Aug 19, 2013

How To Keep Cookies Crisp


To keep crisp cookies crisp all you need is a stapler, a coffee filter, some baking soda, and an air-tight container. I can explain. The baking soda absorbs moisture and the coffee filter is made of a porous material full of tiny holes that lets the air  circulate easily and allows the baking soda to absorb any moisture. This is just my easy way of keeping baking soda in the container with your cookies without making a mess. Put about 1/3 cup of fresh baking soda into a coffee filter and staple it closed with two staples, allowing the open edge to get as much air as possible… like this photo below…


Place the stapled coffee filter in an air-tight container (in any position, upright or laying down) with your cookies and you will find them just as crispy the next day.

Also, make sure the freshly baked cookies are completely cooled before storing. Another thing I’ve found is that once you store the cookies in a container alone, with no baking soda, and they get a little soft, my coffee filter/baking soda/stapler method will never bring the crispness back. So make sure they are completely cooled and crisp to begin with and this method will keep them that way for days.

This is how I stored those Crispy Crunchy Oat Cookies I posted the other day. Let me know if you made those cookies and how my coffee filter method worked for you. If you’re going to eat a crisp cookie, they need to hear you crunching across the street! Click here for the recipe for my Crispy Crunchy Oat Cookies. – Jenny Jones

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  1. Gi M.

    This is amazing; I wish I knew this method existed years ago. Fantastic!

  2. Maureen

    Jenny, HELP! If I heat them in the oven to get them crisp again will your method work? I ask because I read you said if they were already soft it would not. So if I “re-crisp” them will it work then? I am having a terrible time keeping them crisp. It is a “crisp” cookie recipe but it seems as they cool the soften!!! 🙁

    • Jenny

      I guess you will have to try. One way to keep cookies crisp may be to freeze them. By the way, what is this recipe? Maybe there’s something in the way you are making them that’s fighting you.

  3. meg

    You suggest using baking soda. I have bicarbonate of soda and baking powder (apparently a mix of bicarbonate of soda and cream of tartar). What is baking soda.? I do not know if either of these would absorb moisture.

    I will , however, try freezing my surplus sesame biscuits, which need to stay crisp.

  4. Barbara C - Plantation, FL

    Thank you for the cookie storage idea. I am trying it today and will let you know later how it worked. Appreciate the post.

  5. Lin

    I am making sugar cookies and it is humid. I can run air conditioning to bake, but I need to decorate them. I am making 180 decorated cookies, so. I can not recrisp them or wait till last minute. How do I use the baking soda with Royal icing decorated cookies and keep them crisp after I no longer use air conditioning. I usually make cookies in Dec. and storing is not a problem. It’s June and humid.

    • Jenny

      I’m sorry this is out of the range of my knowledge. You might be able to find some help with an internet search.

    • Renee

      Lin, I have the same question with Royal iced cookies. Were you able to find out how to keep this type of Cookie Crisp?

  6. Jasmine

    Hi, need some advice! Will be baking some crisp choc chip cookies later today, was wondering if they could last 6 days till New Year’s Day for some guests? What’s the best way of storing them for that length of time? At room temperature in an airtight container with the baking soda? Or freeze and rebake? Or keep half the portion of dough in the refrigerator (I need some cookies for the 27th as well) and only bake it the day before New Year’s? Would the dough even last that long in the refrigerator? (I come from a place with a relatively humid climate)

    • Jenny

      With my crisp cookies, I often bake and cool them and then freeze right away. They will be fresher as opposed to storing them refrigerated and you can usually eat them right out of the freezer. (I never store cookies at room temperature)

  7. ellie

    I usually put cookies in a sealed tupperware container and put pieces of fresh bread in with them..but they stay Soft, but i want them real crisp like the chocolate chip cookies my Mom used to make…that just break and crunch.I will try the baking soda.

  8. Judy

    I just made a batch of very crisp cookies called “Crisp Chocolate Espresso Ribbon Cookies” for a party I’m giving in December.. I’m making them now, and freezing them, and will thaw them the day before the party

    MY QUESTION: How do I thaw them and have them stay crisp? They are in air-tight containers lined with foil, wax paper between layers, and then the entire container is wrapped in “Heavy Duty Foil”…..

    I left a couple of cookies on a plate in the china cupboard for my husband to sample (since they are a newly discovered recipe), and they were not crisp any more. Quite soft. Very disappointing to say the least !!

    I don’t know if you answer me via my email, or here, so I’ll check both places.
    Thank you Jenny!

    • Jenny

      Based on your description, I would be more concerned about the cookies being fresh, not crisp. That is a long time to freeze cookies, especially if they have air around them. I’m not an expert, just a home cook like you, but when I freeze cookies (or anything) I always do it in air-tight freezer bags with all the air removed. Then I put them in a second freezer bag but I’m concerned that there is air in your container, even if it’s wrapped in foil, etc. I did some research and cookies tend to lose crispness when frozen so they say it’s best to thaw them at room temperature but out of the packaging. If you thaw them still wrapped, they will retain moisture. I would anticipate them losing crispness but you can easily re-crisp them in a low oven (300°F) for 8 to 10 minutes. Once they are crisp, they should never be wrapped in plastic. I hope this is helpful and good luck!

      • Judy

        Jenny – thank you so much! I usually start my Christmas cookie baking in August, and freeze them – I’ve done this for years and years, and not had any that didn’t taste fresh once they’ve thawed. But these crisp cookies are a new recipe, so I really appreciate your tips. Since they’re already in the freezer in containers and wrapped in foil, I’ll leave them that way – and then I’ll thaw them a couple of days before the party and if they need re-crisping, I’ll do it as you suggest. I’m going to freeze other cookies the way you suggest.

  9. Jo Ann

    With just two staples, wouldn’t the baking soda leak out and spill onto the cookies?

    • Jenny

      Mine does not leak out but if you’re concerned, just make sure it’s upright. You can still squash it down with the opening at the top.

  10. angela

    I don’t get it, where do you put the cookies? in the coffee filter with the baking soda or just in the airtight container? what do I do if I do not have a coffee filter?

    • Jenny

      You put the cookies in an air-tight container and just drop the coffee filter (with the baking soda inside it) drop it in there next to the cookies. If you don’t have a coffee filter, you could use a tea ball filled with baking soda and leave it inside the container with the cookies. The idea is that the baking soda needs exposure to air and using a coffee filter avoids a big mess in the container. I’ve never tried it but maybe you could put the baking soda in the bottom of the container, place a paper towel on top of the baking soda, and then lay the cookies on the paper towel. Whatever it takes to keep the baking soda from landing on the cookies. I hope that helps.

  11. Josh

    What a great and useful tip! I always knew you could make cookies soft with bread, but I really didn’t know there was a way to keep certain cookies crisp!
    Thank you for this, and I will give it a try!

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