20-Minute Pizza Dough

20-Minute Pizza Dough

You’ll probably have to wait for the oven to heat up but that’s okay because the dough can keep resting until you’re ready for it. Use it right away or put it into a greased bowl, cover with plastic (give it room to expand) and keep refrigerated for up to three days before using. - Jenny Jones

Prep Time: 20 minutes

Total Time: 20 minutes

Makes: One 14-inch pizza

20-Minute Pizza Dough


  • 1 1/2 cups bread flour (all-purpose flour works too)
  • 3/4 teaspoon yeast (instant or active dry)
  • 3/4 teaspoon sugar
  • 1/4 teaspoon salt
  • up to 2/3 cup warm water (120-130° F for instant yeast or 110-120°F for active dry)
  • 1 Tablespoon olive oil


  1. Place the flour, yeast, sugar & salt into a mixing bowl.
  2. Slowly add warm water and oil until dough forms a mass. (you may not need all the water)
  3. If using a stand mixer with a kneading paddle, knead until dough is smooth & elastic (1 - 2 minutes).
  4. If using a hand mixer or if mixing by hand with a spoon, combine and transfer dough to a floured surface. Knead 50 turns by hand (1 minute).
  5. Cover with plastic wrap and let rest 10 minutes.
  6. It’s ready. You can: 1) Use it right away. 2) Let it rest for up to an hour. 3) Refrigerate it for up to 3 days.
  7. To use a pizza pan, bake in a preheated 425°F oven for 15-20 min. To use a pizza stone, bake at 500°F on a well preheated stone for 7-10 min.

Note: Use it to make my pepperoni pizza, bbq chicken pizza, or your own favorite. Click here for more on this easy pizza dough in my blog.

20-Minute Pizza Dough

74 Comments on "20-Minute Pizza Dough"

  1. Jaslyn

    Hi jenny,
    How long can we keep the dough for?

  2. Elizabeth


    Is it OK if I put my Pizza dough to rest on the counter overnight so I could use it the next day? Or should I put it in the fridge over night and then take it out the next day until it reaches room temperature?

    • Jenny

      It should be kept refrigerated. This is addressed at the top of the recipe.

  3. Elizabeth


    Could I rest my pizza dough over night so I can use it the next night for dinner?

  4. Erin

    I was looking for a pizza crust recipe that didn’t require more than 2 cups of flour (easy smaller ratio for experimenting with multiple ingredients). Found this one and it is perfect. I add pickled jalapeño vinegar (just the “juice” from the jar…), and it makes it nice & crispy! Add some crushed red pepper for a spicy flair. This is my go to now every time!

  5. Chris H

    Hi Jenny,
    If the dough has been refrigerated, should it rest to room temperature before shaping, adding toppings or baked? Or can it be baked cold? How about par baking before topping?
    Thanks for your great recipes,

    • Jenny

      It needs to be back to room temperature.

      • Chris H

        Can’t wait to try this recipe. I want to make a few batches of this dough and share with my mother. I’ll try freezing it as well, so it will be easy for her to pull out, thaw and prepare without extra work or clean up.

        Thanks again for your delicious and simple recipes

  6. Nancy

    At what temperature and for how long do you bake this pizza dough?
    Your roll recipe is so amazing Jenny, you have found a friend for life. Will be trying several of your recipes.

    • Jenny

      You can use this dough for any pizza recipe you find or use the links in my recipe for two of my own (pepperoni & bbq chicken).

      • brenda

        hi jenny,

        What temp. and how long do you bake it?

        • Jenny

          You can use this dough for any pizza recipe you find or use the links in my recipe for two of my own (pepperoni & bbq chicken).The time and temps are listed in those two recipes.

  7. Marysia

    Can I freeze this dough?

    • Jenny

      I don’t know. You can refrigerate pizza dough for several days but I don’t know about freezing. An internet search may be helpful.

      • Marysia

        Thank you Jenny.
        I will try soon and will let you know!

        • Charlie

          As a test I froze a ball for months and after thawing it was perfect. So next time i make this i’m freezing a few balls.

          • Jenny

            Thanks for helping out.

  8. Ticked

    Hey Jenny, I’m probably one of the worst cooks in the world and don’t enjoy cooking either. I love pizza and was cruising through YouTube and came across your channel. After trying several different recipes for pizza dough without much success and ending up with a ton of thick bread dough, I found your pizza recipe for pepperoni pizza and added bell peppers and onions. Excellent! I also took you up on grating my own mozzarella rather than using the shredded. What a difference. Tonight I made your meatloaf. Everyone loved it, especially me. If I can muster up the courage, I’m going to tackle your cinnamon rolls next. Thank you! And BTW, you don’t look a day over 40 and are still mahvelous. Believe it or not, I remember you from Star Search with the lovely hairdo. Now that was funny.

  9. Scrappie54

    Thank You Jenny I can finally make a mean loaf of bread and rolls. The pizza dough is to dye for, family and friend alway ask for more dough. Thanks again

  10. DebinSC

    Can this be done easily without a stand mixer and dough hook? I don’t have either.

  11. Mike

    Hey Jenny, Can I use this dough for my Stromboli meals?

  12. Jeff

    sorry I just saw my question was already answered about refrigerating.. thanks

  13. Jeff

    I make this dough all the time and we love it.. I was wondering do you think I can make it the day before… put in an lightly oiled container and plastic wrap the top and stick it in the fridge over night… I want to make 4 balls so I have them ready to go.. and just pull them out a couple hours before guest come over… thanks

  14. Shweta

    The last time I made the dough it didn’t double really but the pizza turned out fine..And as I type my second attempt at the dough is resting since over an hour, it hasn’t yet doubled.. But I’m just gonna for it… If the last time worked well this should too rite?

    • Jenny

      Yeast doughs are never the same twice. It’s possible your water was not hot enough the second time. An hour of resting should result in a huge dough so try again and make sure your water is plenty hot.

  15. Shweta

    Can I make one 7’inch pizza n refrigerate the rest of the dough for another day?

    • Jenny

      Yes. In fact, refrigerating pizza dough improves the flavor.

  16. Lisa

    Can i use milk as substitute for water?

    • Jenny

      I have never made pizza dough with milk. I’m curious why you would want to use milk?

  17. Jeff

    Can this be doubled? thanks


    • Jenny

      Yes, it can be doubled but always add the water slowly until the dough is the right consistency.

      • Jeff

        great .. last time did 2 separate batches.. turned out great.. will try one jumbo next !!! thank you

  18. honey

    Dough didn’t increase and when I made pizza it was like chapati

    • Jenny

      Assuming you used either bread flour or all purpose flour, the reason could be either that your yeast was not fresh or the water was not hot enough. Yeast has a short shelf life after it’s opened, which is why I keep mine in the freezer. If you have an instant read thermometer, that is the best way to make sure the water it hot enough.

  19. Firyaal

    Thank you thank you thank you Jenny.Made pizza with this dough last night for dinner. it was simply awesome. Will be making it again today.Any advice for what else can I use this dough apart from pizza plz?

    • Jenny

      You could use this dough for calzones or if you google “other uses for pizza dough” a lot of other ideas come up, definitely more than I could think of.

  20. Devi

    hi Jenny can I use whole wheat flour instead of all -purpose flour.

    • Jenny

      Pizza dough made with whole wheat flour is dense and chewy and that’s why I use all-purpose or bread flour. I use whole grains everywhere I can, as long as the result is delicious, but it does not work for pizza. You can certainly use whole wheat flour or part whole wheat flour (you may need more water) but I would not recommend it.

  21. Marilyn

    Have used this recipe many times…..just plain awesome….Thank you, Jenny. I use your site and many of your recipes….the chocolate cake….was such a hit with the children last night….Made it and put the icing recipe on ….then, put sprinkles and tiny M&Ms…..I keep your tortillas in my freezer….just love your videos….so imformative….thanks!

  22. Sue

    I’ve made this at least 4 times and it turns out perfectly each time. My goal is to avoid eating out, and with your recipes you make it so much easier. Thank you Jenny….keep the recipes coming!

  23. Charlie

    This recipe looks very easy! will using ” 00″ flour make any difference to this dough recipe?

    • Jenny

      OO flour is supposed to be great for pizza dough but I have never used it. I believe it is a finer grind so you will have to use your judgement and adjust if it’s a little to dry or wet.

      • Charlie

        As an update Jenny, with the 00 flour it turned out perfectly light crisp and airy! Thanks for sharing your recipe!

        • Jenny

          Oh, that’s great to hear, thank you. Now I have to buy some and try it too.

  24. Carmela

    Hi Jenny,
    I love your cooking,simple and good.

  25. Lonza

    Tried your pan pizza, I ate it all .

  26. AlexandraVA

    Hi Jenny! This is the second recipe from you tried since I found you on youtube last week. I just made two doughs today, one regular for my husband and one wholewheat, they both came out great. I mixed mine with 1 cup wholewheat and 1/2 all purpose ( because the last time I tried to make wholewheat cookies the consistency was too fibrous). I also think I will add a little bit more salt to my husbands dough next time, it wasn’t salty enough for him. Great recipe nonetheless, can’t wait to try some more!

  27. Pizza Fan

    can this dough be frozen for later use? If so, would there be any special instructions to using it other than maybe letting it rise again before using? I’ve never made my own dough before and if possible is like to make several batches ahead of time to keep on hand. I use the store bought refrigerated doughs for all kinds of recipes but I think making my own would be much healthier.

  28. Martha Dance

    I made your dough tonight and we will be making our own pizza from now on. What a great pizza dough, easy to make and tastes great. Thanks Jenny, all of your recipes I’ve tried are awesome. I look forward to trying more new recipes.

  29. PhoenixHinds

    I usually make my own dough recipe for pizza, but it takes 2 hours before I can use it. I tried your recipe and it was amazing. It was virtually the same as mine, but in a fraction of the time. Thank you so much for this. I LOVE pizza!!!!

  30. Ta

    Wow this is the best quick fast pizza dough recipe!

  31. Gina

    Would I be able to use white whole wheat flour in this recipe?

    • Jenny

      I have not tried making pizza with white whole wheat flour but I see a lot of recipes that use it; however, I did notice that some added gluten to the mix. I’m not sure if w.w.w. will have as much gluten as bread flour or all purpose flour so I can’t say for sure if you would be satisfied with it. I try baking with whole grains as much as possible but for me, bread flour makes the best pizza dough.

  32. Ewa

    This pizza dough is just amazing. So easy to do. I did not even bother to use a mixer. Just mixed it up with the spoon and then kneaded 100 turns which was a pleasure to do because the dough is very easy to work with. Thanks!!!

  33. Maria

    I love all your recipes except your delicious pizza flat crust is a little confusing. After you let it rest for 10 minutes, do I let it rise or just start rolling it out….I know I let it rise and the pizza was delicious . Which way is the correct way. Thank you, Maria

    • Jenny

      After the 10-minute rest you can start rolling and shaping the pizza right away but if you’re not ready you can let it rest for longer – even an hour.

  34. Alexandra

    I followed the recipe, but the dough came out really sticky… Could it be that the temperature of the water isn’t exact? (i just used really warm water w/o measuring the temp)

    • Jenny

      Water temperature should not make a difference. However, I apologize that I did not specify to add the water slowly because you may not need all the water. So measure 2/3 cup of water but add it slowly and stop when the dough forms a mass. I have clarified the recipe instructions. Please let me know if you make it again.

  35. Douglas Winters

    Do you let your dough rest on top of pre-heating oven?…Looking for a quick recipe for a crispy crust instead of my normal 4 hr one…=)

    • Jenny

      To me the method is more important for a crispy crust than the dough. Either a pan with holes or a pizza stone always give me a crispy crust with this dough (and a really hot oven).

  36. Dana Williams

    So excited to try it!!! Keep up the good work Jenny!!!! 🙂

  37. Lisa

    I prepared this recipe last night. The only thing I will say is that the dough was still kind of wet after about 20 minutes of resting. I added 1/2 cup APF and about 2 tsp. of olive oil and that seemed to work well. I let the dough rest for an additional 15 minutes, placed it in the pizza pan and baked for about 10-12 minutes in a 450 degree oven. Turned out great!

    • Jenny

      The wet dough was my fault. I did not clarify that you add the water slowly because you may not need all of it. Please try again and see that I have corrected the recipe instructions. Sorry about that…

  38. Tammy

    Does this recipe have a youtube video? I enjoy watching the video as i bake 🙂

    • Jenny

      Not yet, but I’ll be making a video in a couple of weeks.

  39. Alexandra

    Would all-purpose flour work?

    • Jenny

      Yes, all-purpose flour works although I think bread flour makes a slightly crispier crust.

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