Sep 9, 2015

My Homemade Pot Holders

IMG_6263-copyCooking is more fun when you have great toys to play with, like colorful bowls and kitchen tools but pretty pot holders are nowhere to be found — except in my kitchen. Because I made them. I went to Jo-Ann fabrics, got 1/4 yard of quilted fabrics, some binding and made my own. All these quilted fabrics have a different design on the back so here are the backs of my pot holders…

IMG_6267-copyHere’s how I made them: There was no pattern to so I just cut the fabric into 7 by 8-inch shapes and rounded the corners. I used two thicknesses per pot holder so before adding the binding, I first connected the pieces together to keep them flat. I did that by sewing two seams – each one diagonal from corner to corner. Then I used Double Fold Bias Tape (extra wide) for the edge. I used an old existing pot holder to see how to secure the “loop.”  I love how they turned out.

A safety note: I used two thicknesses but when I baked a cake at 350 degrees and used my new pot holder to remove the pan, a little heat came through by the time I put the pan on a rack so when I make more, I plan to use 4 thicknesses instead of just two and I suggest that if anyone makes them, to make them thicker or just use them as decoration. Next time I plan to use some leftover plain quilted fabric for my extra filler and save my fancy fabric for the outside.

Hey, with those colors I could turn these pot holders into a bikini. All I need is some colorful string and voila! Coverage for the beach! Of course, men would have it easier. All they need is an oven mitt! – Jenny Jones

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  1. Gloria Cabeen

    Hi Jenny, If you don’t want the potholders to be too thick (some sewing machines can’t handle too much thickness, although a walking foot would certainly help) you might try a layer of Insul-brite between the fabrics. It’s heat-proof, or heat-resistant. You put the shiny side on the side that will touch the hot surfaces. If both sides will, you’ll want to use two pieces, but I think it will still be thinner than sewing through four thicknesses of quilted fabric.

    • Jenny

      Thanks for the info.

      • Gloria Cabeen

        Jenny, If you don’t already know about it, there’s a terrific sewing web site called with fabulous free tutorials for all sorts of projects. I’ve made dozens of their things, from pot holders to aprons to zipper pouches and toys.

  2. Janet

    Nice potholders Jenny! Hilarious mitt comment too!

  3. Maura S

    Hi Jenny! I love what you did with those potholders. I saw too and keep promising myself that I will make some and haven’t got to make them yet. But, my plan is to use old washcloths as filling because, as you experienced, even two layers of quilted fabric are not enough. When, eventually (I love this word…) I will make them, I will post a picture for you to see.
    Thank you for being there for us. I love your site and am glad I found you!

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