today because I just made a loaf this afternoon and it came out really well. When I created this recipe I was favoring regular yeast over instant because I rarely see any difference between using instant or regular yeast and with so many international visitors, I thought regular would be easier to find. But I think I should update the recipe to say that either yeast can be used so thanks for bringing this to my attention.

  271. khabirah

    Could canola oil be used in this recipe instead of olive oil?

  272. khabirah

    Just made this a couple of hours ago and it came out fantastic!

    • Jenny

      That’s good to know. You must have a big family with so much cooking.

      • khabirah

        no not big family jenny. I’m a new cook and am really interested in trying different recipes. But I like to freeze things as well so that I don’t have to keep cooking everyday. but how do i store this whole wheat bread?

        • Jenny

          I’m not a fan of freezing bread because it seems to dry it out. If you have to freeze it I would slice it first, stick it back together and then freeze. That way you can take one slice at a time as needed. You should be able to remove one slice at a time with a knife or spatula.

          • khabirah

            Ok Thanks. So if I just wanted to store for day to day, I should just wrap it in aluminum foil and let it sit on the counter?

          • Jenny


  273. khabirah

    Will this be hard to make with my electric mixer…you know the one with the attachable and detachable beaters?

    • Jenny

      You can use a hand mixer. The two-minute high speed beating eliminates some of the kneading so if your mixer is strong enough to beat the dough for 2 minutes, no change is necessary. If not, you would have to stir it together by hand and probably knead it for 100-150 turns (until the dough is smooth and elastic).

  274. Sam

    Will you marry me, no wait I already have a wife. I love your videos and really would like to see this bread in a future video.

  275. Rupinder

    Hi jenny cud u please tell me d difference between bread flour n all purpose flour? We do not get separate flours like cake flour or bread flour here in India.

    • Jenny

      Bread flour is considered better for yeast baking because it has more protein which helps develop the gluten for a little more body in breads and rolls. However, any bread recipe can be made with all-purpose flour and the truth is I don’t think most people can tell the difference.

      • Rupinder

        Hi jenny, thank u for d reply! will surely give d recipe try with AFP n share d outcome soon. 🙂

  276. Johanna

    Made this last night. The bread was very dense and did not rise much over the pan. It was still very good. Not sure what I did wrong but I will try again.

    • Jenny

      I’m guessing it was something with the yeast. Maybe the temperature of the milk was too hot or too cold or maybe the yeast was just bad. That happened to me once when I used a fresh packet of yeast and got no rise. I checked the date and it was fine. It just happens some time so I hope you’ll try again.

    • RyanMPLS

      I had the same problem with my first loaf. I let it rise for two hours and it was still a little flat. It’s a bit cooler in our house so that’s not all that abnormal but I am also using vegan substitutes for the egg (1T milled flax + 1T water) and Silk soy milk which can sometimes mess things up.

      It turned out okay but not light enough for the kindergartner to like it over store bought.

      The next time I changed things around a bit stealing 1/2c of WW flour and moving it into the BF column. I also added 3tsp vital wheat gluten and the result was great. Not too wheaty so the kid will eat it and the GF called it “fluffy” and good. (I’d prefer more WW and some grains mixed in personally but whatever – if they eat it I’m happy.) Makes for great grilled cheese 🙂

      I’ve since done this making the dough in the bread maker simply adding the 1/4 cup BF to the mix and hitting the dough setting. Form into loaf and let rise. Comes out great every time with the 1.5c WW, 1.25c BF, 3tsp VWG. Again, I’m not sure how much of this is because of the vegan substitutions or what. Anyway – a great recipe! I’m trying my modified version to make hot dog buns right now. We’ll see how this experiment works out…

    • JR

      Me too- yeast is good as rises with white bread; after 35 min in warm place hardly any rising- waiting another 30 min. Think it’s going to be very dense loaf. (See my previous post today-3/12- if it shows up of probs in mixer and kneading)

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