Aug 23, 2014

Parchment Paper vs. Wax Paper

Prisco asks… Are parchment paper and wax paper the same?

My response… Parchment paper and wax paper are very different. Wax paper is actually coated with wax and not intended for use in the oven. The wax would probably melt in there anyway and wind up on your food. It’s good to use for messy work like breading or you can sift dry ingredients on it to save washing a bowl. Parchment paper is grease and moisture-resistant and is made for use in the oven. Even in the hottest oven at 500 degrees F, the edges of the paper may turn brown but it’s still safe to use. And it saves a lot of cleanup.

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4 Comments on "Parchment Paper vs. Wax Paper"

  1. jimmy keats

    Do you ever think about your old show?

    • Jenny

      I was incredibly lucky to have had my talk show and even today, I find my self thinking, “I still can’t believe I had my own show!” The success of the show has allowed me to give back and to do things I love. I only wish youtube had been around in the 90s so we could all watch some old shows. I would love that.

  2. Jmk

    Silicone baking pads work like parchment paper (up to about 450) and can be reused. I have one with a ruler on it, so it’s easy to roll out the 8×10 poppyseed roll.

  3. Sue Schendel

    I just found your youtube videos recently and I’ve enjoyed them so much that I’ve told everyone about them. Thank you Jenny for doing this for us. I can’t wait to watch more videos.

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