Hash Browns

Hash Browns

Hash Browns

If you like your hash browns crispy on the outside and moist on the inside, try this simple recipe. Russets are best for hash browns but I’ve also used red and Yukon gold. We Polish girls love our potatoes! - Jenny Jones

Prep Time: 5 minutes

Cook Time: 30 minutes

Total Time: 35 minutes

Makes: 2 servings

Hash Browns


  • 1 russet potato
  • 1 1/2 teaspoons olive oil, divided
  • salt & pepper to taste


  1. Peel and grate the potato.
  2. Roll shredded potato up in 4-ply of paper towels and squeeze out the moisture. Repeat if necessary until most of the liquid is gone.
  3. Transfer to a bowl and toss with salt & pepper.
  4. Preheat a large fry pan (preferable non-stick) to medium-high.
  5. Place one teaspoon of oil in the hot pan and swirl around.
  6. Add potatoes, patting them evenly and cleaning up edges.
  7. Reduce heat to medium-low and cook undisturbed and uncovered for 15 minutes.
  8. When bottom is crisp, turn potatoes over. If needed, cut into wedges for easier turning. Add 1/2 teaspoon of oil and swirl it around to reach all sides.
  9. Cook another 15 minutes until golden and crisp. Taste for salt.

Hash Browns - Perfect every time!

36 Comments on "Hash Browns"

  1. Artie C

    These hash browns are wonderful! Easy and perfect, a little time consuming, but so worth it. Thank you.

  2. Tony

    Love your recipes. So excited to find this site. Could you please tell me what brand frying pan dos you use?

    Btw I tried your egg wheat bread and no knead bread. My family loved it! Thank you Jenny

    • Jenny

      I use several brands but the one in the video is from the Calphalon line at Target.

      • Tony

        Thank you Jenny for such a speedy reply. I would definitely look for this pan. You should make a video of what all pots and pans you use frequently in the kitchen, and how to take care so they last longer. Somehow, my pans get bad so often.

  3. Susan Creger

    Hi Jenny! Love your videos!!! Where did you get that cute quaking duck timer? I want one!!! You are a very sweet person I wish I knew you!!!!

  4. Nancy Burek

    An Easy Way To Flip the Hash Browns:

    To easily turn your hash browns over after one side is cooked:

    1. just slide the cooked side of the potatoes out of the pan onto a plate and cover them with a second plate.
    2. flip the plates over so the cooked side is up.
    3. remove the top plate and slide the uncooked side of the hash browns into the heated, oiled pan and let them finish browning.

  5. Mary

    Excellent ! I grate the potatoes in my food processor using a grate disc. Instead of using paper towels I use a cheesecloth. Just put grated potatoes on cheese cloth gather it up on all side an squeeze until you get no more water out of them. Very easy. I keep the cheese cloth just rinse out an hang to dry an you can use it again an again. Very handy to have in the kitchen.

  6. kat

    have made these.. very good…but like another way better. and cook way faster.dont peel potato it will come off when you grate potato.. boil potato or microwave till just barley soft chill potato and then grate potato. can keep in freg till ready to use…place small amount ouf oil or butter in pan and place the amount of potato on oil ….I also put garlic powder on mine before turning….

    • Judē

      yes!! Precooking the potatoes is a great trick! My mom precooked a 10 pound bag of Russets every week since we had potatoes every day (sometimes 2x a day). American fires with fried onion (and cheese if you like) is also a quick option with these potatoes.

  7. Carol Thomas

    These are delish thank you so much for the recipe xxx

  8. Rhonda

    Couldn’t wait to try these and entirely skipped absorbing moisture with a paper towel and forgot to salt and pepper until they were in the pan. Even left them in for a few extra minutes because I got busy elsewhere – oops! And you know what ? They still turned out fabulous! Can’t believe I ate a whole potato and then wanted to make some more ! Jenny CAN Cook AND teach the rest of us too!!

  9. Rhonda

    You’re awesome! Come to my house, no problem. Better yet, I’ll come visit you at your house, so there’s less mess – lol. But I’ll help you do the dishes and clean up :-). You are just a really wonderful person to learn from. How did you do the videos? Obviously had a helper, but wondering about the camera, editing software and some of the tech stuff. I can tell it was a bit of work.

  10. Helen

    Love your salt and pepper shakers….oh the ducky is so cute. Seriously this is the best way to make hash brown Ty…

  11. layla

    For years I longed to make has browns. I tried your recipee yesterday. I used too much salt, but still delicious. I tried them today again with less salt and they were even more delicious. Your recipees are very easy to understand. Thanks again.

  12. Stacy

    I just made these- without your recipe in front of me… While they were really good, I used too much oil… Will make again- following your recipe exactly.

    Thanks for sharing this!!!

  13. Yvette

    I just made these and they were perfect. Absolutely the best ive ever had!

  14. Vanessa

    Thanks so much for this video!! I made them and they came out perfect!!

  15. Kiky

    I never eat nor cook Hash Brown before, 1-2 hours after i watched your video on Youtube, i try to cook it… and the taste so delicious, crispy outside and moist inside… but the shape not look good, maybe not enough potato…

    Thank you, Jenny…

  16. Daphne

    Love your amazing demos. Can’t wait to try the hash browns. You’d be wecome at my house anytime. 🙂

  17. Angelita

    Ahh you’re amazing! thank you for sharing it <3

  18. Eddie

    Absolutely delicious!!! Thank you so much

  19. Shenean

    Hiyas Miss Jenny!
    I just wanted to tell you that for years my morning hash browns were gooey & gross. I’m a southern girl so it was so embarrassing on Sunday mornings when I cooked our country breakfast. I watched your video on hash browns & did exactly how you instructed. My family loved it! For the first time my grown kids said ” mom, why didn’t your hash browns always taste like this!”
    Thank you Jenny!
    Much love & positive thoughts sent your way!

  20. Binnsh

    Just made this, technique is perfect. thanks Jenny!

  21. Ez707

    The hashbrowns I made were soooo awesome. The paper towel technique is complete gold and such a vital part of the process I learned.

  22. Elias

    Made some today and came out perfect, thanks so much! 🙂

  23. Alex

    Wow…. I can even imagine the taste now. So hungry and Im going to try this for my dinner tonight! And Jenny, can you make a video of burger patties which are healthy and low in fat? I’ll look forward for that video thanks!

  24. FatKontroller

    Thank you for this video. I cook these all the time now, had a couple of burnt ones, but mostly good. So simple!!!!

  25. Judy

    Just discovered this site and I am now checking out recipes. Jenny, I love your down to earth attitude.!! you are great.!!

  26. R Quattro

    Easy to make and really really good Jenny. perfect. 🙂

  27. Cecile

    Love them and so easy! Thanks 🙂

  28. Brian

    yum yum! Easy & Good! Thanks for the recipe 🙂

  29. Kim

    Thank you so much! It worked perfect…!!!!!

  30. Will

    these are freaking easy and delicious.

  31. Riley

    I tried this and it works!! Thanks Jenny !!!

  32. Kerren

    Fantastic Hashbrowns!!! Thanks Jenny

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