Oct 30, 2015

Perfect Pierogi

pierogiAlmost every time I make Polish pierogi, one or two don’t make it. They come apart when I boil them because I unknowingly left an opening or a little hole when I sealed them up. But not today. Every single one was perfect! I made 27 piroshki and they all survived.

We had them as a side dish for dinner with chicken and some brocolini although when I was growing up, pierogi was the entire meal… along with fried onions, bacon bits, and lots of sour cream. So I had a little sour cream and onions but I skipped the bacon bits.

Whoever invented the concept of mashed potatoes wrapped in dough, I thank you. Next I’ll be working on a sauerkraut-mushroom filling. Yummm! But potato & cheese pierogi will always be my favorite. Click here for the recipe. – Jenny Jones

2 Comments on "Perfect Pierogi"

  1. Scott

    This recipe reminded me of my grandmother’s pierogi. In addition to potato and cheese, she also made sauerkraut. Sadly, I never got her recipes – most of it was in her head. Any chance you have a recipe for the sauerkraut filling?

    Love your site. Thanks so much.

    • Jenny

      I’m working on a mushroom-kraut filling. I mentioned it in the blog post above.

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