No Knead Crusty Rolls

No Knead Crusty Rolls

No Knead Crusty Rolls

Bread flour is preferred but all-purpose flour works too. Be sure to aerate your flour before measuring. For the water, I just use hot tap water. It’s important to make sure your oven reaches 450° F. (my oven takes 35 minutes). You can re-crisp rolls by placing them directly on your oven rack at 325° F for 5-8 minutes. For the overnight method, simply switch to COOL water and let the dough rest overnight on the counter top for 8 to 24 hours. - Jenny Jones

Prep Time: 5 minutes

Cook Time: 25 minutes

Total Time: 4 hours

Makes: 8 rolls

No Knead Crusty Rolls


  • 2 1/2 cups bread flour (or all-purpose flour)
  • 1/4 teaspoon instant or dry active yeast
  • 1 teaspoon salt
  • 1 1/4 cups hot tap water (up to 130° F)


  1. In large bowl combine dry ingredients. Stir in water. Mixture will be thick and sticky.
  2. Cover with plastic wrap & let stand on counter top for 3 hours.
  3. After 3 hours (mixture will be puffy and bubbly on top) place dough on a well-floured surface. Using a scraper fold over about 12 times, adding enough flour so it doesn’t stick (about 2 Tbsp).
  4. Using a scraper cut dough into 8 pieces. With floured hands, shape each into a ball by folding and tucking, like making a drawstring bag.
  5. Place on parchment paper-lined baking sheet & cover with a dish towel. Let stand at room temperature for 35 minutes. They will puff up but will not double in size.
  6. As soon as rolls are covered, start preheating oven to 450° F. Oven must be 450° so use an oven thermometer if possible.
  7. Bake for 20 – 25 minutes until golden brown.

Notes: To make sesame seed rolls, gently brush rolls just before baking with egg white and sprinkle with sesame seeds.

Click here for more on these bread rolls and to see a photo of my sesame seed rolls.

No Knead Crusty Rolls

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  1. Joe

    Hi Jenny, tried the flour to water ratio several times and my dough is still dry. I even tried sifting flour first than taking 2 1/2 cups and still was dry. Do you have an alternate with weight instead of cups.


  2. "Uncle" Rick

    I like Jenny’s Buns!

  3. Peggy F.

    Amazingly simple and delicious. And oh so versatile. Used your sesame addition with a whole wheat and white flour combo and really enjoyed the soft chewiness. Had just tried with more white to wheat ratio and definitely notice the crustier difference. Love how it appeals to all kinds of bread lovers! Thanks for this!!!

  4. Ana

    I just made these, they complimented Thansgiving dinner perfectly! Thank you so much!!!!!

  5. dave

    Can you replace 3/4 water with buttermilk ?
    and roll/flat and cut like biscuit ?

  6. Bibi

    Well kissing Panera’s buns goodbye

  7. jana

    Made these on a friday. Ate with my homemade chicken noodle soup yesterday. They tasted great. Good for dipping in the broth. Making double batch today. ( i gave some away) I’m guessing they will freeze? Love the no kneading and just the 3 hour wait time.

  8. Ed Morris

    Jenny, these Rolls are fantastic! So easy to make, also…thanks so much for publishing this recipe. I will definitely be trying more of your recipes!

  9. Jean

    Hi Jenny, love all your recipes but I’m wondering if you happen to have one for a baguette? Also how do you store your bread, I usually make 2 at a time!

    • Jeannine

      My guess is: follow the same recipe and shape it into a baguette form.

  10. Jillybeans

    Thank you for this recipe. It yielded great crusty rolls. My only gripes was my rolls was stuck to the parchment paper that we needed to cut the bottom bit off.
    My question is, do i need to grease or flour the baking paper before i place the dough so it won’t stick?

    • Jenny

      It sounds like inferior parchment paper. If you can find Reynolds brand, nothing will ever stick to it.

  11. Catherine

    Hi Jenny,Just made your recipe for these fantastic rolls.They turned out nice and light and crusty with big air holes.Better than any bakery!Where did you purchase your wooden board? I would love to have one instead of dumping the dough out onto the counter.Thanks again for another great recipe.

  12. Bonnie B

    Jenny Jones I’m such a huge fan! Your videos are so quirky and fun! I have the smell of No knead rolls in the oven. I mixed in some parmesean and mixed herbs and the smell is unreal. My sister is a great bread maker but I’ve never dabbled until now! Thanks for the inspiration. Carb Porn indeed. I’m a bread loving Type 1 Diabetic and your recipes are worth and extra needle prick!

  13. kjm

    Just made these rolls and earlier made faster no knead bread and both recipes are amazing!!! Smells so good here and they taste great!!

    I love your videos!! Thank you for sharing!!!

  14. Tom NE Pa

    I’m not new to baking, I do have some experience. NOW, my rolls look nothing like yours. They turned out rather flat looking. I followed the instructions to a tee. All my ingredients are fresh. Any idea why ? Thanks

    • Jenny

      If you didn’t change the recipe, aerated your flour before measuring, and used freshly opened or frozen yeast (it has a short shelf life once opened) then I think it may be your oven was not hot enough. These rolls need that initial hot blast of the 450 oven and my oven takes 35 minutes to reach 450. That’s all I can think of.

  15. kathleen

    Can I make these in muffin top pan?

    • Jenny

      I would make sure your pan is safe to use at 450 but why not use a flat sheet?

  16. Julie

    Oh I’m so excited to make these rolls! It’ll be around midnight when I get home but I’m going to make these rolls! I’ll have my family eat them for lunch tomorrow, and maybe one for my boss as well. Thank you, Jenny!! xoxo

  17. Erica F

    I was hesitant in making these in fear of failure but so glad I attempted it ANd successful!!!! Oh so yummy!!! Even cool/cold we were ripping into them! On my go to list for sure!!

  18. James

    Jenny, I made these rolls and they were so good I made them again the next day. The kids loved them, the wife loved them! Thank you for such an easy and delicious recipe.

  19. Olivia

    Love these! They are my go to recipe to make with soup

  20. Cooktoserve

    Could you tell me what Oven rung to place the tray of rolls if using light silver air baking sheet with parchment paper.

    • Jenny

      Always bake on the center rack unless otherwise notes, but I do not recommend the air sheet. Please see the latest post in “Your Photos.”

  21. Ellen Marie

    I made these rolls the other day, as I love the no-knead movement. They are delicious, and talk about easy!! I’m making more today, and plan on baking them in my square cupcake tins. Pretty sure it will work. Great for portion control, although portion control just doesn’t work if you eat 4 of them at a time.

  22. Jane

    I made these the other day but I put roast beef, caramelized onion and provolone cheese inside. They cooked up great (it was an experiment as to whether they would be soggy)! My roommates took leftovers for lunch the next day and they reheated well. Definitely a foolproof roll!
    Thank you so much!

  23. Suzanne

    Love the video – you’re hysterical.

    I’m making the bread tomorrow…..yum

  24. Lynn

    Can you brush with butter and garlic and still have the crunch to them ?

    • Jenny

      I don’t know but I think brushing with butter softens crusts.

  25. Melissa

    First time baking bread and came out perfect! super easy and delicious

  26. Robbie P

    Jenny. I made you’re rolls yesterday and they came out wonderful. loved the texture and thought they would make great hamburger buns if the were a little bigger. Nest time I’m going to try making them a little bigger, and give it a try.

  27. Sophia

    I tried it, and after the 3 hours, it was not puffy and bubbly. I dont know what went wrong. It was thick and sticky when i let the dough rest.

    • Sophia

      Also, should i just throw it out or i could still try to continue on?

      • Jenny

        You could try letting the dough rest overnight and see if it looks okay the next day to continue. Look here for some help:

        • Sophia

          Ok, I’ll see if they look better tomorrow. Thanks

          • Liz

            How did the bread come out? I tried it today and it was really wet and sticky. I realized later that I added an extra 1/4 cup of water. I followed the directions and it still came out really nice. It wasn’t as round as I would’ve liked but it was really good. My husband loved so it’s a keeper.

          • Teresa

            Just thought this may be helpful (I just found out about this yesterday). Depending on where you live, “chlorine” and “fluoride,” which can be found in drinking water, will affect Yeast. The yeast will not work properly. I plan on purchasing bottled water for this reason..



  29. Susanne

    how do you aerate the flour

  30. Aurora

    Hi I just tried it today but my rolls failed to puff up in spherical shape like those in your video, instead they are relatively flat. I wonder if anything goes wrong, or if there is anything to take note of?

  31. WY

    I am so thankful for this receipe. Wonderful crusty rolls without the fuss. Incidentally I mistakenly used the proportions of no knead faster bread in making these crusty rolls ( I looked up the wrong page but the ingredients are the same, just off in proportions a little). Still comes out perfect. And I didn’t wait for 35 minutes to bake ( my oven takes only 5 minutes to reach 450 F). Again, they still worked like magic. Thanks, Jenny!

  32. Judy

    Made these yesterday
    And 6 rolls instead of
    8 seems a better size. I always put cornmeal underneath the rolls and added a combination of sesame, poppy, anise and pumpkin seeds on the top. They were snatched up before I could blink.

  33. Sahire Mullinax

    Jenny thank you very much for the roll receip.I will make it today and let you know how come it aut.

  34. Happymouse

    Hi Jenny, this is the first time I baked bread. Thank God, it turn out amazing yummy. Great thanks to you. You have given me confident to start baking. 🙂

  35. Judy

    Jenny, how about rye rolls with caraway seeds. Love an exact recipe for those.

    • Jenny

      You could try my no knead rye bread recipe made into rolls like this.

  36. Violet Weed

    Sounds to me like the yeast was old. Or she didn’t let them rise long enough. Burnt on the bottom? Probably put them on the lower rack not the middle.

  37. Karen

    Hi Jenny, I just discovered you yesterday and today I tried your recipe for no knead crusty rolls and they turned out to be amazing!, I wanted to thank you and also ask you a question that I have not seen in the comments or in your questions link… How can I store the crusty rolls for them to last at least 1 or 2 days without getting hard?, even though I doubt they will last long but I was wondering in case I decide to make a big batch. Thank you again!! Next time: Pizza dough!!

    • Jenny

      They are really best the day they’re made so I usually freeze the ones we don’t eat just after they cool. If you don’t want to freeze, just be sure not to store them in plastic, which makes breads soggy. Foil would be a better choice but no matter what you do, they would likely benefit from re-crisping in a warm oven.

  38. Brigitte

    i found this recipe about 6 months ago and i have not bought bread since. i cut the dough into 4 rather than 8 and make mini loaves that i frequently give away to happy recipients. i add pepper and dill, or Epicure’s chive, cheese and bacon dry mix. oof! best bread ever! i simply love this recipe because it is easy and practically makes itself! thank you again!

  39. Alexandre

    I made it!!
    Thank you Jenny for your recipe.
    I’ve been trying to do french baguette, with two kind of results: good aspect but no flavor and vice-versa.
    This recipe get closer (in my country, Brazil) to what is sold as french baguette.
    I doubled the ingredients to split the fermentation time: one using hot water, another with cold water (overnight).
    Taste and weight were different, but both delicious.
    I don’t know how did I stumbled in your funny and charm videos.
    I hope for more!

    Best Regards!

  40. Tina

    Thanks so much. I have always wanted to make bread and this looks like I could do it. Making these rolls today

  41. Patience

    Hi can you use coconut flour or gluten free?

    • Jenny

      I don’t think this recipe will work without gluten but you could check around for gluten free no knead bread recipes.

  42. Julieanna

    Love love love! I have made these multiple times they are delish! All my friends are now making them. Look forward to more videos!!

  43. Carolyn

    Thank you so much for such an amazing recipe! I’ve made these over a dozen times and they’ve always come out so crusty and so yummy!! Big hit with my family!! Your an awesome cook!!!

  44. Lyre

    Hello Jenny!! I made the rolls and was extremely disappointed in them. I used excellent parchment paper and they where in less then 20 minutes at 450 and the bottoms burnt slightly, They where tough and very dense and very small. Not at all light and airy like I had hoped for or nice size! Almost, as if they hadn’t totally cooked inside. Any suggestions to help correct this would be totally appreciated.. Thank you, Jenny!!

    • Jenny

      I will try to help. Can you please describe your oven?

  45. Brianne

    Just to be sure, is the yeast a 1/4 ounce packet or a 1/4 tsp because a 1/4 tsp doesn’t seem like enough for the dough to rise.

    • Jenny

      The recipe is correct – it’s 1/4 teaspoon. If you trust my recipes I think you’ll be pleased.

  46. Jefe

    I stuck the 8 rolls in a 12 muffin non-stick tin and filled the 4 corner tins 1/2 full of water and they came out great! No sticking and they were a little taller like I wanted them. I think the added moisture helped the whole process.

  47. Tom

    Jenny, add me to the list of your fans who baked these rolls using cold water and a 12 hour rise on a kitchen counter.

    Thank you for posting this recipe. The rolls were wonderful. As you mention on your video on YouTube, the nice thing about rolls is you can use an egg wash (one whole egg and two teaspoons of water) and put various toppings on different rolls. My favorite is a little coarse kosher salt with a light dusting of onion powder. Organic sesame seeds or poppy seeds work well too.

    Thanks again Jenny for posting this recipe and for the video on your JennyCanCook YouTube channel. It got me back into baking no-knead bread again. I used to bake no-knead long ago before Jim Lahey gave his recipe to the NY Times. And I tried Lahey’s technique of baking in cast iron and just found it too dangerous for me. When I bake Lahey bread loaves now, I use a stainless steel oven-safe skillet with lid. I baked these rolls on a Silpat in a Nordic Ware half sheet pan. They turned out great.

  48. Dana

    im making these rolls right now. but im pretty sure i will only let them rise for 1 to 2 hours because im always using fresh yeast. it works so much faster and also tastes better in my opinion 🙂

  49. Doug

    I’ve made the no knead rolls a few times and I’m pleased with the outcome overall. Just one little issue- they have a tendency to stick to the parchment and I have to scrape it off the bottom of each roll after baking. Anyone have any insight into this and how I can avoid it?

    • Jenny

      It could be from using inferior parchment. I use Reynolds brand and it never sticks.

      • Doug

        Aha, I suspected that it might be the dollar store parchment. Thanks for the quick response!

  50. Chew, Malaysia

    I found your fantastic easy to bake crusty rolls and it tasted lovely with butter!
    I mix 1/4 cup of wholemeal flour with bread flour and I am really Happy with the outcome.
    Thank you for sharing your recipe!

  51. Jen G.

    Aloha from Hawai’i, Jenny!
    I’ve enjoyed your videos and have made the no knead crusty rolls, with much success! I’ve never baked bread before and this recipe was definitely a confidence booster! I’ve even experimented by adding dried organic rosemary in one batch and dried cranberries/walnuts in another (before I saw your no knead fruit and nut recipe). They both came out delicious and the rosemary ones will now be a must-have with my husband’s chili! 😀
    I recently ordered a Dutch oven (as a birthday gift to myself), so I can bake the faster no knead bread loaf. Thank you for all your great recipes that I am so eager to try!

  52. Violet rukutis

    Been making bread and rolls for months. Great recipe never failed , two batches in rise as I comment thank you

  53. Kelly

    Hi Jenny, I would like to make these rolls and noticed it’s the same recipe for your no knead crusty loaf but there’s a 1/2 cup flour difference. I made the loaf bread and it came out fabulous the first try but I did have to let the dough rise more than 3 hours. Is there a typo or is the flour amount correct on this recipe? Thanks Jenny and I’m looking forward to more recipes!

    • Jenny

      If you trust my recipes I think you’ll be satisfied because I make them all the time. The amounts of flour and water are both different in the rolls vs. the bread recipes. Also, it’s very hard to judge the bread dough by appearance and I think if you proceed after the 3-hour rest you will find the loaf bakes up just fine, as long as your oven is at the right temperature. Good luck!

  54. Angela

    Great recipe. I saw it this morning and now I have fresh rolls!

  55. Marianne

    Hi Jenny,
    I have made your no knead bread several times, all with great success. One time i was roaming around your videos and saw your recipe for no knead bread using whole wheat pastry flour. I bought the flour, but now i can’t find your recipe so i substituted 1 cup of the ww pastry flour for the ap flour and proceeded with no other changes. We’ll see how it turns out. I also bought some light rye flour to experiment with. Haven’t tried it yet. I grew up in Chicago in a Polish neighborhood and loved the rye bread. It’s difficult to come by in No. California. Anyway, can you point me to your bread recipe using the ww pastry flour? Thank you. Love your videos. Marianne

    • Jenny

      I have never used whole wheat pastry flour for bread, only for other baking that does not include yeast. Whole wheat pastry flour is not suitable for yeast baking. I guess that’s why you can’t find it. Maybe you are thinking of a different recipe for one of my cakes or cookies.

      • Marianne

        My apologies. I must have been reading someone elses blog. I could have sworn it was you. Anyway, i made the bread as i said substituting 1 cup ww pastry flour and it came out great, maybe even better than using all ap flour. It has great flavor and not too heavy. I took a picture and put it on my pinterest bread board. (It’s really darker than the picture portrays.) I made it in a french copper pot with a lid because it has an oval shape. Next time i’ll use my dutch oven. I love your tip about using the parchment paper. The first time i made this bread i lightly greased the pot before baking. The bread turned out fine, but clean up was a pain. I had no idea you weren’t supposed to use pastry flour for bread. Turns out you can. Next time i’ll try the rye using the same ratio.

        • Marianne

          I’ve noticed that generally this bread using ap flour will last three days, the first day being the best. I live alone, enough said. The wheat bread did not last as well for some reason. The flavor deteriorated after the first day, not moldy or anything like that, just flat. The rye was much better in terms of flavor lasting longer. Getting good artisanal rye is almost impossible in California.

      • heudi

        I make no kneed bread with whoke wheat flour. The proces is the same, the ingredients are as follows :
        1.5 c of warm water 1/4 c
        3 c of whole wheat flour = 360 grams
        1/4 tsp of yeast
        2 tsp of salt
        3Tbs of vital gluten flour
        1/4c of sesame seeds
        1/4 c of flax seeds
        2Tbs of cumin seeds

        It never fails, gluten keeps whole wheat flour together. However, gluten and seeds are optional

  56. Mary Lou

    I also tried to print the recipe and it came up blank on the viewer. I didn’t give up. I did a highlight of the area, then a copy and a paste onto a blank document and from there I was able to print it! I am looking forward to trying the rolls.

  57. Carol

    Hi Jenny,
    I just wanted to Thank You for this recipe. I’ve made it many times for many people. Everyone loves it. I’ve tried different things other than making it into rolls. I’ve doubled the recipe. Shaped it into loaf pan and french bread pan. Added garlic on some occasions. It is wonderful and very tasty.

  58. Dave W

    I had trouble with these rolls. I cook no knead bread quite often and am familiar with the dough. It seems there is not enough time for the small amount of yeast to do its gluten development in 3 hours as it does in the normal (12 – 18 hr) method. Also, I think yeast starts being killed at 120 degrees so some care must be used in the the water temp. Anyway, they came out dense and chewy. I see from other comments that many others did not have these problems so I have to assume it was me.

  59. Dan

    Hi Jenny…. I have been a fan for years. I tried the rolls and after adding the cup & 1/4 of hot water the dough was hard and flakey. Not soft and soupy. What did i do wrong… I live in AZ…can the dry weather have some effects??? Thanks Dan

  60. Sam

    I cant get printable recipe. Please tell me how can i get it print.

    • Jenny

      First, you need to use a desktop computer and I assume you tried the Print button. For some reason, in some browsers (like Google Chrome), the “print menu window” appears to load faster than the actual recipe page you’re trying to print. The workaround we’ve used is to close the print window and then either wait for the recipe page to load or refresh it, and then print via the Chrome browser menu – File > Print. I hope this helps.

  61. Veronique

    Oh my delicious goodness!! Thank you

  62. bill

    Great recipe but stay away from using hot tap water as it can pick up heavy metals from the water tank and / or other plumbing.
    The low yeast amount, subsequent long rise time and high cook temp both contribute to a good crust and taste.

  63. Shirley

    your rolls are fantastic & I would like to be able to double the recipe

    Will that be a problem or should I just make two batches

    • Jenny

      You can double the recipe but I am not a fan of baking two sheets at the same time. I would suggest baking them separately, which shouldn’t be hard since they bake quickly (and assuming you have 2 baking sheets).

  64. Eva

    Hi Jenny! I just watched the video for the rolls and I can’t wait to try them. Quick question, did you bake them on the lower rack or the mid rack of the stove? I’m thinking it would be in the middle so they won’t become hard. Thanks so much!

  65. letizia

    …Hello Jenny! ..

    . thank you !!!!… I made this easy recipe and I’m in love …whith wholemeal flour …and… eat with Gee butter … so good….and healthy.

  66. August

    Wow. Great recipe. I used whole wheat flour and I needed to add additional water. Cooked up very well in my small European style convection oven. It’s going to be a staple in my bread recipe arsenal. Can’t wait to crack into a jar of jam tomorrow morning and eat the other 7 buns…kidding #notkidding. Lol

  67. Alyse Silver

    Hi Jenny,

    I made the rolls two times and they came out perfect. The third time the dough was way too runny after the 3 hours. I got rid of it and started again.
    The fourth time it was a little bit runny but I added extra dough. When it finished baking and I cut the roll in half it is very moist and a little sticky inside.
    I was still able to eat it. I am wondering what I am doing wrong. I used organic flour for all the rolls. I put the flour in the proper way. I got rid of the old yeast and bought more yeast. To the touch the tap water feels slightly hotter today than yesterday. How should I seal and freeze the yeast. You say pinch it . Is it pinched with a rubber band and put in a lock and lock plastic container. Also, how long do I have to defrost it in the fridge or outside.
    Alyse Silver

    • Jenny

      Even for me, baking with yeast isn’t always consistent. All I can say is to measure carefully and the water temperature is flexible, as long as it’s very warm (about 125 degrees). Regarding yeast, I use the small packets and once opened, I just fold over the top a couple of times and secure it with a paper clip and freeze. It does not need any defrosting. I just take it out of the freezer, use what I need, close it up and put it back in the freezer. Good luck on your next attempt.

  68. Alyse Silver

    I baked the rolls. They were so good. On the bottom of the roll it was
    slightly well done. Next time, I would take it out after 18 or 19 minutes.
    I seem to have a lot of food sensitivities lately so I am very excited that there are so few ingredients in these rolls. Is it possible that I would be able to substitute rye or spelt flour for some of the all purpose flour. I used organic all purpose flour. I just discovered you on utube last night. I watched the video over and over. I was trying to find a quick bread recipe to use in a waffle maker. Would this recipe work with a waffle maker? Thank you so much for sharing your videos and recipes. I’m very impressed.

    • Jenny

      I don’t know about bread in a waffle maker so maybe you can find a recipe online for that. With these rolls I’ve tried substituting some of the bread flour with whole wheat flour but they are never as crusty as they are with only bread flour.

  69. Joyce

    I made the rolls &I rolled them out a little flat &I baked for 20 mins & they turned out the size of an English muffin just like I wanted they were a lot easier for me to eat

  70. John in Nova Scotia

    Jenny- I’m off to try this super crusty roll recipe. I am also intrigued by your gas stove. Can you tell me the brand, precisely what I’m looking for, and if the oven is gas as well? There’s much controversy about gas vs dual fuel which leaves one thoroughly confused.

    Great site.


    • Jenny

      I have a Viking dual fuel but I won’t buy Viking again. Their customer service was terrible. My next one will likely be a Thermador dual fuel. I will always prefer cooking on gas and baking with electric.

      • John in Nova Scotia

        Thanks for that Jenny. This seems to be a common complaint with Viking.


  71. kathleen

    This will sound goofy but could these be baked in english muffin rings


    • Jenny

      Hmmm… well I think they would still puff up and be round so they would not look like English muffins, and also if you want crusty rolls, the edges inside the metal rings will not be crusty.

  72. Robert W

    Yummy rolls, but even though I added extra yeast, the inside was a little dense. Also needed extra water to even make the dough stick together. Iwould have definitely added some more salt :).

    I added some icecubes when putting the rolls in and got a nice crust.

    • Jenny

      I think if you try the recipe exactly as it is you would like these rolls. Adding extra yeast and then extra water is really not necessary with this method, and the extra water may be why they were dense inside. If anything, this dough is extremely sticky (as you can see in the video) and could require extra flour but never extra water. So I hope you will try again and follow the recipe and measurements exactly. And be sure to aerate your flour before measuring so you don’t wind up using too much flour. You won’t even need ice because these rolls will turn our very crusty. Good luck!

      • Roz G

        I love you and your easy you, follow reciepes..I watch your shows on Utub all the time

      • Chuiry

        Is there a way to make these without having the crust turn out “very crusty”? My hubby has trouble with his teeth and hard crusts.

        • Jenny

          I don’t know but you should be able to research that. My easy dinner rolls are very soft if you want to try that recipe instead.

  73. Cathy A

    Jenny your breads always come out great! This is the first time I’ve baked such good bread.

    I wanted to know if this recipe can be doubled? I would like to make them into small sandwich buns. Also, does this work if you put some seeds inside the rolls?

    PS where did you buy that great counter top kneading mat?

    • Jenny

      I have never doubled or put seeds in these rolls but I believe the recipe can easily be doubled and seeds inside sounds like a nice idea. I got my kneading board at a local restaurant supply.

    • Carol

      Hi Cathy, i have doubled this recipe and it comes out fine. Also instead of rolling out rolls, i have also rolled out eight sandwich rolls or two big loafs and baked them. This recipe is wonderful.

  74. M'Gee

    My husband decided to make these rolls tonight but when he mixed the dough it was quite stiff, not runny as your video shows. His measurements were exact. Why the difference? Thanks.

  75. nicky

    Hi jenny, found your video few days ago. I am new to baking . I would like to try this bread, but my oven temp is 270 C maximum . Can I bake the bread at this temperature. Pls let me know.

    Thank you.

  76. Mara

    Thank you, thank you so much for this recipe! Mine turned out beautifully, if a bit smaller than ideal- perhaps I’ll make 6 instead of 8 from the batch.
    But they were a huge hit!

  77. Joyce

    Could I put garlic in the dough I was thinking minced garlic what do u think?

  78. Ina

    I live alone. Thus, I would love to freeze them and take them out one at a time and reheat. Any suggestions? Thanks.

    • Jenny

      I freeze them too. I take out two at a time and thaw them first, either overnight in the fridge or on the counter top for a while. I’ve even microwaved them to thaw last minute. Then I preheat the oven to 325 and place them directly on the oven rack for about 10 minutes. They crisp up really nicely that way.

      • Cheryl

        Hi Jenny I love every recipe I’ve tried from your site! Are these rolls big enough to hollow out and put beef stew in? Thanks for all the great dinners and desserts at my house☺️

        • Jenny

          They are not big enough to hold beef stew. They are only about four inches across.

  79. Madame Butterfly 1

    Baking bread has always been done in my mamaw’s family. I’ve always found it to be a daunting task, however. At least until now. Thanks, Jenny. I think I can even make these in my little apt in my vintage O’Keefe & Merritt range. Keep up the great ideas and videos, they are the best and the most fun I’ve ever seen ❤

  80. BJ

    Jenny, you are a genius! I have a French bread pan and have tried various bread recipes and your recipe is by far the best. I followed your instructions right up to the part where you divided the dough into 8 rolls, and instead I divided the dough in half and rolled out 2 long loaves and placed them on my bread pan, which was lightly greased and sprinkled with a bit of cornmeal. Absolute perfection! Thank you thank you thank you!

  81. Itala Rzeppa

    Dear Jenny,

    I love it see everything thanks so much to teacher me!!!

    God bless

  82. yvonne

    May I know 1 cup = ? g

    • Jenny

      There’s a handy conversion chart in my blog, which should be a big help:

    • Emily

      Hi Yvonne, in North America they do everything by volume, not weight, even flour and sugar. I often have to “translate” Italian recipes for my mum, and her Canadian recipes for my Italian friends.

      From my notes, for flour, 1 American cup = 150 grams (for Canadian recipes, 1 cup = around 160, Canadian cups are a bit larger). If you’re stuck, use your liquid measuring cup and fill with flour/sugar/oatmeal /whatever, 240 ml = I American cup, 250 ml = 1 Canadian cup. Hope that helps!

  83. Yuri

    This is basically French Baguette when we make.
    It looks great and easy .

  84. Joan

    I made the rolls for a dinner for 7 people. I made 3 batches of the rolls in 3 separate bowls and ALL the rolls disappeared at dinner. Can you double the amounts of ingredients instead of using separate bowls and batches? I love these and will not buy store bought rolls for dinner again. Joan

    • Jenny

      I have never doubled it but I think you could use one bowl for double the recipe. I found a recipe for a large loaf that uses 6 cups of flour and it uses just one bowl.

  85. Kelly

    olive oil and fresh rosemary and some cracked black pepper in my dough…one question I decreased the eater equal to the olive oil was that the right thing to do?.???

    • Jenny

      I’m sorry, I have never used oil so I don’t know. Did you already make them with decreased water and if so, how did they turn out?

      • Kelly Foti

        OK they came out good not enough rosemary flavor will use a little more next time…the rise was not as good….but yes they were good and crusty!! And i like a good rise so next time no olive oil…i will put the olive oil in a bowl at the table to dunk the rolls in it!! BTW…such a great bread recipe, thank you Jenny!!!

  86. Joan

    Love the no knead rolls!! Can you leave them longer ( than 35 mins) on the baking sheet? I do not want to fuss with them with company present

    • Jenny

      I think you could leave them longer but I would check on them occasionally to make sure they don’t get too big.

  87. Anu

    Never in my wildest imagination did I think I would attempt baking bread or cinnamon rolls. Your instructions and demo were so clear and simple that I just had to try. i am so happy that I did for they were such a hit! No one could believe that they contained no butter. Thank you.

  88. Mike

    What would be a good sidedishbe with the cabbage rolls?

    • Jenny

      Please see my comment under the cabbage rolls recipe regarding side dishes. Thanks.

  89. Justyna

    Hi Jenny! I love your recipies but how do I get the nutrition info on them?

    Thank you!


    • Jenny

      These are just my own home cooking recipes so you may have to find your own way to get the info (I think there are programs available for that).

    • Mimi S. has a recipe analyzer that will give you nutritional information. You will find it under the “tools” tab.

  90. Orren

    Jenny! Found your YouTube lessons a couple of days ago……you are awesome. No news there. Making these rolls right now. So far so good. You are a great teacher. Thanks for de-mystifying the rustic bread thing! So much fun.

  91. Jeremiah

    Jenny, I love seeing you cook! I can’t wait to try some of your recipes at my home. I look forward to your future videos.

  92. Amy

    Hi Jenny, I’m a pretty beginner cook so I don’t have a scraper, should I flour my hands and try to fold it, or use a large knife?

    • Jenny

      It’s almost impossible to handle this soft dough without a scraper or something else like a wide paint scraper, a firm spatula, or yes, even a large knife would work. Let me know how they turn out.

  93. Sandy

    Hello Jenny!

    This is my fist time making bread! Would it be ok to leave the dough overnight I stead of 3 hours? I started making this at 8pm and realize that I’m tired and not sure if I can stay up until it’s 3 hour. 🙂 if I do leave overnight, is there anything special I need to do?


    • Jenny

      The overnight method requires cold water so if you already used hot water, it might rise too much overnight and spill over – I’m just guessing. I suggest you let it stand until bedtime to let it cool down a bit and then refrigerate it. Yeast doughs usually improve with refrigeration. Then when you’re ready, let it get to room temperature and continue with the recipe… i.e., let it stand for 3 hours, shape, preheat, and bake per the recipe. I hope that helps… and I hope I’m making sense.

      • Sandy

        Thanks Jenny! I was able to put it in fridge and baked it the next morning and it turned out great. My mother and law loved it! She said its so crispy on outside and chewy on inside. I can’t wait to try it again!!

        • Jenny

          Whew! I’m so glad it worked. Thanks for letting me know and I’m glad you liked the rolls.

  94. Stephanie


    I am making these rolls to go with my Hamburger Soup that I am making today also.. Is there a reason as to why you dont butter your breads when they come out of the oven??

    • Jenny

      Two reasons: One, I try to avoid saturated fat whenever I can and two, I like crusty bread and I think that would make it softer. But I confess I will use some butter on a really fresh slice of homemade bread – I love bread and can’t stop myself!

      • Len

        The reason you don’t butter them is while they’re still hot/even warm, they are still cooking. That’s why when you bite into them they’re still kinda gooey but once they cool off, they have that fresh, “dry” texture.

        Wait till they’re thoroughly cooled and then you could “re-warm” them and slather your butter on.

  95. Jolanta

    Hi Jenny
    Am so delighted finding your cooking section.
    Have been passing it on to many.
    Where can I purchase your book. “Jenny Jones”.
    I am from Australia.
    Good luck with your fantastic works.

    • Jenny

      I assume you are referring to my cookbook and it’s available for free as a download here on this website. But I am updating many of the recipes from the book and posting the new versions here on this site as well since I am a better and simpler cook than I was back then. If you want the actual book, it may be available online.

  96. Gerry

    The first batch I made was a success and my friend liked them…I did too but felt just a touch of sugar would make it even better. Do you think it would harm the outcome if I added a 1/4 or 1/2 tsp. to the dry ingredients?

    • Jenny

      Sure, you can add some sugar. My only note is that I make the no knead loaf in a fruit & nut version with sugar and sugar makes the crust burn easily at such a high temperature. So just keep an eye on it and you may need to preheat to 450 and then reduce to 400 for baking, like I do with the bread. You’ll know the first time you make them.

  97. Bob G


    I’m a new cook and attempted to make this twice without success.

    All measurements were exact, water temperature appropriate, yeast with future expiration date. Room temperature 70.

    On both occasions, the dough looked the same after 3 hours, e.g., no bubbles, same size. I tried baking the first batch and they were not good. I discarded the second batch after the 3 hours.

    I have absolutely no idea why the recipe did not work for me.


    • Jenny

      I’ll try to help. Some people are afraid that hot water will kill the yeast so don’t be afraid to use hot tap water (mine is around 135 degrees). I think it’s possible the yeast is the problem. Yeast does not keep well and once a jar is opened it should be kept in the freezer. Even if the date shows it has not expired, it still might be ineffective. I would try again using bread flour, which responds as little better to yeast (no whole wheat flour) and buy some new yeast, preferably Fleischmann’s RapidRise. I always buy the small 3-packs and even when I open one of those little packets and don’t use the whole packet, I pinch it closed with a clip and keep it in the freezer. It’s important to me that my recipes work for everyone so please let me know if you try again and how things turned out. I will continue to help any way I can.

      • Bob G

        Thank you, Jenny, for your rapid and informative response.

        After writing last night, I decided to try again and left the dough overnight. By morning, it was perfect. The rolls baked properly.

        I love the crunch!!! What a great recipe!

        As you suggested, the next time I will use hotter water and bread flour. Even though my yeast packets are new, I will replace them with others.

        Thank you very much…you are a wonderful support for someone who is learning to cook. 🙂

  98. Radha

    Hi Jenny,

    I recently came to know about your website through a friend. I made bread loaf and the cinnamon rolls(which was a big hit at a party). I was wondering if we can make these rolls with all purpose flour. Typically I have all purpose flour around and not bread flour. Really appreciate your videos and recipes.


    • Jenny

      Yes, you can use all-purpose flour with any of my recipes that call for bread flour. Bread flour is a little better with yeast but there’s not too much of a difference. When I’m out of bread flour, I use all-purpose as well.

  99. Mark

    Hi Jenny,

    Thank you for the videos and for sharing your recipes! I found one of your videos on YouTube through a random search. I’m very good with a grill and a smoker but am looking to “up my game” on side dishes. I’ve tried two of your bread recipes and have gotten rave reviews from friends. I’ll definitely try more. When I stumbled across your video on YouTube, I had no idea who you were, but you had such a warm, friendly, stage presence, that I did some searching to figure out whose recipes I was using. You are definitely a woman of many talents. Very well done, and thanks for sharing!

  100. hank


    I came across your recipe and was intrigued by the “no knead” aspect …….I have made these crusty rolls 3 times since Friday… family LOVES them…..this is a keeper……I have sent the link to family and friends.

    Thanks so much jenny, I have bookmarked your site…..looking forward to many more “easy” and exciting recipes!

  101. Dave

    This is the easiest bread dough recipe I have ever made. Not only easy but delicious also. I love the hard shell and soft inside. Thanks so much for sharing.

  102. Sara

    Can you use wheat flour with these rolls?

    • Jenny

      I tried whole wheat and did not like them. The rolls were tough and chewy. Whole wheat seems to work for the loaf of bread baked in the dutch oven but not for the rolls.

  103. Laurie

    Jenny I love your videos. Just found you. I haven’t seen you since the talk show days! You’re so sweet and informative when showing us how to cook. Thanks

  104. Terry

    Hi Jenny. I am loving your cooking videos. I think you do a wonderful job explaining what and why you are doing.
    Could you please tell me what the average tempurature of your hot tap water is? Mine has been eratic lately and can go up to 130F. I am sure that is too hot and would kill the yeast.
    I made your chocolate pudding and my husband said it was the best he had ever had! I also just bought a hardcopy of your cookbook. Nicely done. Thank you!

    • Jenny

      My tap water comes out at around 130 to 135 degrees F and it doesn’t kill the yeast. I’m glad you like the pudding – I made some last night and my guy loves it too.

      • Terry

        Thank you, Jenny. The bread turned out beautifully! To me, warm homemade bread with a little butter is better than most any dessert. Warm pudding or custard would be a close tie.

  105. Marisa

    I’m making them today Jenny!! Thanks for sharing xo

  106. Miki

    Love all your no knead bread recipes. I was wondering if the no knead crusty rolls can be frozen for use in a couple of weeks. If so, will they re-crisp to that wonderful crust again. Thanks so much.

    • Jenny

      Yes, I have some in the freezer right now and they will crisp up again. Once thawed, I put them directly on the oven rack at 325 or 350 for about 5-10 minutes. I can’t tell you exactly but I check them until they feel right.

  107. Christine

    I love these rolls – thanks a bunch for sharing!!

  108. Jeff

    I’ve made these rolls twice now. The first time they were PERFECT and really the best rolls ever. The second time they turned out raw even afterbbaking for 40 minutes. Any thoughts why the 2nd time occurred?

    • Jenny

      Hmmm… it could be that your oven was not hot enough the second time, or that you measured differently and you had too little flour or too much liquid. On the other hand, I suppose if your oven was too hot, the outside would be done too quickly and prevented the inside from cooking. I can’t think of any other reason but I hope you’ll try again. I make these rolls all the time and have never had that happen.

  109. Chuck

    I am not much of a bread fan, but you converted me on making my own granola and I am going to give this one a shot too! Thanks Jenny!

  110. Marlene

    Yes I love this bread rolls. will you be making a video of it. Thank you

  111. Newton Magalhães

    Hi Jenny,

    Quick question for you: Are you working on the video for the no-knead rolls.?
    Thank you.

  112. Angeline

    Hi Jenny,
    To keep overnight, do we need to store in an air tight container? Will it still be crusty?

    • Jenny

      Any bread stored in an air-tight container will not stay crisp. I store my rolls wrapped in foil but even with that, they still need to be re-crisped for a nice crust. I preheat the oven to 325 f. and place the rolls (or bread) directly on the oven rack for 5-8 minutes.

      • Junesgirl

        I sliced the rolls in half then put in toaster……works really well to crisp them.

  113. Kim Schriver

    These rolls are fantastic! Chewy hard crusted deliciousness and super easy to make.

  114. Ewa

    I baked the rolls. They turned out perfect. I used cold water and left the dough for the night and for breakfast I had delicious rolls. Perfect solution for those who love crusty part of the loaf. 🙂 Whenever I bake a bread there has always been a “fight” because everybody wants the heel of the loaf. With the rolls you have a lot of perfect crust. Thanks!!!!

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