Fall-Off-The-Bone Ribs

Fall-Off-The-Bone Ribs

Fall-Off-The-Bone Ribs

This is a never-fail recipe and it’s so easy. Rub and cook ribs right away or rub and refrigerate for a few hours. Using a disposable foil pan or a foil-lined pan means no cleanup. These amazing ribs are equally delicious finished in the oven or on the grill. Don’t expect leftovers! - Jenny Jones

Prep Time: 15 minutes

Cook Time: 2 hours, 30 minutes

Total Time: 3 hours

Makes: one rack of ribs

Fall-Off-The-Bone Ribs


  • one rack of pork baby back ribs
  • juice of one lemon
  • 1/4 cup dry rub (your own or my recipe)
  • 1/2 cup barbeque sauce (your own or my recipe)


  1. Preheat oven to 300° F.
  2. Remove excess fat from ribs. Peel the silver skin off the back of the ribs - lift with a sharp knife and grab with a paper towel to remove.
  3. Cut ribs apart into individual pieces.
  4. Rub ribs all over with lemon juice.
  5. Coat ribs with dry rub. Place meat side down in large baking pan, & cover tightly with foil, shiny side out.
  6. Bake in the oven for 2 1/2 hours.
  7. Remove from oven & pour off liquid.
  8. Brush bbq sauce over all sides of ribs.
  9. Grill: To finish ribs on the grill, remove from the pan and place ribs on the grill (I use a basket over direct but low heat) basting and turning a few times for about 10 minutes.
  10. Oven: To finish ribs in the oven, set oven to broil and return ribs to the same oven rack, basting and broiling about 5 minutes per side, watching so they don’t burn. They will be so tender, it’s best to turn them using gloved hands.

Note: For my rub and sauce recipes, just use the handy links provided above.

Fall-Off-The-Bone Ribs

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  1. Darlene

    I am thinking about making these for Christmas dinner. But I have to cook for about 25 people. Not sure how many pounds of ribs I will need, but obviously a lot! Wanted to use a big roaster oven. Should I do these in the regular oven or do you think I could make them in the roaster oven. Any suggestions?

  2. Diane

    Amazing! Made these ribs three times and they are always perfect! Every recipe you post is SO delicious! Thank you, thank you thank you! Hope you have a very Happy Thanksgiving!

  3. Tom

    Tried these ribs today. Rub and sauce by Jenny as well: they are great; however my ribs with rub in first cooking stage burned. Still able to eat them but not what I expected. I used a metal baking pan rather than aluminum pan. Could that be the reason for burning. Should I try a lower temp next time. Tom

  4. Jae Young Jin

    Made these ribs for the superbowl once for some friends and it was everyone’s favorite dish. Made them again for another party and it was again the everyone’s favorite dish. I’m going to make them again this weekend for a party and the people who have had it before are super excited.

  5. Danny

    I’m trying this now with a variation. I’m using a Dutch oven and tossed in several garlic gloves and two onions halved. Smelling good!

  6. Samantha Williams

    Can these be grilled instead…. I need info ASAP

    • Jenny

      I only make them in the oven but I think you can find many recipes for ribs on the grill.

  7. Jacob

    Does the cooking time change if you add more racks of ribs?

  8. Jody

    I have made these over and over. a lot of food I try on Pinterest and well, I am left disappointed.
    This one…..

  9. Kris

    Very Easy to make. My husband is a very picky eater. When I made these ribs for sunday dinner he was shock and didnt believe that I made them. Thank you so much Jenny

  10. R thomas

    Best ribs I’ve ever had unbelievable that this recipe is free

  11. Bluesky

    OMG…I made these back in the Spring and they were sooooo good. I plan to make them tomorrow. I thought I pinned this recipe the last time, but I had not and I’ve spent the last 30 minutes trying to find it. AT last….if you follow her simple directions, you will not be sorry. Can’t wait til tomorrow!!!

  12. Darrell

    Searching for Country Style Pork Ribs brought me here. This recipe calls for babyback, has any one tried with CSPR?

  13. Ken

    YESSSSSS…. I used this technique for beef ribs, I have never been good with ribs. I’m a star now :), thank you and so simple. I finished them in the oven but next time I think I will try the grill. My Aunt and brother asked me to leave BBQ sauce off they wanted to try the ribs with just the rub alone and they loved it.

  14. Gina

    OMGosh, followed to a T ..the best I’ve ever had! Thank you!

  15. Rebecca

    By far the best rib recipe ever, huge family hit, this will always be my favorite recipe, cant make ribs any other way!!!

  16. Christy

    Kudos to you for including recipes for both the bbq sauce AND dry rub. That’s so helpful! These look great-I’m about to get some started now.

  17. Shaz

    Making this again today. My guys love it!

  18. Candy

    If the broiler doesn’t work can i put them in the oven uncover?

    • Jenny

      You could try but turn up the oven as high as it will go and use convection if you have it.

  19. Mila

    Used your recipe 2 days ago and am already to use it again, again, n again. The ribs were so tender, fall off the bone N juicy. Thank u so much for sharing it.

  20. Gabby

    This is the ONLY way I cook my ribs in the oven. Every other recipe is either complicated or has waaay to many ingredients, not tender enough, or just have way to many steps. I’ve been cooking my ribs this way for the last 1.5-2 years since my family and I have been stationed in Alaska. I will continue using this recipe and told so so many people about this recipe. I’m commenting now because In about 15 minutes I will probably have BBQ sauce all over my face and hands. LOL! Those babies are almost ready

  21. Jen P

    This recipe is amazing! I’ve made it twice since coming across it and it has been a huge hit with my husband and parents both times!

  22. Mimi Mule

    I first saw this recipe 2 weeks ago and have already have made it….lol..3 times the best very best Ive ever had. Just 1 thing double up both the rub and BBQ recipe and just enjoy the heck out of them. And I only broil them for 4 min/side & I serve it with scalloped potatoes. Thank you Jenny.

  23. Clarice

    How long do we have to preheat the oven?

    • Jenny

      My oven takes about ten minutes to reach 300 degrees F.

  24. Allen

    I can’t tell you how much joy I get from watching your videos. You are hilarious.
    Do you enjoy doing this as much as it appears?

    Thanks for their bright spot in my day.

  25. Arch

    Hi jenny,

    I can’t find both lemon and sweet paprika where I live.will lime and ordinary paprika do?


    • Jenny

      I think lime would be too strong but you can omit the lemon altogether. The ribs will still be tender. I don’t know your paprika but you should be able to use it if it’s not too hot.

  26. Megan

    Can I use something other than lemon before the rub?

    • Julie

      I use liquid smoke. Gives the ribs a awesome smoky flavor.

  27. Paul

    Hello. How much longer do I bake for two full racks ?

    • Jenny

      As long as it’s a full size oven and they are on the same rack, it will not take any longer to cook two racks of ribs.

  28. WNix3

    If I do more than one rack at a time would the cooking time be the same or twice as long? I’m a newbie to cooking so kind of curious thanks!

    • Jenny

      As long as it’s a full size oven and they are on the same rack, it will not take any longer to cook two racks of ribs.

  29. Inge

    Hi Jenny,

    Can you put this ribs into the slow cooker instead of the oven?

    Gr. Inge

    • Jenny

      I have no experience with slow cookers.

    • Gerald

      I used this method with covered Dutch oven roasting pan. I used slightly different rub. I put them on grill about 5 to 7 minutes each side.
      Glad Jenny gave tip about rack for grill. Meat literally falling off during grilling. Had to pour them off rack . Could not use things. Umm umm good! Thanks Jenny

  30. Jessica

    Is the recipe the same if I use Rib Tips? And can I cook them on aluminum foil for easy clean up?

  31. Joseto

    Is it absolutely necessary to cover it in foil to get them to be fall-off-the-bone?

    • Adriana

      Yes! I just made this and completely forgot about covering with foil. They came out delicious but NOT AT ALL “fall off the bone”! My family loved them but I really wanted that tender meat to just melt off. Cover your ribs everyone!

    • Jenny

      It doesn’t have to be foil but they do need to be covered.

  32. JuanVicente

    What is the oven`s temperature when it is bake for the first time.? Tnx

  33. Joan

    How many servings would you say per rack of baby back ribs. I need to make enough for 40 people. Thanks

    • Jenny

      There are 13 ribs in a rack and the sizes vary so I hope that helps you figure it out. We usually eat 3 or 4 ribs apiece.

  34. Lori

    What can I say that hasn’t already been said about this recipe? The rub is amazing, the bbq sauce is delicious and the ribs fall right off the bone just as promised. I’ve given this recipe and this website to a lot of friends!

  35. Suzie

    We loved these ribs !!!!

    We do have a question our son’s birthday is coming up and he wants us to make these ribs again except we work that day can the ribs be prepped the night before with the rub on them stored in the fridge so that I can put them in the oven as soon as I get home from work ?

    • Jenny

      I’m not sure they should be stored that long with rub. You can prepare the rub in advance and cut the ribs apart and store up to that point. Adding the lemon and rub does not take long. Some people have rubbed and cooked them in advance and refrigerated them overnight and the next day, they finish with the sauce. You might find more ideas in the comments.

  36. Luke

    Hi Jenny,

    just a quick question in regards to this recipe.
    what setting do you use for the initial cooking of the ribs?
    for instance fan forced? or conventional?

    sorry if this seems silly, im a bit of a novice

    • Jenny

      It’s not silly but you can always assume with my (& other American recipes) that the oven setting is conventional, not fan forced, unless stated otherwise.

  37. Amycantcook

    Hi! I wanted to try your recipe using boneless ribs. Would you still cook it for the same amount of time?

  38. Jim Dawdy

    Thank You for the great recipe

  39. Haifu

    The first couple times i tried the recipe it turns out great, but the last two times the ribs have not been cooking. I cook it for 2.5 hrs and the ribs are still not cook. When i cook it longer, it is not falling off the bone, but still tender. I am not sure what i am doing wrong, but the last two times i have added brown sugar to the recipe.

  40. SweetDoug

    A single guy here, who loves ribs and have never tried cooking them.

    Well! Let me tell you, that’s a good recipe! Eezee-Peezee!

    I took a flyer and boiled the sauce down to a thick consistency and it worked very well, just slathered on after I cooked the ribs. (Stores well in the fridge, too.)

    2.5 hours is little long for a standard sized rib package in our area, so start with 1.5 hours and work up from there.

    As a tip for the men out there, DO NOT USE WHITE SUGAR. It scorches and people are very disappointed in ribs that you’ve been raving about for months. You’ll need a redo, trust me. They’ll thank you for it.

    Great recipe, Mz. Jones and will be trying others from your site.


  41. Jot Brown

    Good looking fall off the bone ribs , I will have to try this recipe for sure, Thanks for showing how it’s done .

  42. 2CeYouSmile

    Awesome and super easy! Even though I used my oven, these killer ribs taste just like they were slow smoked to perfection. Thanks!

  43. Luan

    Absolutely the best ribs ever. Not even Houston’s can compare. Thank you

  44. Litsa Mavrides Cyprus

    Thank you so much! Congratulations! My family and a friend of mine enjoyed the ribs! Nothing left! Many thanks to my son Andreas and his friend Spyros for this lovely recipe! I have a question. Why you put the shiny side of foil outside? I knew that was the opposite the right thing to do.
    Thank you!

    • Jenny

      Not everyone agrees but I think the shiny side reflects more heat than the dull side and this is low & slow cooking so I use the dull side.

  45. Sunshine

    Does this recipe work as well for pork spare ribs if you don’t want to slice them up individually, but have maybe 3-4 bone pieces?

    • Jenny

      It will work but spare ribs may need a longer cooking time. I don’t know exactly how long so you may have to research that.

  46. andreas kotsos

    Hi Jenny,im living in Samos Greece but I am having a problem finding all the dryed things that I near to make the ribs,so I had to improvise instead of power muster I used the ready made and for powder onion ,i chopped 2 fresh onions and rub the

  47. Gil

    Thank you sooooo much for this BBQ recipe. Made this twice already, and true enough, it never fails! I’ll never order BBQ Ribs again in the restaurants. So far, none matches this recipe you shared. I can proudly say, “I can make better BBQ ribs than that at home!” Keep up the good work. From Manila, Philippines, love and thanks!

  48. Honey

    Hi Jenny! This recipe is to die for! It’s my first time to cook ribs and I used beef ribs instead of baby back ribs because that’s what my husband bought from the supermarket. Omg, you never fail to amaze me! My husband talked about it the whole day! Lol. Thank you so much! It was so tender! The only adjustment I did is I added 20 minutes more n the oven cooking time. Looking forward to make more of your recipes!

  49. Pamalama

    Making this for the 2nd time tomorrow, we both LOVE it (including the rub recipe). Will never make ribs any other way again. YOU MUST TRY

  50. Gail

    Wow! Made these last night and they were a big hit. On my way to the grocery store to buy more ribs so I can make them again this weekend. Thanks for sharing your recipe.

  51. Kim

    Do u put tenfoil back over pan/ribs when your broiling em for 5minutes on each side

    • Kim

      Do you put both settings on oven on broil

      • Kim

        Hoping I get an reply cause there in oven now lacking only 5 minutes of broiling time

      • Jenny

        My oven has one broil setting but it should be set to high.

    • Jenny

      In the video you can see there is no foil tent when you broil.

  52. Esha

    Your recipe is the Bomb… I have used your recipe several times to make ribs in the oven and on the grill and my family loves them.. This is a fail Proof Recipe for Ribs…This is my one and only go to recipe… Your a Goddess…

  53. Terry Hockley

    Hi Jenny
    Your recipe for the ribs, rub and sauce are the best ever. Thank you for sharing. I am cooking this recipe for 70 people and wonder if I cooked the ribs the day before and refrigerate then before serving place them on the grill either pre-sauced or apply sauce once they have warmed up. I,m just afraid they will loose some of their fantastic flavour. What do you think Cheers Terry

    • Gen

      I would definitely recommend doing it the day of, maybe just really early so you have enough time. If you do it the day before warming the ribs up again could cause overcooking or may even dry out the meat. Best of luck!

    • Jenny

      I can’t say from experience but many people say you can pre-cook the ribs the day before and then finish them with the sauce before serving.

  54. Sharon P

    I never leave comments but this is my absolute Go-to recipe for ribs. I refer only to this one for the absolute tastiest and easiest recipe. Use her rub and sauce…that’s the key. Then enjoy all the compliments that will come your way. Thanks a bunch!

  55. Lisa

    I absolutely love your dry rub recipe for ribs. I’ve always wanted to try it and I came across yours and figured, what the heck. It was easy to prepare and soooo delicious. My husband and friends loved it. Now I’m going to match it with your bbq sauce recipe today. I have no doubt it will be out of this world. Thanks again for sharing these recipes… Considering I’m not a very good cook, this made me look like a rock star!!!

  56. Angelica

    I can’t find your barbecue sauce to go with your fall off the bone ribs

    • Jenny

      There’s a link right in this recipe. It’s also in the Main Dish and Snacks/Misc. categories and any recipe can be found using the Recipe Search box provided.

  57. Cathleen

    Can I follow your recipe and freeze for a couple weeks than heat up on a grill?

    • Jenny

      I have never done that so I don’t know. Maybe someone else can reply…

  58. Alan at La Manga. Spain

    Dear Jenny.
    I being an old guy who is spending his remaining year here in beautiful down town Cabo de Palos where the Pork Ribs are so sweet and tender and CHEAP here and which by using your FAB recipes for Fall Off/ Dry Rub/BBQ my BBQ Parties has made me famous amongst the rest of my expats (Dutch/German/Brits etc etc), I cannot ‘ kiss and tell,’ but one Dutch lady is always whispering in my ear .’ Ven’ can we get together again I so much love……No ! not me … My/Yours Ribs. recipes. Oh to be 25 yers younger. I could really make ALL your recipes work for me.
    Love to a lovely Lady.
    Alan. xx

  59. Dale

    Love this recipe so simple to make, even I can give the illusion I can cook to my guest. Which they all said that it tasted so good. I just smile, I did not tell them my secret. LOL

  60. Debi

    I made these for lunch today. It is the first time I have ever made ribs. OMG these are awesome!!!!!!!

  61. Maggie

    I have told everyone I have found the secret to awesome ribs. This cooking process is fairly quick but turns out perfect every time. I use my own rub and they are amazing!!!

  62. karina

    its a one of the recipient !!! i made it for my family they love it !! and now i use her own dry rub for make just pork o ribs its so easy to make !!!! 5 stars

  63. Nogganhead

    Woah Jenny! I followed your instructions to the T, and ma’am let me tell you Magnificent, I believe my grilling days are done. Benissimo!

  64. Joanie

    This was my first time making ribs and they were a hit! They fell off the bone. I purchased the 3 rack pack at Costco and they were trimmed very lean. I could not get the silver membrane on the back….perhaps it was already removed, but they still turned out fabulous! The rub was yummy too. Crowd pleaser and it freed up the grill for my hubby to cook burgers too.

    • Momcancook

      I could not get the silver lining off my Costco pack of ribs either.

  65. Arianna

    Hello Janny,

    I want to thank you for sharing your recipe with us.
    This ribs turn out Fabulous!
    Fabulosamente deliciosas!!!!!!!!!!!!

  66. JoJo

    Yummm!!! So easy, this recipe is a keeper!!!

  67. Alyssa

    It is too hot to use my oven. Any ideas about cooking it just on the grill? I have a 4 burner gas grill. Could I do indirect heat?

    • Jenny

      I have only finished them on the grill after pre-cooking in the oven so I can’t say from experience except to say I would use indirect heat and try to match a 300 degree temperature, which would be low.

  68. Nicole

    Are these going to have a crispy crust from the oven or should I use the grill to make the outside nice and crispy?

    • Jenny

      The crispy exterior comes from finishing them either under a broiler in the oven (see my video) or on the grill.

  69. Kipster

    thanks for a foolproof recipe I used spare and baby ribs, 2 pans side by side and a touch of liquid smoke .. I’m horrible with ribs but these came out beautifully !! Not afraid of ribs any longer thanks to you !!

    • Eva

      Hey! Can you tell me how you used the liquid smoke? I’d like to try that.

  70. Rick

    Cannot find the recipe for the BBQ sauce. Would like to try it.

  71. Shea

    I am making these right now. But using country cut style pork ribs with bone in. Should this
    Still be as good?

  72. Phil

    Jenny, I have been cooking baby back ribs for several years now and have been moderately successful. I discovered your recipe on YouTube and gave it a try. Wow what a surprise!! They turned out fabulous!! My wife just loves the meat falling of the bone. When Mama is happy the family is happy. Thank you for sharing!

  73. Andrew

    Great and simple recipe! Do you know if the bake time would be different using beef ribs?

    • Jenny

      The cooking time is longer but I’m not sure how long – maybe another hour? I think there are comments about it below the recipe.

  74. Alison V.

    Despite being a “Baby Boomer” I have never actually cooked ribs before, and decide to try this recipe. They were outstanding and I will never use any other method. Thank you for sharing 🙂

  75. Anna

    Can’t wait to try this recipe thanks for sharing!!perfect details!!
    I was wondering where you got your blue knife set? Or which knifes would you recommend.

    • Jenny

      I got the knife at Sur La Table. I use may different brands of knives, buying mostly by appearance, so I have no favorite to recommend.

  76. Chris from Florida

    My husband loves baby back ribs. We have attempted to make them in the past and have never achieved fall off the bone tenderness. Your recipe is outstanding. We loved them. The dry rub was easy to make and made all the difference. I finished them off in the oven as your recipe explained. They were perfect!

  77. Leanne M

    Hi Jenny! Your recipe looks like the easiest and most successful so I want to give it a go! We are going camping so I want to precook them, then reheat them in a disposable pan on the fire coals…do you think I should just leave it at the dry rub stage, add BBQ sauce and just let the coals “finish” them or should i complete the cooking process by finishing in the oven and just reheating them on the fire? Thanks!

    • Jenny

      If it were me, I would finish them completely and then just reheat them on the fire for a stress-free camping trip. An oven is a lot easier to control than a campfire.

  78. Brandy

    WOW!! These ribs are amazing! So easy and so deliouse. I fixed these for a surprise birthday party and although I fixed a huge pan of them everyone was fighting for the last one. I don’t really like ribs but I have to admit they are soooo! Good!

  79. Mary in Minnesota

    Hi Jenny,

    Having had very limited success with other rib recipes, I am pleased to tell you that I now worship at your culinary altar. I featured your amazing, never fail “fall off the bone and fabulous beyond compare” ribs for Father’s Day. Our very large group voted and the results were in after the first bite. We have unanimously decreed that your ribs are firmly established as a Father’s Day tradition and we expect to enjoy them several other times throughout the year. As one diner put it,
    “These ribs ROCK!”
    And so do you, Jenny! Thank you so much from Minnesota!

  80. Cindy

    Thank you very much for this recipe, Jenny!
    I made your ribs to test for a a big family event this weekend. They were great! Although, I only made 1 rack as you demonstrated in your video. Any suggestions as to how to cook 16 racks? Do you think that I can layer the ribs, and still still evenly at 2 1/2 hrs, in a 300F over? Also, have multiple pans roasting in the oven at the same time?

    Any suggestions are welcome!

    • Jenny

      I wish I could help but I simply don’t have the answers. I know you can cook the ribs a day or two ahead and then finish them with the sauce before serving, if that helps.

  81. Erika C

    Incredible Recipe! You are very loved and admired since the 90s!
    Glad to have seen you again. God bless you!

  82. Grace

    Really looks good and delicious… I was just curious on how to make these without using an oven? What will be the procedure for the dry rub?

  83. Krista

    Got pre-cut (individual ribs) St. Louis style ribs from the grocery store and was looking for hints on how to do them. This worked perfectly – they were some of the best ribs we have ever made! Super easy too! Thanks!

  84. Luda

    I made these lastnight for dinner and it’s by far the best ribs I have ever tasted. So tender and tasty thanks Jenny

  85. Teressa

    I’m making these tonight! What is dry rub?

    • Jenny

      Please watch the video and then let me know if it’s still not clear.

  86. Trey

    I found your recipe today and made these tonight (first time making ribs). They were fantastic. My 11 year old daughter said they were, “one of the best things I’ve ever eaten!” Thanks for the recipe!!

  87. Shizelle

    I have never made ribs before, but I bought some recently because they were on sale. Then I wasn’t sure how to season & cook them. I’m so happy I found your recipe!!! It was exactly what I was looking for! Fall off the bone ribs that are tasty. I didn’t even put sauce on them. They were delicious as is! Thanks for sharing this amazing recipe!

  88. Kim

    Late comment.
    I ride a motorcycle and am a member of our local Hog (Harley Owners Group) chapter. Our chapter decided to have a barbecue cooking contest. Each member that wanted to participate was to fix their barbecue and bring it to a meeting where all the other members would try them and then vote on their favorite.
    I decided to enter even though I had never done anything like this before. So I started looking around for a recipe. I found yours. It seemed very simple it looks very delicious. So I practice the week before to give them a try. They are indeed delicious.
    So I made them for the meeting and took them. I won first place hands down. I later found out that some of the people who did enter had spent the whole morning or the day before cooking their ribs.
    I just smiled and told them i wasn’t ready to tell them my secret.

    • Jenny

      You just made my day. Congratulations on the win!!

      • Carmen

        Dearest Jenny

        I came across your show. I must say i love you and your love for food.

  89. Mardella Speed

    Thanks Jenny, For your recipe I could have married my husband all over again
    For your finger lickin, fall off the Bone Girl!!.Umm Umm Good!. To die for Ribs They were all that and more!.. Shout out to my amazing husband You’re Simply The Best and I Really Love’s You!!!!

  90. Jerm


  91. Jeff

    these turn out fantastic whenever I make them… I usually use two pans in the middle rack… do you think I could add another pan in my lower rack … or move the two up a little higher so I can squeeze some more ribs in below so I can increase the amount? not sure how it would effect the ribs… thanks

    • Jenny

      I’m not sure either. The heat needs to circulate and I would not want either pan too close to the heat. I’m sorry I don’t have the answer but you might be able to find some info with an online search. Also, there might be some helpful comments below the recipe – too many for me to remember exactly but I think some people have done two oven racks.

  92. Mary naulder

    I tried this tonight and we are in love with this rub and sauce !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Thank you soooooooooo much ! Hugs !!!!!!! Thanks Jen !!!!!!!!!

  93. Penny

    Wow. I loved your rib recipe. I have used a rub before. I found your video very enjoyable and helpful. Can’t wait to try the cabbage rolls. My husband loves cabbage rolls

    Thank you Jenny

  94. Ron Angello

    Making them again for Memorial Day. So easy to make.You can’t mess up. We have made them at least 5 times this year. Always comes out perfect. We cook in the oven not on the grill. Thanks Jenny for the receipt.

  95. Jeanne

    I’m making them again for Memorial Day. I have everything ready. All I need to do it bake and broil them. Yummm. I tell everybody that will listen about this great recipe. Thank you soooo much Jenny.

    BTW our local supermarket has buy one get TWO free so we’ll be having them again and again! 🙂

  96. Jessica

    Can I make the rub for the ribs and put it on them the night before? Or should it be put on and baked immediately?

    • Jenny

      I always put the rub on right before baking.

    • Jackie

      I use gallon size ziplock bags or a big deep foil pan to marinate mine overnight or for a few hours.

  97. Jen Batten

    Came upon your recipe searching cook time at 300° after id already put ribs in the oven. I like mine well sauced but u can only glaze a whole rack on top and bottom. Thats what makes your method so enticing, im gonna do it that way next time for sure. Question though, what is the purpose of the lemon juice rub?

    • Jenny

      It’s just a little extra help with tenderizing the ribs.

  98. Traci

    These were a huge hit at our house!! ABSOLUTE BEST way to cook “FALL OFF THE BONE BABY BACK RIBS”

  99. Kim

    I’ve made baby back ribs too many times to remember, this is the BEST method by far. In the past I wrapped them in tin foil and placed them on a sheet pan. Never seem to cook evenly and MESSY. By cutting the ribs individually, like Jenny says in her video, the meat gets sauced on all sides. Perfection finally! 2 1/2 hours @ 300 degrees is on point. Thanx Jenny, these were a hit!!

  100. IneseL

    Thank you so much for sharing this recipe and your obvious passion for “fall of the bone” BBQ ribs. I’ve been using it for several years now and it is the go to recipe for all things barbeque. It never lets me down.

    • Jeanne

      Hummm now I wonder if you could use this recipe for Pork Chops and Chicken? Interesting idea.

  101. Bimmergirl10

    These are literally melt in your mouth amazing! I just threw 2 racks in the oven because my hubby, 4 & 2 year old devour them!

    • MikeL

      How long did it take for 2 racks? I’m making 2 racks in 2 different pans now myself.

      • Jenny

        I made two racks last week and it did not take any longer. I had them side by side on the same middle rack of the oven.

  102. Ann Marie

    What can I say? WOW!! I used regular spare ribs and doubled that DELICIOUS RUB and OMG! Thank you so much! I suggest everyone try this recipe! I will never ever go back to my old way of cooking ribs. Did I say thank you? Thank you Jenny!!

  103. Cliff Andstein

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    Off to make a rack right now and watch the basketball game. Go Raptors.

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    Thank you!

    • Jenny

      You can certainly prepare the rub and make the sauce in advance. I have never cooked them in advance but I think some people have cooked them in advance and then finished them with the sauce the next day – please check through the comments.

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    • Jenny

      I have never made spare ribs so I’m sorry I can’t advise but you should be able to find some information on the internet to see if they cook the same.

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    • Jenny

      No, you do not broil the ribs first. I urge you to trust my recipe and make it as written and you will be very satisfied.

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    • Amber Riley

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      • Jenny

        Check the ingredients on this bottled sauce. I believe it has high fructose corn syrup.

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    • Jenny

      Beef ribs need a longer cooking time. Please look through the comments as someone has done beef ribs and posted a comment.

      • Gmoney

        I cook beef ribs for four hours at 250 degrees and they are fall off the bone every time.

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    • Jenny

      I don’t have a slow cooker but there are a couple of slow cooker ribs recipes on my Pinterest channel.

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    • Jenny

      I put links in this recipe for both the rub and sauce. Maybe you missed them. This way the printable recipe won’t be too long since not everyone uses my rub and sauce.

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    • Jenny

      As long as all the ribs (pans) are on the center rack of the oven and not on two oven racks (upper & lower) the cooking time will not change. Also, the ribs should all be side by side and not layered or stacked. I hope that makes sense.

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      • Andrea

        Hello Jenny, or can you tell me what all i need for chilipowder?
        Thanx for the recipe, it reminds me of my time in the USA 🙂

        • Jenny

          There is no standard recipe for chili powder so I urge you to look online for homemade chili powder recipes and then you can make your own creation. I use a store-bought brand from Whole Foods and the ingredients listed are: chili pepper, cumin, garlic, oregano, coriander, cloves, and allspice. These are all dried ingredients so it’s easy to make your own but remember that chili powder is not traditionally spicy so go easy on the dried chili pepper. Good luck!

          • Andrea

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    • Jenny

      The sauce a very flexible recipe. Try whatever changes you like and if it’s not pleasing, you can always adjust it at the end.

      • Adrienne

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    • Jenny

      I don’t know. No matter what size the rack is, I always cook it the same.

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    • Jenny

      I have forgotten to use the lemon a few times too and the ribs still fall off the bone. I inlcude the lemon because not everyone has access to the best quality meat and it’s just a little added step to ensure tender ribs.

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    • Jenny

      If your oven is a good enough size for the heat to circulate well, you should not need to increase the cooking time.

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    • Jenny

      I’m not sure what you mean because I bake mine (covered) in the oven and then just finish them uncovered in the oven or on the grill. If you follow my recipe exactly, they will fall off the bone.

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    Thank you!

    • Jenny

      I’m not a meat expert but it appears that pork loin ribs and baby back ribs are very similar and should cook the same way. As for the sauce, the first ingredient in American Garden sauce is high fructose corn syrup so I would not recommend it. I suggest reading the ingredients in any barbeque sauce that’s available and choose the one that has the most similar ingredients to my recipe. Or… you can also find sauce recipes online that do not contain molasses or mustard – just look around a little.

      • Archana

        Thank you for replying

        Will this recipe work?

        • Jenny

          It looks pretty good but I think one teaspoon of cayenne will make it very spicy hot. I suggest you try 1/8 teaspoon at a time (near the end of cooking) and keep tasting & adding cayenne if needed because once it’s too hot, you can’t fix it. (I don’t use cayenne in my recipe)

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    • Jenny

      I have never left the rub on overnight but I did some research and it seems that it doesn’t make much difference in the flavor once the ribs are cooked and if there is salt in the rub, it can have an adverse effect on the meat. I personally would never leave them overnight with my rub, especially since I put lemon juice on them too.

    • Michele

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    • Jenny

      Just click the “recipes” link at the top of the recipe page.

  176. JudyB-FL

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    I wanted to send you an email, but did not see address for that. I would like to know if you can double the sauce recipe or would the portions be different in a larger amount? Thanks.

    • Jenny

      I don’t think I would change anything in doubling the recipe. But it’s a very flexible formula so you could taste it when it’s almost done and if it needs anything you can add it towards the end.

  181. June

    I’m making these now, but was unable to see or pull the membrane off the back of the ribs. I tried using the knife, but every time I thought I had a hold of something, nothing pulled off.

    Do some ribs come with the membrane already removed?


    • Jenny

      I don’t think they ever come without the membrane but don’t worry about it. Just cook them as they are – they will still fall off the bone. Actually, a lot of people (including my man) like it with the membrane so the ribs hold together a bit more. But this is not a problem at all – they will still be great. Good luck!

    • Cindy

      I always thought that pulling off the tough membrane was a very difficult task . I never could do it so I always left it on and of course you can’t chew through it. Well here is an extremely easy way to pull off that membrane.
      At the end of your rack of ribs stick a spoon Yep—a spoon, and a grapefruit spoon is even better–(face down works best for me) just under the edge of the membrane and lift it enough to grab on to it. Then grab it with a couple sheets of paper towel and give it a good yank and it rips right off the ribs. You should get the whole membrane in one piece. This might take a little practice but it works like a charm everytime!!

  182. cindy

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    • Jenny

      I believe it does work with beef. Please scroll down in the comments because some people have done beef and shared details.

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    • Jenny

      I’m sorry I have never used a pressure cooker but I believe you can find recipes for pressure cooker ribs online.

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    Piggy’s are my friends …. I can’t eat them 🙂
    Thanks for your help in advance.

    • Jenny

      I’ve never done beef ribs but from what I know they will take longer to cook – maybe 3 hours or more. I would check them at 3 hours.

      • Cathy Kirsch

        FYI ~ The beef back ribs were amazing! I followed your directions to a tee including using your home made rub recipe. I also increased the cooking time as you suggested. I left them in for 4 hours.
        They were a big hit and truly did fall off the bone!
        This recipe is a keeper! Thanks Jenny! 🙂

        • Jenny

          Thank you for sharing this for anyone else wanting to do beef ribs. Glad they were a hit!

        • K Marsh

          Good– trying with beef back ribs for tomorrow!!

  196. Tiffany

    Do you think I could put these in the crockpot on low after slow cooking them? Or even cook them in the crockpot?

    • Jenny

      After slow-cooking them you would not need a crock pot. You only need to finish them in the oven or on the grill. As for cooking them in the crockpot, I suggest you look for a recipe specific for crockpot ribs because I have no experience with crockpots.

      • JohnHenry

        I have been making these in a crock pot for theist 5-7 years.
        First sprinkle them with a little salt and pepper. Brown them on a grill or in the oven. Brush with some BBQ sauce. Cook them in your crock pot, bone side down, on high for 3-5 hours (I tend to go for 5). Remove from crock pot. Put as much BBQ sauce on them as you want. Broil them for 5-10 minutes, meat side up.
        Watch your family devour them.

  197. Pam

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  198. Pamela

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  199. Suzi Ortiz

    I have pork spare ribs instead of baby back how much longer in the oven and on grill with this recipe?

    • Jenny

      I have never cooked spare ribs but I know they need more time. My best guess would be an additional hour but you should look at some recipes specific to spare ribs for how long they are slow-cooked and decide. And I don’t think finishing them would take any longer than baby backs because you are just adding and caramelizing the sauce.

      • Rod

        Cook till you have one half inch of bone sticking out of meat. They should be done at that time

  200. Sarah

    i made these a few weeks ago for my family using your dry rub and some locally made sauce, and they were a huge hit! I am making them tonight for company, and my family has instructed me to make sure I make enough to have left-overs!

  201. Betsy

    looks like a great recipe and I will be making them this week-end. I plan on making them the day before and finishing them up the next day. Do you think I could leave them in the foil pan over night or should I put them in another container? Also how long do you think they will take to reach room temperature before I finish them under the broiler? Thanks.

    • Jenny

      I would pour off the liquid and leave them in the foil pan but I would cover it tightly with foil for refrigerating, maybe even put plastic wrap on under the foil to keep all the moisture in. To come to room temperature I think 30-45 minutes would do it because they are not large pieces.

  202. DEBBIE

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  203. Artie C

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  204. Brianna

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    Quick question
    The recipe calls for 1 rack of ribs… what if I’m cooking 2 to 3 racks? Would I need to change the baking time or temp?

    Based on all of the reviews I can’t wait to try this out

    Thanks so much,

    • Jenny

      You would not change the time or temperature as long as there is room in your oven for the heat to circulate and the ribs are all on the center rack. That might be tough with 3 racks so you can long-cook them separately in advance, like the day before and then refrigerate them. The next day bring them to room temperature and finish them with the sauce before serving.

  205. Allen

    Jenny I enjoy watching your videos. I tried making the ribs and I have to say with your directions for the ribs and the rub I just ate the best ribs I have ever tasted.

    Because of your videos I have cooked dinner three days this week. Your recipes are wonderful.

    Now I am disabled and counting on your recipes and instructions to feed my wife well so she can rest when she gets home from work.

    Thanks so much!

    • Jenny

      Thanks. It’s so nice to know I am making a difference.

  206. Halina

    My family (a dozen of us) will be at a cottage in 2 weeks and I will be trying out this recipe for sure! I don’t really enjoy cooking and get uptight when hosting even for my own girls and their families. That’s why I so love watching your videos, because you make cooking/baking seem so relaxed and easy. Thank you for giving us so many good recipes, tips and “joy”.

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    Promised to try ribs for Fathers day…Everyone LOVED them..Thank you for providing me with such a good recipe!!I will be making these again and again

  209. Maureen Lloyd

    I have made these ribs twice in 2 weeks!! I couldn’t remove the membrane backing but they were still fantastic. I make your recipe for the dry rub then use store bought BBQ sauce. The first time I was out of onion powder, second time I bought onion powder but was out of chili powder but used red pepper flakes. I use the broil method at the end, but to eat the ribs as leftovers I use the grill. These are so great! My family loves them, thank you!

    • John

      Have mine in the oven while reading this smells so good can’t wait to eat them

  210. Chris

    I made these not to long ago, they came out amazing. Thanks Jenny, your site and video’s are great, easy to follow and make some dishes people might fear fun!

  211. Ron G

    Jenny, I’ve made ribs quite a few times. Sometimes they’ve been fall off the bone awesome. Other times a little tough. Never really tried the slow cook. I found your recipe and it sounded good. I was unable to remove the backing from my rack of ribs so I was disappointed and not expecting them to be as good as described. Wow! Was I wrong! They were so good and tender that I couldn’t stop eating them. This is how I will do my ribs from now on. Thank you, I can really enjoy ribs again. They were awesome!

  212. Carrie N

    Can’t wait to make these! I have a rack of what the store calls “St. Louis Ribs”, which is bigger than a rack of babyback ribs. Can you advise me on what changes I might have to make to cooking time? I suppose I should just keep my eye on things to make sure the ribs are done? Thanks so much!

    • Jenny

      From what I know, they will probably take longer to cook. They will certainly be done in 2 1/2 hours but it may take more time for the meat to fall off the bone. I would assume at least 3 hours but I would start checking them at 2 1/2. Please report back so we can all learn from you. Thanks.

      • Rose

        I am making 4 racks wrap in foiling twos can l place the rest on top wrapped in foil

        • Jenny

          For good results I would not stack any of the ribs as they need heat to circulate. It’s better to have them all flat on the middle rack of the oven.

  213. Joe

    They were just wonderful

  214. bimmergirl10

    All I have to say is amazing. My hubby loves them as well. It’s my go to BBQ rib recipe. They are actually cooking right now and smell delicious!

  215. Rachel

    I just made these and they were amazing! They were the best ribs I’ve ever had. Thanks for the recipe:)

  216. Brian

    Great recipe.. In stead of lemon juice I leg the ribs sit in root beer before putting on A1’s bold dry rub.. excellent thank you 🙂

  217. Debbie

    I made 2 pans of these on Mardi Gras Day.

    We went out for a couple of hours and came home to the smell of these baking. There were no leftovers and they go great with beer.

    This is a great party dish!

  218. Angie

    Oh My Goodness!!! Best ribs ever!!! Thank You!

    Made these last night and my family said these were the best ribs we’ve ever made. Sooo super easy. Thanks for your simple to follow directions and great video. I was scared to try this without my husband’s help (He’s usually the rib guy), but you made it seem approachable and I ended up rockin it! My son found your recipe and we will definitely use it from now on…I already shared it with my family and friends! 🙂

    The rub was super fast to make and yummy too. Next time I’ll make the BBQ sauce as well.

    We followed the recipe exactly, added some corn on the cob and slaw and Ba-Bam!! Loved them!

  219. Donna Marie

    OMG Jenny. I did the baby back ribs again but I did them for 3 hours and my gosh, they literally fell off the bone and the rub was great also. My neighbor fell in love with them on Memorial Day. Thank you so much, I am passing this recipe to all the people at the Bowling Alley, I was telling them about your recipe. Question, can I use your rub for Chicken Strips and Steak Strips?

    Thank you so very much, you are the greatest.

    • Jenny

      That’s great to hear, thank you. And I think the rub would work on just about any meat.

  220. Carrie L

    These ribs were amazing. It was a pain cutting each rib but it was worth it. These were fabulous! I used your rub recipe and made my own BBQ sauce and they were a hit with the whole family. Thanks Jennie!

  221. Cari

    Will this work for boneless ribs too? Would I need to change anything?

    • Jenny

      I don’t think you would have to change anything.

  222. Mariah

    my broiler is in the oven, do I set it at low, med, or high?

    • Jenny

      My broiler is in the oven too. I set it on high but I keep the rack in the middle of the oven, where you slow-cooked the ribs. You don’t want the ribs too close to the broiler. Since every oven is different, while you broil and finish the ribs, keep checking them every one minute!

    • Donna G

      i set my broiler on high and broiled each side of rib for about 4-5 minutes , just as Jenny indicates. They turned out superb!!
      Thx, Jenny!!!

  223. Mr. T

    This is my first time commenting on a blog. Usually for Memorial day I have BBq ribs for years on the grill, this year I had several slabs and wanted to try something different. After watching your video I said she looks to cute with the plastic gloves and all the prissy stuff these ribs can’t turn out good. But what do I have to loose the weather looks like rain and I have a lot of ribs.
    Oh Boy was I wrong these are the Best ribs ever!!!!!!! So tender I woke the next morning and they were just as good as night before. So instead of BBQing for Memorail Day I will be Oven Qing….easy and Delicious….

  224. Roger W.

    Jennie, it was fun watching you prepare the babyback ribs because of your enthusiasm. I followed your direction and the ribs turned out perfect.
    I wondered how pork spareribs would turn out so I made them the same way, but increase the oven time by 30 minutes. Results were amazing. Fall off the bone spareribs. I thank you……and my wife thanks you.


    • Jenny

      Thank you for sharing that so other cooks will know.

  225. Wendy

    Hi! I am having a dinner party – 8 adults, 6 kids. How much should I make and how do I fit them all in those pans? Thanks!

    • Jenny

      Wow! Well, a rack has 13 ribs so I usually eat 3 but a bigger man may want 4 or 5!! So make sure you make lots of sides. If the adults average 4 ribs each (8×4=32) and kids average 3 (6×3=18) you would need around 50 ribs. Since a rack has 13, four racks will give you (13×4=52) 52 ribs so I would say you need 4 racks of ribs. If you have a good size oven where heat can still circulate, you can probably cook them on two racks at the same time and I would alternate the racks halfway through. But make sure the ribs are in one layer so you would need four of those disposable foils. Of course you would have to finish them in two batches at a time under the broiler. Another option is to cook them the day before (do not finish) and refrigerate them overnight. Then the next day, finish them off with the sauce. Good luck!

  226. Greener

    We had company this weekend and I tried your “fall off the bone ribs” and they were delicious. Our company asked for the recipe which is always a good compliment for the chef.
    Thank you Jenny

  227. Donna Marie

    These ribs were so good and I did them on the middle shelf as you suggested. The only thing I did different was I cut the rack of ribs in 3 sections, didn’t have time to cut them individually, real good but next time I will cut them separately. Never knew what shelf to use, I have always had the shelf on the bottom for cooking but when I would make a banana bread then I would put it on the second shelf up from the bottom. Do you usually always use the Middle Shelf for everything? Going to try your Salmon Patties next. My Mom would always make them years ago in Canada but never got the recipe from her. Letting the neighbors sample them, so so good. Thank you so much and so easy to do.

    • Jenny

      I use the middle shelf/rack for everything unless the recipe specifies otherwise. The middle rack usually allows for good circulation above and below the food. The only things I have lowered the rack for are a large turkey (down one notch) because it’s almost touching the top and my pepperoni pizza (bottom rack) because this recipe needs the heat really close to the crust for crispiness.

  228. Donna Marie

    I will be trying your Baby Back Ribs this weekend. New at this.
    Question: Which rack do I use in the oven, bottom or middle rack?
    Can I use Bottle of Lemon Juice instead of a real lemon?

    I appreciate your feedback.
    Thank you

    • Jenny

      Use the middle rack in the oven. And I don’t think bottled lemon juice has enough bite to help tenderize the ribs. If you can’t get fresh lemon, you can use vinegar instead, either cider vinegar or balsamic and just sprinkle 2-3 tablespoons on the ribs.

      • Donna Marie

        Thank you so much for your response. Will buy a fresh lemon and also use the middle rack in the oven.

        Donna marie

  229. paul

    did not know about that membrane thank you so much for pointing that out my ribs are so much better

  230. Jackie

    Hi Jenny,

    What if i want to make two racks of ribs? Will the same cooking times apply?

    • Jenny

      As long as they are both on the same oven rack and side by side so you are not blocking the heat circulation, I believe the cooking time would be the same. Not knowing your oven or pan, you should check them at 2 1/2 hours and if they’re not tender enough, just cook them longer until they’re as tender as you want them.

      • Jackie Merritt


      • Rudi Anger

        Hi Jenny! I made these before and they are great. Question: If I wanted them to be even more “fall off the bone” would I simply increase the amount of time they cook? Say, instead of 2.5 hours…maybe 3.5 hours? Or would that overcook/dry them out. Thank you!


        • Jenny

          The ribs will not dry out if you cook them longer but they might just fall apart with more time. I used to cook them for 3 hours but then reduced it to 2 1/2 because by 3 hours they fell apart too much and were too sloppy to eat. But there’s no risk in cooking them longer.

  231. Katherine

    Believe it or not, never made ribs before. I made Jenny’s ribs for a party of 12 and everyone loved it!!! The best tasting ribs EVER, let alone easy!

  232. kathy

    Jenny I made your fall off the bone ribs..and my hubby and I loved loved them!!
    Thanks again for your great recipes..will be making them again and again!!

  233. Cyntsational!

    I have always made my ribs in the oven due to grill unavailability (lol). Now that I have a grill, I STILL MAKE THEM IN THE OVEN! But….I have never used lemon juice nor finish off with broiling….IT’S ON TONIGHT!

  234. jessica

    This will be my first time ever making ribs! I read the other comments and looking forward to eating them when there done.

  235. Nicolas

    This recipe works well because the rack is cut up before cooking, so that the ribs will cook thoroughly more quickly and ergo are less likely to dry out.

    Here’s a suggestion: try the final broil with pure maple sugar instead of barbecue sauce (although you might want to reduce the veiling time from five minutes to two, as maple syrup tends to caramelize rather quick).

    Or, substitute maple sugar (fairly straightforward, if somewhat physically taxing, to distill from the syrup at home) in for brown sugar in the dry rub recipe and maple syrup for molasses in the sauce recipe. I am (obviously) a huge fan of the raw, “woody” sweetness maple adds to pork.

  236. Sonya Peterson

    I never bother to comment but these are an exception!
    I made your rub (very similar to my own) and your bbq sauce OMG. So yummy! Best ribs I have ever made.
    My family thanks you

  237. Rosemary

    I’m typically not a rib person. I bought some baby back ribs on Friday for something different and began searching for an easy recipe. I found this recipe and LOVE IT!!!! It’s a keeper.

  238. Lisa

    can I used something else besides lemon juice? I’m out right now, no time to go to store. Help!

    • Jenny

      You can use a little cider vinegar or even if you skip the lemon or acid rub, they will still be great.

      • Kirk

        Instead of lemon, the common natural meat tenderizers are pineapple juice or mango juice, fresh not pasteurized. The processed juices lose their enzymes that are needed to tenderize in the heat process of pasteurization

  239. Elna

    OMG…. Delicious and a lot less mess and easier than steaming and placing on BBQ later. Oven cooking from beginning to end for me from now on! Also enjoy you video clips. Very informative!

  240. robert

    My family loves these ribs. It is awkward to drain the liquid off after the first stint in the oven. Tried holding the ribs down when I drain. I’ve tried dipping it out with a ladle. Then it came to me. I have a cookie sheet that a little smaller than the inside of the pan I cook the ribs in. I use a large pan that is rigid, just line it with foil. I place the cookie sheet on top of the ribs, hold it on the sides and drain the liquid out quickly and cleanly. it holds the ribs in place nicely, and I don’t have to play “rib pickup.” lol.

  241. Ralph

    Can’t wait to try this, but I have a pork loin in the freezer…would this method and ingredients work on the loin?

    • Jenny

      I simply don’t know. I tried to research a similar recipe for pork loin with no luck. I cook my pork loin in a different way so I’m sorry I’m stumped on this one.

  242. cindy

    Fourth time making them! Family love them and how easy peasy! Thanks Jenny. Also, u look familiar? Were u on a talk show?

  243. Jayne

    Delicious! 3rd time making these Ribs, we love them!

  244. Barb

    I made these ribs for my family and Jenny they loved them. We were fighting about who would have the last piece. Thank-you for your extreme talent in making dishes easy and delicious.

  245. Alyssa

    These look amazing! Have you ever tried putting the lemon juice and the dry rub on the ribs the night before and letting them sit in the fridge overnight before cooking them the next day? Or would the lemon juice being on the ribs overnight make the ribs tougher?

    • Jenny

      I’ve never done them overnight but you can leave them overnight in the rub. I’m not sure I would do the lemon juice, though.

  246. Marita

    Hi Jenny,

    Made these today for my sons first birthday and I regret making only two racks of ribs! The best ribs we’ve ever had! Thank you!!

  247. Sandy

    Thank you Jenny! My husband said they were the best ribs he ever had. Three bits in, he told me the recipe was a keeper. . We have also enjoyed your chicken pot pie and pizza. . Thanks for all the great recipes.

  248. Carol

    Hi Jenny,

    I made this for dinner a week ago. It was so delicious! My husband loved it… our whole dinner conversation was about how good it was. I’m getting ready to make more tonight! Thank you 🙂


  249. Ron

    Hello Mrs. Jones,
    I did your recipe for both ribs and bar-b-q sauce. The family really loved it. I enjoyed cooking it. Thank you for the recipe and the time you share with others.

  250. Maggie

    Hi Jenny,

    I made the ribs and they were wonderfully yummy!!! My husband loved them. I make your recipes all the time. Tonight I made the polish potato pancakes, My husband’s family is polish too. Thank you. Your “how to” videos are very, very helpful, please keep them coming, they give me so much confidence. Thanks again! Maggie

  251. Becki

    I followed this recipe (used my own dry rub and BBQ sauce) but you are a genius with the cooking method. They were delicious, tender and my boyfriend constantly requests these.

    I was just curious if you or if anyone has tried this recipe with other ribs not just baby back. I have seen prepackaged individually cut ribs that seem to have a lot of meat of them – would these work as well? I do like baby back ribs the best but I was curious about other options.

    Thank you so much for sharing this!

  252. terrie

    This is my new go to recipe….love them and so does everyone else I feed them to! Thanks

  253. Maggie

    I have the worst time finding onion powder! I want to make these today and don’t have the onion powder….what shall I do? Thank you.

    • Jenny

      It’s just one of many spices. You can leave it out & they’ll still be good.

  254. Jen

    Totally awesome ribs we used smoked paprica instead and it gave it a nice smokey flavor hint

  255. Jessie

    Made these tonight. Loved them! My daughter and husband were very impressed- and we have eaten some really good ribs. I used your rub but used Sweet Baby Ray’s sauce. I will definately be doing these again. Thanks for adding a video.

  256. Richie

    I make Jenny’s ribs often – I appreciate your level of detail, and your incorporating healthier ingredients into these easy recipie’s. – the Best Damn Ribs You’ll Ever Had

  257. Lorna

    OMG the best ribs I have ever made, used your rub recipe, then used honey garlic sauce, families favorite now, thank you so much for the recipe

  258. Peggy

    I don’t submit comments very often but I just had to after making these ribs twice now for my family. My teenage son has already told me that I am never to make ribs any other way again. And I agree with him. These are so delicious; tender and flavorful. I will admit, I did not use your sauce recipe, only the rub. I never used a rub before and boy, what a difference. I did use Sweet BR’s sauce and they turned out unbelievable. Thank you. I have shared this with many.

  259. chrissie

    These ribs were excellent. Preparing something that the whole family will eat is no easy feat but everyone enjoyed these ribs. I will definitely make them again.

  260. Caryn

    I FINALLY found a rib recipe that works! My whole family, including my kids LOVED them. Thank you!

  261. Brenda

    Thank you…thank you…. Thank you …..for providing thorough easy instruction and recipe!! These were a success with my family – including my 81 year old father who easily enjoyed them with his dentures. These will now be the main dish for the upcoming New Year’s party.

  262. barb green

    i got your recipe through pintrest; so many wonderful comments, i can’t wait to fix mine which will be on new years day, a celebration of my husband’s retirement and what all of my family hope will be a wonderful year. i have admired you for years through tv and now just another reason to. thanks so much. you made my whole evening.

  263. Oma

    What is the recipe for your rub and the BBQ sauce?

  264. courtney

    I made these a few months back with your rub recipe. Finished them off with famous Dave’s bbq sauce on the grill. My neighbors and family devoured them. I am making today again for my immediate family Christmas. Thank you for this recipe! Oh and the rub made enough to cover 2 racks of baby backs.

  265. Vida

    Made these and indeed they were a hit! Do they need to be single layer in the foil pan ? Thank you so much!

  266. Jesus Zambrano

    Will is recipe work on some deer ribs

    • Jenny

      I wish I could tell you but I don’t know. I see other recipes that cook deer ribs for hours and hours so I assume they may take longer to fall off the bone. I wish I had a better answer but I’ve never cooked deer ribs.

    • Heather

      Please let me know if you try it on deer. We were wanting to try it on deer too next week!

  267. Andrea

    These were Theeee best ribs I have ever made! My family & I LOVED them! This is the only way to go! Super easy & tender & oh so tasty! Most definitely will make again!

  268. letitia

    just wanted to let you know about the ribs. I made them using my on rub and wow I could not believe it they were falling off the bone. I will never grill again. Thanks for the recipe. My husband loved them. I had 3 rib and the rest will I am sure you’ll figure out who ate the rest husband. Lol

  269. Jay

    I’ve made these a bunch of times now. The family always ask when we will be having ribs again. We do add some other spices to change it up a bit. Thx

  270. Dennis

    There good, cooking my second batch now. Last batch you rub, this time I gave them my rub. Thanks

  271. Tom H

    Getting ready to put these into the oven. I’ll report back later with the results! Looking forward to trying them. Thanks for the recipe!

  272. Sam

    Ive made this recipe at least 4 times in the last few months. I didn’t have a lemon so I used red wine vinegar and it worked just as well. Fall off the bone, tender. No extra liquids needed at all to achieve that. Awesome awesome awesome!

  273. CMac

    I love this recipe and keep finding interesting ways to make it different. If you like very moist fall of the bone ribs, try a cup or 2 of Apple juice, added right before you put it in the oven. Came out amazing.

    • johnnie

      I wanted to know if you just pour the apple juice in the pan while the meat is cooking ?

      • Jenny

        There is no apple juice in this recipe. Can you please clarify your question?

        • Alyssa

          Johnnie was asking CMac . In the original comment posted he mentioned he likes to use apple juice right before placing in the oven 🙂

          • Jenny

            Thank you. I view all the comments on a different page and didn’t see this first comment so thanks for your note.

    • Bchow

      Did you put the apple juice directly in the pan, or place the ribs on a rack.

  274. maebelle

    This was delicious and didn’t take to much time

  275. Katia

    Can’t wait to make these tomorrow. Question: Can I cook these ribs in an oven bag or is foil better.


    • Jenny

      Since you are essentially steaming the ribs first, I think a bag would work. I have never used an oven bag but to me foil lets you place the ribs where you want. I’m not sure it would be as easy in a bag but that aside, a bag should work as far as cooking them with steam, but follow the manufacturer’s instructions because I think you have to cut slits in the bag.

  276. Ewa

    Hello. I’m going to make the ribs on Saturday for dinner. I do like preparing things in advance because it is very convenient. Do you think that I can bake the ribs in the morning, pour off the liquid and place the ribs into the fridge until evening. And then just before serving do the final brushing with BBQ souse and broil them. Or may be you have other suggestions? Thanks for all your advice.

    • Jenny

      Yes, I think that would be fine. In fact, you can bake them a day or two before and then finish them when you’re ready.

      • Ewa

        That’s perfect. Thanks! I can’t wait making hem tomorrow!

      • Z

        When doing the recipe in advance, are you saying that you can freeze them after you steam them? Or you’d have yo keep them in the fridge only? Can you do either or?

        • Jenny

          I would not freeze them after steaming, only refrigerate.

  277. Sue

    Made these ribs tonight and they were wonderful!!!

  278. kathrine george

    Hi jenny! I love this recipe! Tho i cooked it over a grill (coz i dont have an oven! Haha).. I just covered the meat in a foil and placed it over the frill… it’s still yummy.. The meat is soo tender that the i can just pick it out with my fingersm… My kids love it.. And my sister, too, who is so picky with foods loved it as well..

  279. Loree

    Hi Jenny,
    I love your videos and I love that your recipes are healthy,
    I printed our your meatloaf recipe and I will do the same for your baby back ribs; but the recipe didn’t specify beef or pork.
    Thanks for your time.


    • Jenny

      It’s pork ribs and thanks for letting me know. I have clarified that in the printable recipe.

  280. CMac

    Hi Jenny, I’m wondering if u could smoke these on a grill at low heat for about 45 min, and move them to the oven to finish?

    • Jenny

      I have never done it but I suppose you could. Sorry for being uninformed but if they are still cooking while on the grill you might have to reduce the oven cooking time by 45 minutes. If you try this please report back as it would be good to know. Thanks and sorry for being clueless on this!

  281. che

    hi jenny,

    does it make any difference in cooking time or anything if im using beef ribs?

    • Jenny

      I haven’t made this recipe with beef but if they are the large beef ribs, I think I would cook them a little longer in the oven, like 3 hours.

  282. Joy

    I made these ribs tonight and they are the best ribs I’ve ever made or eaten. I didn’t have a lemon so skipped that step. They still came out perfect, moist, delicious and definitely fall off the bone, just like I wanted. Thank you Jenny!

  283. Linda

    Hi Jenny!
    Your rib recipe is the best! I will never make ribs any other way. I have one question–why should the foil be shinny side up? Does it really make a difference? Thanks in advance for your reply.

    • Jenny

      The shiny side of foil will reflect a little more heat and the ribs should cook low and slow so I put the shiny side up and not facing the ribs. I don’t think it makes a huge difference but I pay attention to every detail when I cook.

  284. maro

    dear jenny i just made those ribs and i followed ur direction by steps and it turn out quite a winner and my family cant get enough of them .just wana thank u for ur simplicity and elegant recipes

  285. Winda

    Hi Jenny..
    First of all, I would like to say: I love your blog, your YouTube, and of course your recipes..

    I tried to make this recipe and it was amazing..
    But, I have a question..
    some people in my family can’t eat spicy food at all. Can I make it without chilli powder? Will it affect the taste?
    I would like to ask the same question for barbeque sauce recipe..

    Thank you for sharing your works, and thank you for inspiring me..

    • Jenny

      I’m not a fan of spicy food either and these ribs and sauce are perfect for me. I wonder if you are using “Powdered Chili” rather than “Chili Powder?” Please confirm the brand of chili powder and especially the ingredients and then I can give a better answer.

      • Winda

        Hi Jenny.. thanks for your respond..

        I use Chilli Powder.. the brand is “Hoyt’s” (from Australia)
        actually, your recipes are perfect for me and my sister.. But my father can’t eat chilli at all.. but I’m afraid that if I leave out the chilli powder, it may change that perfect taste.

        Thanks, Jenny 🙂

        • Jenny

          You are using the wrong chili powder for your father. Here’s what it says on the Hoyt’s website about their chili powder: “Hot, very warm taste… …If you like it hot, with this you get it.” I think if you switch to a different brand of chili powder that does not call itself “hot,” you can retain that great chili flavor without the heat.

          • Winda

            Thanks a lot Jenny..
            I got it! 🙂

    • Judy Gormely

      I agree 100% with what u said!

  286. Amanda

    These were “fall Off The Bone Ribs”. My baby backs were on the small side, so only baked them for 2 hours, then broiled them. The rub is delish but I found the sauce to be a bit too sweet for me. I will make these again, maybe leave out the molasses and cut down on the vinegar. Thanks for the recipe.

  287. Sharon Brisco

    Hi Jenny,

    I tried your recipe for the fall off the bone ribs and it was excellent. When I go to the store and I see people looking at ribs I tell them about you. I need your help I love fried chicken, but everytime i cook it does taste the way I want it to.
    Can you do a fried chicken recipe for us?

    • Jenny

      I’m sorry I don’t make fried chicken, only boneless and skinless recipes.

  288. Steffen

    Dear Jenny,
    I had my birthdayparty in Germany today (I am German) and I wanted to do something fancy. Germans dont eat a lot of ribs and I knew from my experience in the states, that they are just awesome. I used your recipe and people went crazy about them. Everybody loved them.

  289. Steve

    My local grocery had a sale on ribs and since I just saw an interesting rib recipe on YouTube, I bought six racks. It was while I was searching YT for a more complex dry rub recipe that I stumbled upon your channel (subscribed!!!) and recipe.
    Having never cooked ribs before, I followed your recipe almost to the letter(.5 tsps of cayenne and cumin added to the rub). Well, this was a week ago, today, and my wife has just finally stopped raving about them. They were absolutely fantastic! I’m making them again tonight, so I better sign off and go practice my bowing and false modesty face 🙂
    Thanks for helping this retired aircraft mechanic to surprise and thrill his wife…in the kitchen, LOL.

  290. Connie

    Jenny, I made these ribs and OMG they were the best I have ever made! Thankyou for the recipe and the great video for them. Your video’s are very informative and easy to follow. This recipe will be iadded to my Cook book of my Favorite Recipes. Next will be your Paczki’s.

  291. Pierre

    Just made the babyback ribs, here in Auvergne (France) where we have a family house.
    First I had to talk to my neighbour, the butcher and get him to understand the cut I wanted (not a “french” cut). Then I had to gather the ingredients, some of them a bit exotic in a house where we do more gratin dauphinois and aligots than North American dishes.
    The ribs turned out delicious and I had a hard time saving a few to let the butcher taste them tomorrow…I bet he never tasted pork like this, he is going to love it!
    Thanks for the receipe.

  292. Phil

    Did them tonight! Absolutely incredible! Thank you so much Jenny!!

  293. Sarah

    Yummy ribs!

  294. Brandon

    Hi Jenny,
    First off id like to say thank you for showing me how to make the best ribs in town my friends love them and so does my grandma 😉 (She only has one)

    Anyways, I have a BBQ coming up for my 22nd birthday and I bought 4 racks of ribs from the store I work at, Sprouts. I want to cook them the same I have in the YouTube video where you cook it in the oven. Can you please tell me the best way to cook my ribs I have a lot so I was just wondering what you think is the best way.

    Thank you so much for being an awesome cook and sharing your ways with the world I appreciate it so much! Hope you are having an awesome summer

    • Jenny

      Wow, that’s a lot of ribs! Here’s how I would cook them: Use two baking pans that will hold two racks of ribs each (that would be 26 ribs in each pan). If you don’t have a pan big enough, you could get disposable ones. Position your oven racks in the lower and upper thirds of the oven and bake both pans in the oven together. About halfway through, switch the pans, putting the upper pan on the lower rack and the lower pan on the upper rack. To finish them, go back to one rack in the middle of the oven, set it to broil, and you will likely have to finish the 2 pans separately. I can’t imagine having enough room on one pan to broil and baste all the ribs, although they do shrink so maybe you could finish them on one pan. I hope that helps. And let me know how they turned out so we can share the info with others. Thanks.

  295. Carla

    These ribs are great, did them for July 4th. They were a big hit!! Ty

  296. Teri

    These ribs were so delicious. I used two racks of St. Louis style ribs and cooked 2.5 hrs then broiled. I never would have cut them first and they were perfect. I’ll never make them any other way again! Thanks!

  297. Sue

    These look delicious. Do you think I could use country style ribs instead of the baby back?

    • Jenny

      I don’t see why country style ribs wouldn’t work too.

    • Sonia

      Hi Sue just wondering how did they come out with the country style ribs. I just noticed when I was rubbing my ribs I bought the wrong ribs; instead of baby back I bought the country style. Search and through Jenny’s blog saw your question and was wondering can you please let me know how did that go!!

  298. Sarah

    Yummy ribs! 🙂

  299. Phil

    I cooked 2 slabs of baby back ribs just as described and took them to our neighborhood Fourth of July block party and everyone loved them and wanted to know my recipe. Believe me they did not last long and were the hit of the party.

  300. Sophia

    This BBQ ribs recipe is AH-mazing. Ive made them twice ! (Using her rub and a honey BBQ sauce)

  301. Phyllis

    I made these-they are AWESOME! 🙂

  302. Rikki Houghton

    I am making these tomorrow and I just realized my lemons are bad. I don’t want to go back to the store but the only citrus I have are oranges. Do you think this would be an acceptable substitute for tenderizing the ribs or do you have another suggestion by chance? (I also have blackberry juice that I will be putting in my sauce.) Thanks, Jenny! Happy 4th!!

    • Jenny

      If you have some vinegar you can sprinkle that on the ribs instead of lemon juice. Red wine might also work. I’m not sure about the juice.

      • Kathie

        What purpose does the lemon serve? I do not like lemon flavor. I want to make some ribs with a smoke flavor, any ideas on how I can make these your way with your rub and add smoke flavor to them?

        • Jenny

          The acid in the lemon helps to tenderize the meat. (You will never taste the lemon once they are cooked) To add a smoke flavor in the oven, here are two articles I found online:

          • Kathie

            I used your rub recipe mixed with about 1/4 cup of liquid smoke and put my ribs ( boneless) in a zip lock bag and squished the tar right out of them until they were covered with rub and smoke. Then I marinated them for about 2 hours. Then out of the bag and straight into the oven. My best friend who happens to be a certified chef loves them. ( I do to) The rub recipe really makes a difference. Thank you for sharing!

  303. Jenny

    OMG< OMG< OMG What a Great recipe.

  304. Jessica

    I tried this recipe, and it turned out perfect! I love this recipe thanks!

  305. Patty Lunn

    This is the second time I am using your recipe and we absolutely love them. Thanks for sharing the recipe.

  306. Lisa

    Best rib recipe and easy prep too. Huge hit for Father’s Day!

  307. Sherrie

    Jenny, what is your opinion on cooking time when making 2 racks? I’m going to double ingredients but wasn’t certain if I should increase the cooking time or not. Thanks in advance! Making these tomorrow for Fathers Day.

    • Jenny

      That’s a good question and I will say I have never cooked two racks but here’s my thought. If they fit into one large pan, I think 2 1/2 hours would still work. If you’re using two pans, which would leave less room for heat to circulate, I would try 3 hours. With two pans, you would stagger them on different racks and possibly switch them halfway through. But you know what? I originally cooked my one rack for 3 hours but they actually fell apart too much so I reduced it to 2 1/2 hours. So you couldn’t go wrong with cooking them for 3 hours before finishing – the worst they would be is too tender. I would still check them at 2 1/2 hours and they may already be falling off the bone. In that case, you could finish them and keep them warm or set them aside until you’re ready to baste and finish. I wish I had a better answer but I googled it and couldn’t find anything. I hope this helps a little.

  308. Robyn

    Hey there.
    Thank u so much for sharing the recipe.
    I made the ribs last night but something came up and we didn’t have them for dinner 🙁
    They were definitely falling off the bone though. How would I reheat them tonight? On broil or @ 300 degrees in the oven and for how long?

    • Jenny

      I would not broil them again, assuming they were already finished with the sauce. If not, then pick up with the basting and broiling process. If they are already done, I would just heat them, wrapped in foil at 300 degrees for about 20-25 minutes. That’s my best guess.

      • Robyn

        They were delicious!!! Thank u so much for sharing the recipe. I will definitely try some more of your stuff. I loved u on tv back in the day and now I love your recipe! Take care.

  309. Sophia

    Question? I want to make these tonight but I was wondering, is there a difference whether they are cut individually or if say I left 3 or 6 ribs together ?

    • Jenny

      I used to make them in two 6-rib slabs but cutting them apart after cooking caused them to fall apart too much because the meat is so tender. The only reason I cut them before cooking is to keep the meat on the bone. You can make them in any configuration you choose and they will still be great.

      • Sophia

        Ok! Thank you Jenny for the clarification, I’m heading out to buy ribs now to enjoy during the hockey game! 😀 It’ll be my first time making them.

        • Jenny

          Let me know how they turn out.

          • Sophia

            They turned out amazing! Thank you for this recipe, literally falling off the bone 🙂 I served them with mac and cheese and corn on the cob. I’ll definitely be making them again!

          • Jenny

            I’m so happy! Thanks for sharing.

  310. Kristina

    I made this over the weekend, it was amazing. Simple and tastes really good. I used your rub recipe. I made two racks of baby back ribs and there were 4 guys and 2 of us girls and there werent any leftovers at all and the guys wanted more. The meat fell right off the bone. Had a friend say he doesnt eat ribs because usually people mess them up, but that these were the best he’s ever had. Ill ONLY use this recipe.

  311. Jim

    I loved this mistake proof recipe! I did it over the weekend and they were spectacular. I slow cooked them in the pan on the grill at 300 degrees for 2 1/2 hours as it was 95 here in Florida and the oven heats up the house. I finished them off under the broiler and they were a big hit. They vanished with nothing left but bare bones and people licking fingers.

  312. Bill


  313. skidoobabe

    This was my very first time EVER trying to cook ribs. These were great! Fell right off the bone and I impressed my boyfriend who is a very picky eater. Thank you so much for sharing this!!!!!!

  314. Janis

    OMG Amazing and the best I’ve ever made. I used my own rub, baking thick sections of three ribs each at 325 degrees for 2.5 hrs. and then broiling as instructed. My old recipe is now in the garbage!

  315. Michael

    Awesome recipe!! I made two pans last night for co-workers and friends, everyone loved them!! All I heard was compliments and people eating the ribs.. All the ladies went back for seconds as well, it was a huge success!! Thank you =D

  316. Christine

    Just made these tonight…total success! So glad I found your channel. Beef stew is next! Thank you Jenny!

  317. Sally

    I made 2 racks tonite, finished just one off with broiler step – since hubby not huge bbq fan. I have to say both delicious, but we both preferred extra bbq sauce step. Great recipe, thanks for sharing!

  318. hjones79

    These were wonderful ribs. I used the dry rub and my favorite sauce in the oven. I used Williamson sauce purchased at Publix. Thank you for the recipe. I tried to flip the ribs to finish in the oven and it was so tender the bone came out. Thanks for making my Saturday great for my husband an me!

  319. Mirella

    Dear Jenny,

    I have just finished ‘noshing’ on a panful of ribs cooked according to your recipe and I am writing to say that I found them MERAVIGLIOSE ! living in Italy I come across much delicious food but your ribs were something else and the best I ever had. Cooked in the oven, missing some of the ingredients due to inability to find in Italian shops but made do with simple substitute and … dear Jenny …thank you for a great meal !

    Mirella in Rovigo, Italy

  320. Lawrence

    Made this a couple of days ago and was EXCELLENT! Exactly as described. They were fall off the bone good!

  321. Tricia

    Except for the dry rub recipe I make my ribs the same way. This is the best way to make BBQ ribs, in my opinion.

  322. Mary

    Your BBQ baby back pork ribs is out of this world. My son loves them. We love your cinnamon rolls too! Thank you.

  323. Michele

    I can’t wait to make these! Do you use beef or pork ribs?

  324. Judi Castro

    Voy a preparer tu receta mañana. pero con Costillas de chiva

    • Jenny

      Goat ribs? I’ve never had them but I hear they are very good!

      • Judi Castro

        Ya prepare el cabrito. muy delicioso pero no mucha carne .
        por ser Costilla Gracias por tu receta


  325. Cathy

    I made these delicious ribs for dinner last night. They were FANTASTIC!
    Just enough sweet and sticky. A keeper recipe for sure.

  326. caroline

    Hello Jenny,

    My cooking experiment went a little wrong (black) today.
    Do you have te bake the ribs at 300°C or F?
    Or do you have to preheat to 300°C and then turn off the oven and let the ribs slowly absorb the heat?

    Greetings from Belgium,

    • Jenny

      Bake them in a preheated oven at 300 degrees F for 2 1/2 hours.

  327. Christine

    I haven’t found a bad recipe on your site yet!! My ribs for 4th of July were OUT OF THIS WORLD!! Keep up the good work Jenny!

  328. Richard

    Hi Jenny, just wanted to let you know I made your ribs for our 4th of July BBQ. They were delicious.

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    I am NOT a cook at all but made your ribs, followed your instructions tit for tat. FABULOUS!!!!!

  330. Sonia Oliver-Reyes

    These look Delicious Jenny! Going to use this recipe for July 4. Thank you so much.

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