Cabbage Rolls

Cabbage Rolls

Cabbage Rolls

It’s actually pretty easy to make Polish cabbage rolls (golabki) and it’s something I learned growing up. The stuffing is a breeze and you can add your own spices as well. Serve them plain or browned in a little olive oil with a bit of reduced fat sour cream. - Jenny Jones

Prep Time: 1 hour

Cook Time: 1 hour, 30 minutes

Total Time: 2 hours, 30 minutes

Makes: 16 to 24

Cabbage Rolls


  • 1 large head of cabbage (about 3 lbs.) – or use 2 smaller heads
  • 1 Tablespoon olive oil
  • 1 cup diced onion
  • 2 cloves garlic, minced
  • 2 large mushrooms, finely diced - 1 1/2 cups (optional)
  • 1 pound ground sirloin
  • 3/4 cup uncooked long grain rice (brown or white)
  • 1/4 cup chopped parsley
  • 1 cup Pomi strained tomatoes or canned tomato puree
  • 1 1/2 teaspoons salt
  • pepper to taste
  • 3/4 cup liquid (beef stock, cabbage water, or combine with some leftover tomato for 3/4 cup)


  1. Bring a large pot of water to boil. Cut center core out of cabbage and place, core side down, in boiling water. Cover and simmer for 10 minutes.
  2. While cabbage simmers, heat oil in pan over med-high heat and sauté onion and garlic 3-5 minutes until browned. Add mushrooms and cook another 2 minutes. Transfer mixture to a large bowl to cool.
  3. Remove cabbage to a rimmed baking sheet, keeping water in the pot. Gently remove leaves from cabbage, cutting away from the core with a small knife. Set aside the best 16 unbroken leaves and cut off the thick spine in the center for easier rolling. Set all remaining broken or small cabbage leaves aside. (If the core is too firm, return it to boiling water for a few minutes to soften)
  4. Preheat oven to 350° F.
  5. To cooled onion mixture, add meat, rice, parsley, tomato, salt & pepper. Combine well.
  6. Place about 1/4 cup of filling in each leaf, roll, and place seam side down in a 13 by 9-inch pan. Pour liquid over rolls and lay some leftover leaves on top. Cover pan tightly with foil, and bake for 1 1/2 hours. (Place pan on a cookie sheet in case it drips)
  7. Remove from oven and let rest 30 minutes or better still, refrigerate overnight.

Cabbage Rolls

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  1. Julie Briggs

    I just love the different kinds of cabbage rolls we all can make ??? Its so easy; cause I’m just learning how make all kinds of food !! I like exploring my talents I’m pretty good thanks so munch Julie Briggs

  2. Barbara S.

    Can I refreeze rolled cabbage once its been in the fridge for 3 days since I made to much.

  3. kimene

    I absolutely love your cabbage rolls. I have made them with rice and they were great, but I am not especially fond of rice, though, and I would like to substitute quinoa for the rice. What do you think? Would I use the same 3/4 cup of quinoa? Would I need to add more liquid?

  4. Dave

    I fixed your cabbage rolls and the uncooked rice stayed uncooked! Why not use or pre-cook the rice? Is the rice supposed to be crunchy??

    • Jenny

      I’ve been making these for 50 years and the rice is always cooked and soft. If you follow the recipe exactly, there is plenty of time (and liquid) for the rice to cook. I don’t post any recipes that I don’t make for myself on a regular basis so I hope you’ll try again.

    • folksmith

      Dave, i just made these and likewise, the rice was hard. Husband said i should have stuck to my Polish mothers recipe.

    • Jeannette

      No you cook the rice first in the golumpki

  5. Hank Bayer

    This lady is an excellent AND delightful instructor, and it was a rare pleasure watching and listening.

  6. ConstantinV

    NOT only Polish stuffed cabbage. They are in Romania and Turkey.

    • Mike

      It’s a Slavic dish – most slavic peoples have a version of this dish.

  7. Shirley Lowe

    I absolutely love how you do a recipe and then also have the video of the actual prep. You do a great job!

  8. John

    Jenny, with a Eastern European heritage I love your channel . My mother gone 22 years now made all your ethnic dishes , my wife also makes them.Even to this day we have a traditional Christmas dinner and Easter breakfast ,I’m sure you know what I’m talking about .Only next time don’t dump those little pieces of cabbage or the core away ,put them in the pot with the extra leaves , the core is the sweetest part of a head of cabbage.My mother is looking down. Great recipes and I as a guy am going to try some, the breads for sure!

  9. carol-anne

    worthy trying! i have never liked cabbage but your recipe has change my perception

  10. SilentDua

    Loved ur recipe. you have a Gods gift the way you explain it. Thank you very much. I have tried adding Italian seasoning to the stuffing and everyone loves it. Thanks again for sharing it.

  11. Tyler Mamchur

    Hi Jenny 🙂

    Made this for my family tonight. Just great!!!!! Thanks so much! On that note, will you marry me??

  12. Lidija

    Dear Jenny,

    So sorry to bother you and ask you for a favor. I am looking for a great picture of cabbage rolls to create a Facebook post for commercial purposes and I’ve stumbled upon your site. I love this picture. Would you allow me to use it?

    Thank you,


    • Jenny

      If you can provide specific details on the commercial endeavor I can let you know but it’s not likely that my photo would be cleared to use for any money-making business unless it’s for a charity. If you reply here, your reply will remain confidential and will not be posted. Please let me know exactly how this photo would be used. If I do not hear back, then permission is not granted for the commercial use of any of my photos.

  13. Meagan

    Hi Jenny!

    I just wanted to say your recipes are amazing! I’ve tried many of them and every time I am so happy with the outcome. This cabbage roll recipe is a family favourite! Cheers!

  14. Sabrina

    I use sour cabbage (sauerkraut) for rolling and ground pork/chicken meat as I don’t like veal. I put sun dried tomatoes among the rolls, and I boil them in tomato juice. I wonder whether Polish people ever use sauerkraut for this rolls.

  15. Babs

    How do you find out what the calorie, fat,protein and carb count….I am on a diet and I have to write it all down …but when I look up receipts they don’t have them and I am not smart enough to figure it out….thank you…:)

    • Jenny

      I don’t have that information. I’m just a home cook sharing what I make for myself at home.

      • Linda

        Can I rolled cabbage rolls the day before and put them in the refrigerator and cook them the next day .

        • Jenny

          I don’t know. It does not seem like a good idea but you may have to research this. (also, look through the comments as it may have come up)

    • Jeanne

      Hi Babs.
      Here is what I found online. I do not add garlic or mushrooms to my recipe, so they are not included. Hope this helps, at least a little.

      Servings 16
      Total calories for 1 serving 107 (one cabbage roll)

      1 large head of cabbage (about 3 lbs.)
      calories 340 Total Fat 0 Total Carbs 0 Protein 0

      1 cup diced onion
      calories 64 Total Fat 0 Total Carbs 15 Protein 2

      1 pound ground sirloin
      calories 800 Total Fat 44 Total Carbs 0 Protein 88

      1 cup Pomi strained tomatoes or canned tomato puree
      calories 64 Total Fat 0 Total Carbs 14 Protein 2

      1 1/2 teaspoons salt
      calories 0 Total Fat 0 Total Carbs 0 Protein 0

      pepper to taste
      calories 3 Total Fat 0 Total Carbs 1 Protein 0

    • Mel has a recipe feature that calculates those numbers for you, Babs. You enter in the ingredients you used and the number of servings.

  16. jewish freddy from da bronx

    I eat bison instead of beef. Higher in protein, less in fat.
    Will this be the same cook-time ?

    • Jenny

      Yes, it would be the same cook time. I love bison!

    • Poppy

      Hi…I’m curious as to how the taste of bison compares to very lean beef…Thanks

      • Jenny

        For me, it tastes exactly the same. I have bison burgers all the time.

  17. DonH


    Here’s a shortcut to try. I make mine using a pressure cooker on the stove rather than in the oven. (10 quart PQ does about 25-30 at a time). Takes only 8 minutes under pressure and then do a fast cool down. No need to saute onions, etc. I do normally cook the rice (long grain and let cool) for the stuffing mix. Never tried the rice uncooked. I also use 1 #10 can of no salt added stewed tomatoes with approximately 1/2 can of the cabbage water for liquid in the pressure cooker. Layer the normally discard leaves on the bottom and top. Comes out great with a lot of ready made sauce! Try this method if you have a Pressure cooker. Do not cook for more than 8 minutes.

  18. Gwyneth Currie

    These cabbage rolls are delicious! They were fun to make too. Had 2 each for supper with mashed potatoes. Today just had one each for lunch after frying in a little olive oil. Oh so good. I didn’t have tomato puree so used tomato paste instead.

  19. Lois B

    About freezing cabbage rolls and other casseroles… I have had good results, just make it a single layer, a little extra sauce, preferably in one serving per container. voila! Your own homemade TV dinner. Even if not quite as good as made fresh, I bet it would still be tastier than what you get from the freezer aisle at the grocery store.

  20. Colleen

    I have made 60 pounds of stuffed cabbage rolls and froze them. I made them ahead of time for my son’s graduation party this weekend. They are in four roasting pans with 20 pounds each in them. How long do you think it would take to thaw them?

    • Jenny

      I have never made this many but since the best way to thaw any frozen food is overnight in the refrigerator, that would be the way to do it; however, it might take two overnights, not just one. But please don’t go by me and do some internet research on this as I can only guess. (I am not a trained chef, just a home cook like you)

    • Not sure

      yes I do to , but can I use the frozen meat in my fridge and when cabbage rolls are rolled up can I refreeze them for a lter day or does my meat have to be fresh, I also freeze my sour cabbage and thaw before making ,,,,,,,,,

      • Lavonne Lawrence

        Your meat has to be fresh if you are freezing before cooking

  21. Judy

    Hi Jenny:

    Love your site. I read through a lot of the comments for the cabbage rolls and did not find my suggestion in them. I freeze my cabbage and then defrost it the nite before ready to make the cabbage rolls. No boiling necessary. The leaves peel right off. I also tuck my ends of the cabbage rolls into the roll using my pointer finger and they stay rolled up. Thanks for a great site.

    • Jenny

      Judy, I searched and could not find another comment from you so I’m glad you resent it.

  22. Madeline

    Your video was very helpful and the halupkies delicious. Thanks

  23. Candace

    I have frozen cabbage rolls . How long and @ what temp. do I cook them?

  24. maria briahna

    They are Romanian heritage, not Polish

  25. Jean

    Jenny, cabbage rolls are not part of my heritage, but I learned them from an elderly German woman who was my “honorary grandmother.” Her way is different from yours, but both are perfectly delicious. The mushrooms sound like an addition I’d like very much.

    • John K

      I’m 100% Polish and in my 60’s. Grandparents from Warsaw! Large family, of aunts, uncles and cousins. The Polish people use a red tomatoey sauce. Germans use a brown sauce. Mom always used a can of Campbell’s tomato soup and a can of Hunt’s tomatoe sauce (same size) adding the water of a half of the tomato soup can. Mix it in a bowl. Put a light coating of the sauce on bottom of pan before putting in the rolls. Once rolls in the pan, cover all with the remaining sauce and bake accordingly. Cover rolls with foil. We always ate these with mashed potatoes, corn and rye bread. Need some of the juice on the mashed potatoes. I’m hungry!

      • Nancy

        Just had to write after reading your post. My mother was 100% Polish. As a small child I asked my grandfather about life in Poland, but he would not answer. I figured it wasn’t so good.
        My mother made stuffed cabbage often. Not sure how to spell the name she called them. One thing my mother and grandmother added was fried salt pork, cut into a dice, fried an added to her mashed potatoes!! Now, my family enjoys too! Try it, you’ll love it!!

        • John K

          Golombki. The L is pronounced wuh. Ga-wumb-key

        • Jeanne

          My mother and grandmother, both 100% Polish, fried diced bacon and added the bacon grease to the rice. Doing this flavored the rice as well as keeping it from sticking together. They added the diced bacon into the mixture. It’s very flavorful, but I don’t add the bacon and it’s still wonderful.

          We also never added tomato sauce, but I put ketchup on mine.

      • John K

        Preparing the cabbage: Fill dutch oven with water. Get it hot, about 3/4 full. Core the cabbage. Take sturdy meat fork or carving fork, and stick it in area where core was. Place the head of cabbage in the hot water until the first leaf softens and becomes limp. Take meat filling and place on low center of leaf. Fold bottom of leaf forward , then fold in the sides of the leaf. Repeat for each cabbage roll. I also use minute rice (cooked first). This is how my mom and aunts made them. Also she used ground pork, about a 1/3 to 1/2 pund. Not sausage but straight ground pork.

  26. Brenda Shay

    Can I cooked the rice and hamburger before putting them in cabbage rolls

    • Jenny

      I have never cooked either one before baking cabbage rolls. I’m wondering why you want to do that?

  27. Teri

    I’ve read where you have made the stuffed cabbage roll with ground turkey instead of ground beef,would the recipe and ingredients stay the same?


  28. Teri

    Hi Jenny,

    Stuffed cabbage rolls:
    I just have a little suggestion about the prepping of the cabbage leaves for the stuffed cabbage, that might be helpful . I use a large pot full of boiling water, I core with a sharp knife two the cabbage heads as much as I can, and then place the whole head in boiling water, as the cabbage softens up near the core, I cut off each leaf gently and place it in a large bowl, and do this for every leaf throughout as it slowly boiling. (Don’t over cook, you just want to soften them up, a couple minutes per leaf.
    Then when they’re cooled, I take each leaf and slightly shave off the middle of the back stem of the cabbage leaf with a sharp knife, being sure not to cut through the leaf. Teri Leyden
    This works wonderfully for rolling up the stuffed cabbage without resistance, and you don’t have that think chewy part of the cabbage in your cabbage roll to deal with. The leaves are a little soft and pliable and make for easy stuffing and rolling. It makes stuffing and rolling easier,with just a little time spent. I do it the day before and refrigerate the leaves in a plastic bag, all set to go for the next day.

  29. Elisa

    Jenny, I just found your website, I just love it!!!!!!! Your cheerful personality and your great recipes with easy directions, restored my belief that I can cook…

  30. Diane K

    Just like my Mother made. She learned it from her mother-in-law. This is a great site !!! Kudo’s Jenny!

  31. Linda Kutch

    Love the Stuffed Cabbage…. finally a recipe like my mother in laws’s and it didn’t fall apart!!! Already made this dish three times and each time to came out perfect. Thank you for posting it.

  32. Allison

    When you say cool and refrigerate overnight.Does that mean in the same roasting pan they were cooked in or do you need to transfer them to a air tight Tupperware container?

  33. Sa'ra

    I will be making this today. It looks yummy!!!!!

  34. Ninap

    Jenny, thanks for the cabbage! I’m Slovak/Hungarian and it looks great…..

    BTW, I always loved your show!!!!!

  35. Diane

    Looks delicious. My favorite is the kind my grandmother made with kasha(buckwheat) after stuffing the rolls she layered sauerkraut in bottom of enamel casserole pan, covered and baked. Anyone have a recipe?

  36. Pam

    Thank you-I am of Polish Parents and never took my “food” heritage seriously. Today, I made your Cabbage Rolls and tears came to my eyes. My Dad in heaven was smiling. I have never made such perfect cabbage rolls. I drifted back in time, to a farm house outside of Scranton, PA. My Aunt Nellie making all of these delights. I can’t wait to begin baking and cooking again.

  37. Elaine

    I love all your recipes as I am a full blooded polish girl, but though I have not tried your version of stuffed cabbage as yet, I would like to make a comment.
    I have been making cabbage rolls for over fifty years and have made and tried several variations adding different ingredients, but the one thing I only tried once (and would not try again) is using uncooked rice. I tried using uncooked rice once and the rolls came out very dry because the rice drained all the moisture out of the meat. I now precook the rice, at least partially and they come our great.

  38. michael coyle

    Yes u can freeze put in tinfoil tray cover with tin foil 6 in tray or less lasts 3 months

  39. Darlene P

    I just found your website and I want to thank you wholeheartedly for providing videos with your recipes.I never seem to get things right just reading,I find it really helps to see it done.Once again,thank you. Regards, Darlene P.

  40. Tammy Nowakowski

    Hi Jenny! I married a Polish man a few years ago and he asks me to make his favorite Polish dishes; but not being polish myself, I’m at a loss. He emailed me one of your videos and I’m keeping it. I just put the the cabbage rolls in the oven. I hope he likes them. Angel wings will be my next attempt at Polish baking.

  41. John Summers

    Hello Jenny, the cabbage rolls are in the oven and I’m going to leave them to sit overnight, is it ok if I leave out of the fridge or?


    • Jenny

      I would not leave them out overnight. Let them cool down and then refrigerate them.

  42. Annie A

    Hi Jenny, it’s me again, I left a tip for re your Chrusciki recipe. I have another quick tip for Golambki and it works really well. I hated having to boil the cabbage so now instead, I core the cabbage, put it in a plastic grocery bag, tie a loose knot at the top and put it in the microwave for 15 minutes. Upon removing from micro, I discard top one or two leaves and it’s pretty much ready to go. If it’s really a large head,then some of the inner leaves may not be as soft as you like so put back in the microwave for a few more minutes. By the way, I’m one of the Campbell’s tomato soup fans for my Golambki sauce. I’ll be making them on Tuesday for Christmas!

    • FoodforThought

      Annie A, I really like the idea of saving time by not boiling and pulling the leaves off individually. My one concern is the use of the plastic grocery bag in the microwave. These bags are not safe to eat out of especially after being exposed to heat. The BPA and other chemicals used to make these bags will leak out of the bag and into your food. I recommend switching from the grocery bag to something safe to heat
      Such as a ziplock bag. The packaging states microwave safe.

    • Nancy

      My mother also used Campbell’s Tomato Soup and Hunts Tomato sauce. She also added chicken broth. Don’t forget the fried salt pork in the mashed potatoes, yummy!

  43. Pam Kindt

    I’m a little unclear on the freezing technique. Do I wrap them individually or can they be frozen in a pan? When removing from the freezer after letting them refridgerate overnight do I then add the sauce to bake or do I freeze with the sauce to bake? Thanks!

    • Jenny

      I have never frozen cabbage rolls before baking, only after. After they are cooked and cooled I wrap them individually in plastic and freeze. That way I can remove only what I need each time.

      • Ann

        Have you tried to freeze cooked cabbage rolls in a baking dish to reheat later?

        I read that it would turn into mush. Is that true?

        • Jenny

          I have frozen cabbage rolls but only individually, never in a baking dish together.

  44. violet turner

    Love this recipe and watched the video. They were so good and my kids loved them! 🙂 definitely a keeper.

  45. ronald c. williams

    I am thrilled that I found you. my Hungarian mother and grandma made poppyseed rolls, stuffed cabbage, and angel wings, all of which I have recipes for, but you opened my eyes with your videos. I have tried with varying success but I know what to do now. thanks a bunch. hugs and kisses from an 82 yr. old guy. grandpa ron

    • ronald c. williams

      i understood what you said at the end of the cabbage roll video. too funny

      • richard

        yes…being Polish I had tears from laughing!!!!

  46. Keith Hinkel

    Here again I do a “quikie” Golabki; cut up cabbage into pieces–say–2″ square-whatever or shred–then blanch or 1/3 cook; set aside. Mix filling all together well cooked-I use 3 lg. onion, 3 garlic cloves, pepper, celery seed, 8 fresh tomatoes, Stevia, parsley, dry mustard, 1 tbsp worchestire sauce, liquid smoke, beef burger & sausage, Coat bottom of baking dish w/sauce, add cabbage layer–repeat until dish filled. Cover bake at 350F for 35 minutes and check–keep checking until cabbage is just slight crunchy. Serve–I use black bread & butter. Its tasty.

  47. Adele G.

    Hi Jenny,

    I have been using a few of your recipes. All turn out great! You made cooking/baking so easy. I have a polish husband and I am a Chinese. I cooked more polish than Chinese foods in my life.

    I have just one question before I attempt this stuffed cabbage recipe.

    Do you or can I add any seasoning to the beef mixture? Salt, pepper and etc.


    • Jenny

      My recipe already includes salt & pepper in the ingredients and most people seem to feel it’s enough. You can add additional spices if you choose but I encourage you to try the recipe as it is and you will likely find it has enough flavor.

      • Adele G

        Hi Jenny,

        Thank-you for your reply. I have mis-read and skipped the 1 1/2 tsp of salt.


  48. Jane & Rick

    We made them and loved them…Friends have already requested a copy or site to get recipe…

  49. Gwen haldae

    I make cabbage rolls for some of my family for Xmas . Is it to early to make and then freeze.

    • Jenny

      Technically, it’s not too early to make them for Christmas but I always believe in less freezer time whenever possible. I would try to wait 2-3 weeks (then it would only be a month of freezing).

  50. Kim

    Absolutely delicious!! Thanks Jenny, keep up the good work!

  51. Brenda

    Jenny, I just found you about 2 weeks ago. Can’t remember how but sure glad I did cause lady you are so funny. I cook all the time, everything from scratch but was never able to master Cabbage Rolls, well I’ll be trying your version but I have a question? I don’t use white rice, can I sub brown rice for this. Not sure if it will come out since brown rice cooking is a little different then white. Let me know and can’t wait for more videos.

    • Liz

      The last two times I made these cabbage rolls, I have used brown rice. I always liked the texture of white rice compared to brown, but in cabbage rolls I don’t see any difference. They are still yummy. Same cooking time. In the end, you get the added nutritional benefits of brown rice without compromising the flavour.

  52. So Turner

    What a delight to find you, Jenny! Like meeting an old friend you loved so much, but lost through the years… You Look Fabulous! I’m looking forward to making your GOLABKI, as I am cooking for my “Polish” Boyfriend, who was actually born in Chicago! I have always loved to cook; and looking over your recipes, I find we have very similar tastes too. I’m sure Teddy will be delighted if I follow your clear instructions carefully. I promise to make these Jenny, as soon as I bring home the cabbage > Ha! GREAT to see you… > Hugs, for sure! Thanks.

  53. Maureen Travers

    I brought these to my sister’s house last Saturday and everyone enjoyed them. She loved them and so did the other family members. I just want to Thank you so much for sharing your recipes and I would try another one soon. Thanks Again,Maureen

  54. Shirley

    We are having a big celebration on friday,and your, the fall off the bone ribs and cabbage rolls will be part of my menu,as I’m making them today tuesday evening, how long would they take to reheat from frozen state to serving.It’s my granddaughter convocation,so I’ll be away at her ceremony,them we all come back here to have dinner,time frame will be tight and I don’t want anything to go wrong.
    thank You so much

    • Jenny

      I hope I’m not too late if you already cooked but I don’t think you need to freeze if you cook Tuesday evening for Friday.

  55. SHARON B.

    Hi Jenny, I do a TON of canning, and I regularly can my cabbage rolls. You can get 7-8 in a half gallon jar, 3-4 in a quart. My family raves about them, wants them for birthday and Christmas gifts, it tickles me, of course none of them are farm raised like I am. One Grandson wants them canned with V8 and I must say they’re pretty good that way.
    Once I get my pressure cooker up to 12 lbs (for my altitude) I process them for 90 min.
    Thanks for sharing your time and effort in making our lives funnier and more fulfilled, and delicious! God Bless, Sharon

    • Allan Cross

      I wondered if you could can cabbage rolls – now I know. I am going to can about a dozen quart jars in my pressure canner. Of course I will add tomato soup in the jars as well.

      • Len

        NOT tomato soup. Tomato juice if anything. The liquid helps hydrate the rice.

        • Len

          Upon sober second thought, you can add anything you want. Everybody has a different way of doing things. Doesn’t make them wrong. Just different.

  56. Cecilia

    Hi Jenny — Thank you for this excellent video. I have made these many times using my mother-in-law’s recipe. Yours is very similar. However, she always insisted that they should be made in a heavy pot on the stove top. I have never done them in the oven before so will try. She also always put a can of sauerkraut on top while cooking. This really adds a great punch. I thought I’d mention it in case you want to try it. Thanks again for your wonderful recipes.

    • Jenny

      I have made mine with sauerkraut too just like my dad sometimes did.

  57. Ann

    Hello Jenny,
    I was wondering if I made cabbage rolls Tuesday but actually was going to serve them on Saturday, do you think the cabbage rolls would still be safe to eat?

    • Jenny

      That seems a little too long for me. I would not go more than three days without freezing them.

    • Annie A

      As long as they’re refrigerated, they’re fine. We’ve eaten then after three and four days, I haven’t killed anybody yet. 🙂

  58. carmen

    Hello Jenny I plan to do cabbage rolls. May I ask you please if I can prepare them in the pan (without the sauce) and then bake them the following day? thanks for your advice

    • Jenny

      I would not prepare them in advance to cook the next day. I can’t say for sure that it won’t work but it seems like leaving ground beef and rice with liquids to sit overnight is not a good idea. You can look online to see if anyone has ever prepared them in advance like this.

  59. Tymek

    This is a great recipe — I’ve made this 3 times in as many months.

    I previously made them in a slow cooker (8 hours, but they will be done before that) but this is great for a shorter cooking time. I add sausage on top (fresh kielbasa, if you can find it, cut into serving-sized pieces) or any other sausage that’s available.

    In a slow cooker, a large can of stewed tomatoes poured over each layer of golabki can help keep them moist and cooked through with a lot of flavor. And I put a ton of paprika in the mix.

    Rye bread and mustard are a must on the side once it’s out on the table. As well as any piwo that’s more substantial than Tyskie or Zyviec!

  60. Aasha

    Hi Jenny can i use Chicken or pork in this recipe???This recipe looks easy and delicious..But i cant find beaf here

    • Jenny

      I think chicken would be a better choice rather than pork.

      • Aasha

        Hi Jenny if I use Chicken should i minimize the cooking temperature and time???

        • Jenny

          No, you would not change the time or temperature. I know that ground chicken is softer than ground beef so you may find the mixture softer than mine. I have made cabbage rolls with ground turkey so I hope they work for you with chicken. Please let me know.

          • Aasha

            Hi Jenny I made this recipe with Chicken without altering other ingredients and the cooking time and temperature..The result was many appreciations from family and friends…Thank U so much for this great recipe…

        • Jenny

          That’s wonderful! I appreciate you letting me know so now I can tell anyone who asks that this recipe works with chicken. It’s good to hear that everyone liked your creation and thanks again for your feedback.

          • Aasha

            U have been an inspiration to me to try out new recipes that too in a simple way..Love ur recipes and Thank au so much..Stay rocking…

  61. M. Thomason

    Can I use uncooked jasmine rice instead of long grain?

    • Jenny

      It will likely alter the flavor but you can certainly try. I have only used long grain rice in this recipe so if it’s short grain, I’m not sure you would like the result. But everyone seems to love my recipe as it is so I hope you will try it my way, at least once.

  62. Sunny side

    i’ve used your cabbage roll recipe for a few years now and was making a big batch due to a bumper crop of cabbage this year. I was reminded of asking my granddaughter last year if she had liked them. She said they were very delicious but her mommy had to “peel” them for her. I made her a little casserole of the inside mixture rolled into meatballs this year. Love your website and recipes. This one is easy and the best cabbage rolls ever.

  63. Joelle

    I’ve been looking for a recipie for cabbage rolls for a while as I have tried them before and thought they were amazing… Your recipie didn’t dissapoint! So yummy I ate 4 rolls as soon as they were out the oven!

  64. Nancy Z

    Thanks for the great recipe! I have been eating Golabkis all my life being from a Polish family but these were the best I’ve ever made. Thanks again Jenny

  65. Janet ostrowski

    Thanks Jenny,

    You are helping an English Australian make Polish food for my husbands family. Keep cooking, live, laugh, love well.

    best wishes

  66. Chgo girl down under in Oz

    Love the recipe. Remember your talk show days, but enjoy your recipes even more.
    Thx, for bringing a little bit of my former home to my new home.

  67. Daniele

    I HAVE FROZEN LARGE CABBAGE LEAVES. Blanch, cool, place a few together and roll up or wrap flat, expelling air. WORKED GREAT.

  68. Carol

    can I boil cabbage and use it the next day to rool

    • Jenny

      I don’t know. I tried to research this but could not find any recipe where the cabbage was boiled in advance so I’m not sure how the leaves would hold up the next day. I’m sorry I just can’t say for sure.

    • Gamzy

      yes you can boil cabbage a day ahead. I do it all the time. Enjoy

  69. JZ

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    • Vanessa Ryals Cook

      I agree 100% I am a visual person and technologically challenged in some areas. So less is better for me if you have not tried Jennie’s beef stew please do. That’s when I said Jenny real can cook.

  70. Judy

    I am making these for a pot luck, can I make ahead & freeze? If so, should I cook them first or freeze raw?
    Thank you

    • Jenny

      Cook them first. After cooking, I let them cool down and refrigerate them overnight. They are easier to handle the next day. Then I freeze them, separated so they don’t touch each other.

  71. Jay lowell

    Best I’ve had, they came out just right with good texture and flavor. It should land you a spot on the Food. network

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  76. Sandi

    Hi Jenny, I come from a Polish/Ukranian background and grew up with cabbage rolls made by my Babcia. Hers had mostly rice and a little bit of ground pork and no tomato sauce. I loved those so much! That being said, I have always shied away from making my own cabbage rolls because that thick cabbage spine scared me away. After I stumbled across your video, I have made at least a batch of your cabbage rolls once a week! Everyone loves them and I love making them! Thanks so much for giving me the confidence 🙂

  77. Dustin

    Growing up Czech we ate these often, usually with tomato sauce. I made a psn today and have cinnamon rolls in the oven. Thanks for making it fun and easy. Any chance you’ll be making poppy seed or prune kolaches?

    • Jenny

      I have never made kolaches but I know there are recipes out there.

  78. Daveinfl

    OMG. So tasty and healthy. Jenny, you are the best. Thanks

  79. Pat

    I made all the stuff last night and put in crock pot to cook. I went to bed at midnight and forgot to put in refrigerator and now 7 hrs later it is still warm. Is it still good?

    • Jenny

      UPDATE: At first I thought the meat was raw when I posted the response below. But even if the food is cooked, I would still not eat anything with cooked meat that is left out warm for 7 hours. Again, it’s not worth the risk.

      MY INITIAL RESPONSE: I think you need to throw it away. I found this on the web: “The Food and Drug Administration recommends that meat left out at room temperature for more than two hours should be discarded. Raw meat left out for this amount of time is a breeding ground for bacteria that can make people very sick.” I know you put in a lot of work but it’s not worth the risk.

  80. Ed

    cooked cabbage rolls yesterday. What is the best way to reheat and serve for dinner tonight?Thanks,

    • Jenny

      I think they are best when heated in a pan with a little olive oil (my dad used butter) and let them brown a little on the outside. I start out on low heat so they warm up inside and then I increase to medium, turning occasionally to brown all sides. I consider them a complete meal since they have meat, rice, and a vegetable but I always make a salad first. Polish cabbage rolls are traditionally served with sour cream. There’s a picture of some cabbage rolls that I browned in the my blog posting dated Feb. 9th, 2013.

  81. Sharon

    Hi Jenny,
    I’ve made many beef stews in my time but when I saw yours I was anxious to try it. I went on your web site Cooking with Jenny. The video is a great idea and the recipes are easy to follow.
    The beef stew was amazing and my husband loved it, this recipe will be saved and made a lot in the future.
    I do have a question for you, If I want to make more of the stew do I just double all ingredients?

    • Jenny

      Please see Regina’s question below the stew recipe.

  82. Sharon B

    Hi Jenny,
    Was looking through recipes to make a beef stew. Made a lot of different stews but they never taste that great or never come out right.
    Came across finding one in Cooking with Jenny.
    Boy, Jenny I love that you have videos showing each step as you go along.
    I just want to tell you that I never made stew taste so good in my life.
    It was amazing, my husband loved it and I will definitely put this recipe in a folder so I can make it again soon.
    By the way I am going to make your meatloaf that sounds delicious. I will let you know how it went.
    Thanks again Jenny

  83. Lindsay

    I made these yesterday and loved them! I am wondering what to serve them with? What do you typically serve them with? Or are they kind of their own thing?

    I made these with ground turkey and they came out very good. I can only imagine how they would taste with sirloin…even better I bet!. I didn’t have Uncle Ben’s rice and I was nervous about the rice not cooking, so I boiled the rice for 3 minutes and drained the water. Then I added the rice to the stuffing. The rice came out perfect and wasn’t mushy! I might not have had to do this but I would have regretted all the time, effort, and ingredients if I hadn’t and the rice wasn’t cooked.

    • Jenny

      I grew up having cabbage rolls alone (with sour cream) but today I try to eat more than one vegetable at every meal so I always have a salad first and then I’ll still make a vegetable side like some sauteed greens or steamed beets.

  84. debra torres

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  85. debra torres

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    • Jenny

      They may look Polish but they are usually just fabrics I buy at the fabric store or scarves that come out in the summer that are more colorful.

  86. Lina

    Hi Jenny, I love the presentation, simple and easy. To the point, your comments and manner of speech are interesting NOT annoying. Well stated and perfectly enjoyable to watch AND listen too. Your recipes are easy and looks delicious and easy to follow. Thank you many times over, I love C-rolls and will try them. I didn’t know you did recipes and found this by accident, I kept say to myself, “that looks like J,J,” Bingo ! So you now have a new follower. Thanks again,

  87. Lori

    Jenny, I’ve been making these for years and today, for the first time, my rice didn’t cook. What could I have done wrong?

    • Jenny

      There could be a few reasons. 1) You used brown rice. 2) You did not use long grain (pref. Uncle Ben’s rice). 3) Not enough liquid. 4) No enough cooking time. Please let me know if any of these apply and I’ll try to help further. (I assume it’s my recipe but no matter…)

  88. Astika

    I love your cooking online and show. Now I’m trying to make polish perogies your way, for my wife; she is polish. Thanks for your program. By the way, what’s channel is your cooking show on tv? I

  89. Jackie Moore

    Hi Jenny,

    I have been yearning to make these for weeks and I finally made them last Wednesday night. We, my Son and I had them Thursday and Friday and they were sooooooo yummy. I added grated cheese on the top. My son loved them as well, I asked him can I make them again. Yes please was the reply. so thumbs up jenny

  90. VamliV

    Hi Jenny! I was just wondering, would it be ok to add more liquid to the final sauce? My husband loves a light but more abundant sauce. I ask because I wouldn’t want my cabbage rolls to get too soggy or for the sauce to overflow the mold, Thanks

    • Jenny

      I think you could do one cup or even 1 1/4 cups without the cabbage rolls being soggy.

  91. Stacy

    I cannot wait to try these!! I will be cooking them on New Year’s Day!!!

  92. Monica

    I am making stuffed cabbage for a large amount of people right after Christmas and wanted to know how and if I could make them ahead somehow and freeze or refrigerate and then re-bake day i’ll be serving them???? what do you think?

    • Jenny

      Yes you can. In fact, I always think they taste better the second day. I would not freeze them if you don’t have to. Make them a day or two before, then bring the pan to room temperature and re-heat in a preheated 325 oven, covered, for about 20-25 minutes. I have never re-heated an entire pan but this is my best guess on the time and temperature. Good luck!

  93. Sandra

    perfect recipe..I use tomato and sour cream to make a sauce to put on cabbage rolls and boiled potatoes

  94. Gloria

    Just made these rolls today and I am super satisfied about how they turned; they were very flavorful and with just the right amount of salt! I was not patient enough to fry them and try with sour cream but they are just so good right out of the oven! Thanks so much for such a simple and delicious recipe! Trying the pierogis next….By any chance have you made any dessert with buckwheat? I tried it in Krakow but don’t recall the name.

    • Jenny

      I don’t know of any Polish dessert with buckwheat – glad you liked the cabbage rolls.

  95. susie

    You are just too cute! I stumbled across your video while on youtube. I thank you for sharing all of your wonderful recipes with the world and I cant wait to make these rolls! Blessings

  96. Hannah

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  97. Gary S

    Jenny thank you for this recipe. I followed it except I used a head of sour cabbage, OMG these rolls are awesome! They are the best I’ve ever made.

  98. Kimberlee Fredericks-Fackenthal

    Making these again today, Jenny. Everyone loves them. We like some sauce too, but many like them just gently fried with a dob of sour cream. You feel like family. I make these about every two weeks or more. There are so many other recipes to try as well, of other dishes. I think food is better than, well, just better lol We adore you… Dziękuję za gołąbki. Jesteś najlepszy! Również, gotować kapustę trochę dłużej, więc w centrum nie jest tak trudno.

  99. Jane Silva

    My mom used Campbell’s tomato soup. When I make them I dilute the soup with beef broth or water. It makes a nice gravy.

    • RF

      That’s how my mother and grandmother always made them too. To me its the best way.

  100. V. Stoen

    Wow this little babies are so scrumptious ! Thank you for sharing your delectable cabbage roll recipe . I ate three of these in one setting , just couldn’t stop myself , yikes ! The recipe is a keeper !

  101. Dianne Brockmeyer

    after freezing these, can you re-heat them in a slow cooker? If yes, how long would they cook for?

  102. Laura

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  103. Nancy Clancy

    I just came across your site, can’t believe I haven’t seen it before. These cabbage rolls sound wonderful, I make mine similar but cut up the leftover cooked cabbage and mix with drained saurkraut (sp) to make a bed for the rolls to cook on.
    I’m guessing that you and I have both enjoyed the cabbage rolls from the Polish Hall on Hill St., London. They had the best banquets.
    I’m looking forward to your future videos!

    • Jenny

      Oh yes, I remember those cabbage rolls and I remember dancing at the Polish Hall with my dad. Great memories.

      • Soph

        OMG! We may have met! I’m a Yank but half my family is Canuk and I recall going up from Chicago to London for many a wedding reception at the Polish Hall on Hill St. not far from Our Lady of Czestochowa. Still think your golobkis are better. The uncooked long grain rice is probably the reason. Most of the recipes I’ve tried called for precooked rice. Precooked is mushy to me. Love your cooking vids! Extremely helpful and every recipe I’ve tried so far has been delicious. Thank you!

  104. Sandy

    I made your cabbage rolls recipe tonight. They were awesome! My neighbor is Polish, and she said they were just like the ones her great grandmother used to cook when she was a child. Thanks for the great recipe. It’s going to be my permanent potluck dish.

  105. khabirah

    I just made this recipe last night. I let it sit over night as suggested and it tasted good. I served with a sour cream and cream cheese sauce. I was not able to purchase the ground beef so I had to use the ground turkey that I had on hand. It may not have been as flavorful, but I look forward to changing up my filling and trying different flavors.

  106. Joanna

    Jenny, I have loved you from your comedian days and your talk show which I watched faithfully. I for some odd reason am now just finding your recipes on you tube, and I am going out to find your cookbook this coming weekend. I can’t thank you enough for making these recipes for me because I am not much of a cook. You explain things and make it fun to watch. I just made the healthy chocolate cake recipe and it came out as delicious as you made it seem. I can hardly wait to make more of your recipes, please keep them coming. Oh and by the way you still look as beautiful as ever and have a personality to admire.

    • Jenny

      Thanks so much for the nice note. Just fyi, my cookbook it out of print but I am in the process of adding all of the recipes from that book to this website so there’s no need to look for the book. I some cases, I have improved and simplified recipes so they are even better.

  107. Cara

    Mine are in the oven right now. … Super EXCITED can’t wait to try then! 🙂

  108. Florence

    I take care of a 91 year old Polish man and his wife. He’s been wanting Gołabki for a while now. After watching your video today, I made your recipe, (the only one I found that wasn’t smothered in tomatoes). I’d just like to say, I got two thumbs up from this finicky ol couple. Thank you very much for this recipe Jenny! You’ve helped me put a smile on their faces. Priceless! 

  109. Nancy

    These cabbage rolls are awesome. Thank you for sharing this recipe. My kids, husband and brother in law loved them and want me to make more.

  110. Joan

    Can I make the cabbage rolls and keep in the refrigerator for two days before cooking them?

    • Jenny

      I have never done this but my feeling is that it’s not a good idea. It seems to me that the moisture would seep out of the filling to the bottom of the pan. It might be better to cook them, cool overnight, and freeze them after that. If you don’t want to freeze them, you should know that cabbage rolls keep very well after they are cooked. In fact, they taste even better the second and third day.

      • Mark

        I plan on making these for my annual New Year’s Day Good Luck party. There will be 24 guests so I will make two batches. I have two questions for you:

        1) If I prepare and cook them the day before, and then store them in my refrigerator overnight, how long and at what temperature should I re-warm them. I

        2) f I re-warm both batches at one time, will that affect the time or temp?

        Thanks for your help!

        • Jenny

          I can only guess because I have never re-warmed an entire batch. I usually take what I need and brown them in a pan. So I think you can re-warm both batches at the same time and I like to re-heat things at 325 degrees. Bring them to room temperature first, make sure they are covered and I think about 20-30 minutes should do it. I wish I had the definitive answer but this is what I would do – start checking one cabbage roll at 20 minutes.

  111. Andrew

    Made this yesterday along with the pierogi recipe. I have to say both of them are very good. These are going in my recipe box.

  112. meg


    Can these be made vegetarian with a “meatless” substitute? Thanks for any information!

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  117. Ewa

    Thank you for this recipe. I made galabki yesterday. They were delicious. There are many ways how one can prepare stuffing: some people use more or less rice, some use cooked rice; some add an egg to the stuffing. I have never done the stuffing with tomatoe puree before. I tried yesterday… and it worked perfect. One of the best golabki I have ever eaten. I serve them with tomatoe sauce. I usually have them with bread and my husband prefers with patatoes. Definitely will keep this recipe. Thank you again.

  118. Oogii

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  119. Liz Marotti

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    I also want to say how happy I am that you are taking on such an amazing project in such a grass roots independent way! I am such a huge fan of yours! Congrats on your continued Success!!!
    You Rock Jenny!!!!

  120. antonia

    I made your cabbage roll recipe they came out so delicious,and I add a few jalapeno peppers to make them a little spicy mmmmm. thanks for sharing your recipes

  121. Jay

    What a great cooking video! Thanks for sharing ( : Well done step by step instruction and it ended up just like I remember when I was a kid when grandma and other family made it. Thankful I will have leftovers now because it turned out great today, just out of oven an hour back. I had no idea you were doing these helpful cooking shows or that you had Polish roots! Jenny Jones cooking is awesome!

  122. Audrey

    Can you freeze your cabbage rolls? If can when it the best to freeze it?

    • Jenny

      I freeze my cabbage rolls after they are refrigerated overnight. I put them in a freezer bag and try to not let them touch each other. If they stick together, you might tear the cabbage when thawing and cooking.

      • Suzanne

        I froze my golabki on a parchment lined cookie sheet and once frozen, put them in freezer bags.
        what is the recommended way to thaw, heat and serve?

        • Jenny

          To me the best way is to thaw them overnight in the fridge, then heat and brown them in a little olive oil (my dad used butter) and serve with sour cream.

  123. Iloveinsegnamento

    Just made these last night, and they were really yummy, however, fried them up in a little olive oil for lunch today, and they were AWESOME! Letting them sit overnight really made them better even without the mushrooms lol. Great recipe! Thank you!

  124. Tony

    my grandma made cabbage rolls for christmas eve. and she learned to cook them by you. Thank you it was delicious. 🙂

  125. Julie

    I have made this recipe four times now and I love it! It has come out great every time. I found the pomi tomatoes in my local grocery store, but one time I substituted a can of tomato soup and that worked out fine. I add a little more garlic and some red crushed pepper for a little extra flavor and heat (my personal preference)… One time the recipe only made 14 rolls, but since then I use your trick to separate the filling in the bowl to help eyeball the measurements.Thank you for sharing this recipe!!!

  126. Tessa

    thanks for this helpful video, making these right now for the first time!

  127. Mel

    I made these tonight 🙂 they turned out perfect but I use ground chicken an didn’t have mushrooms soo I cut up a zucchini in small bits an used cooked rice an he was perfect I added abit of rosemary also 🙂 soo perfect this is my first time thank you soo much for ur wonderful video

  128. Song - Please help :(

    Thanks for the video.
    I’ve been searching how to make this for days and this video is very helpful.
    My father-in-law is very sick and he can’t eat much nor many different kind of food. But once he told me that he used to enjoy eating this and I thought this sounded healthy and good for him. but he doesn’t eat many things like mushroom and garlic. And it seemed that he used to have it with (i’m not so sure) pork or both mixed (pork and beef) and my husband also mentioned bacon in it (confused). And he also said that he didn’t have it with tomato sauce nor sour cream. How can I make it taste good without many of the ingredients because for me, mushroom, garlic and tomatoes seems that it makes it taste better.

    • Jenny

      There are so many different ways to make cabbage rolls. The mushrooms were my own addition and they are not traditional so you can leave them out. If you can use the onion, just leave out the garlic. You can use a mixture of ground beef and pork with no problem, and instead of tomato sauce, just use the cabbage water or a beef or vegetable stock. So if your filling is just meat, onions, rice, salt & pepper with the cabbage water or a nice stock (that would provide more flavor) you will still have tasty cabbage rolls. The sour cream is optional as a side serving which most Polish people would use but certainly not necessary. I hope this helps.

      • Song - Please help :(

        Thanks Jenny. I will try to make it this week or next week. And I will surely let u know how it went. thanks again~ 😀
        n happy new year 😀

    • Jeannette

      I use 2 cans tomato soup to 1/2 can water

    • Jeannette

      Try using tomato soup with 1/2 cup of the cabbage broth

  129. Shirlee

    I made the cabbage rolls this evening. Some 16 of them and I can honestly say I have never eaten anything quite as tasteless in my entire life. Neither has my husband. The remaining 12 are about to hit the rubbish bin

  130. Marge A Kirchner

    I’m looking for a Apple Crisp recipe

  131. Joan

    Dziekuje bardzo.the way you explain just wants me to make the golabki immediately although it is almost 1am. in Poland

  132. Karen

    The best cabbage rolls I have ever made. Will never make any other kind again!!

  133. Dimitra

    Absolutely amazing! I made these 4 times, and each time they’ve come out to be just perfect 🙂 Thank you Jenny!!!!

  134. ilovesyababe

    Lovely video, well explained, easy to follow. Have made this and my family love it! By the way, we’re visiting Warsaw, Krakow and Wroclaw for Xmas 2013. I believe Poland is beautiful at this time of the year with the Polish people embracing the Xmas spirit with joy, laughter and fun. Can’t wait!

  135. Alvina

    I can’t wait to try this!

  136. Bellainka

    I’m making this tonight!! I’m Polish and I have my own version but yours looks really , really good!!! I bet your sweet dupa is going to be PYCHA!!! Smacznego!

  137. Nad

    Hi, I think this is a great recipe as it is healthy and looks absolutely delish! I would love to give it a try but I don’t have an oven. Is there any healthy alternative besides baking them in an oven?

    • Jenny

      No problem. You can use the exact same recipe with a dutch oven and cook them on the stove top. Put everything in the dutch oven the same way, cover it and bring to a boil. Then reduce the heat and simmer for about an hour. It takes less time because you bring it to a boil much faster on the stove top. Cabbage rolls can also be made in a slow cooker.

  138. wingolden

    I just came back from Poland where I had some yummy cabbage roll, yours are even better.

  139. Chandra

    Thank you for your dividing “tip” for the stuffing in your video. I always end up with too much or too little the way I was doing things. 🙂

  140. exeuroweenie

    Ages ago I had these in a Polish café in Brooklyn.It was immediately my favorite comfort food(and I’m not even Polish/Slavic).Their version had dill and mushroom sauce on top.Thanks,just tried this recipe,and it turned out beautifully.

  141. Trish

    These are by far the very best cabbage rolls we have had. Growing up I had a Polish friend and her mother made wonderful cabbage BUT these were even better. We don’t eat mushrooms but other than that we followed your recipe exactly. The hardest part is getting the cabbage cooked and separated. I love your web-site. I just found it as I had first seen you on YouTube.

  142. Edward

    More please!! The recipe was great.

  143. Red

    Was very delicious…I am Portuguese but I have a Polish grandson and he loved this recipe!!!

  144. solodare

    Thank You SO SO much for your videos! I just found them the other day. We tried the Golabki first and we love it!!!!! cant wait to try another recipe! We Love You Jenny!!!! Thanks again!

  145. Brett

    Hi Jenny. Made these over the weekend and they turned out wonderfully! thanks and regards from London ON

  146. Susieq

    Hi Jenny,
    I was so excited to find your recipes. My mum was polish and sadly passed away 21 years ago. Miss her so much and her beautiful cooking. When I saw this recipe, it bought back so many memories. Your recipe is the closest I’ve come across to mum’s. Thanks again for the trip down memory lane.!!! 🙂

  147. Millie

    I just finish planting 12 cabbage plant can’t wait for them to grow, I will be using this recipe, thank you 🙂

  148. Barcros Baking

    This is by far the best Stuffed Cabbage Recipe I have made. Love you Jenny!

  149. m daughter

    Thank you! My family is Polish and I’m now a broke student living far away from home and studying to be a pharmacist. I just finished some of the hardest exams of my life and I had pre-made and frozen two big batches of these. I pretty much lived off them for two weeks. It got me through without eating rubbish food or wasting study time cooking. Thank you again!

  150. HerrTruffle

    I made these tonight and they were great! This is exactly the method of preparation I was looking for. Thanks for making this great video.

  151. Rhonda

    Thanks for the info on how to store and freeze your Polish Cabbage Rolls and how to thaw them out. I think I made 14 rolls and froze 9 of those. I still have them in the freezer. I might even take some for lunch tomorrow. I did that as a leftover the next day after making them and everyone was curious what I had. One girl actually wants the recipe so I am linking her to your page here so she can watch the video to and maybe explore your cooking page as well…

  152. Liz

    Good recipe. Most people don’t use mushrooms but they are such a flavour enhancer.
    I always freeze mine about 6 to a ziplock bag. I almost always don’t plan ahead so I cut away the ziplock and put then in a deep frying pan with a lid. I add about 1/2 cup of water and bring to a slow simmer. This thaws and when the liquid evaporates, about 1/2 an hour, I add a little canola and brown them on each side. I little sour cream and mmmmmmm.
    I’ve never frozen them raw because I want them now! I have been known to warm them up with some salsa on top.

    • Jenny

      That’s funny because I have thawed them the same way too but didn’t mention it because I thought it was too much work to keep an eye on them. You have to find just the right time to add the oil and uncover. But it works. Thanks, Liz!

      • Liz

        How do you find identical leaves? My rolls are uglier looking, all different sizes and shapes. Not so perfect. Do you put a layer of the bigger leaves at the bottom and over the top of the whole thing. That’s what I’ve always done to keep the oils true in. The baked cabbage by itself is good,

        • Jenny

          I just put more filling in the smaller leaves and less is in the bigger ones so I can roll them up to be about the same size. And I haven’t found much difference whether I line the bottom of pan with extra leaves or not but I do cover the top with leaves, though not always completely.

  153. Lacey K.

    Hi Jenny!!! I am loving that you made a video on this because I haven’t had these since my “aunt” used to bring them over when her polish mom made them in huge batches. Can you tell me when it is best to freeze these and how to reheat from frozen? I wasn’t sure if you freeze before or after cooking and if the same temp/cooking time applies!
    Thanks Again! Big lifetime fan here!

    • Jenny

      There are cabbage rolls in my freezer right now! I always cook them first and once they have cooled and refrigerated overnight, I freeze them, trying to make it so they don’t touch. To thaw, I put them in the fridge to thaw overnight and then I brown them in a little olive oil to serve. (In a hurry, I have microwaved them to thaw, then browned, but they don’t hold together as well). I will ask my sister to weigh in since she makes them, too.)

      • Lacey K.

        ok, thanks again Jenny! And I read the comment below from Liz and that was a big help too! I put these together earlier and now have them in the fridge with the foil on and I will stick them in the oven soon!

  154. Julie Pflum

    Very good! So easy to make! Thanks!!!

  155. Boomer Jackson

    I made your cabbage roll recipe last week. Yummy!

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