Feb 8, 2014

How to keep brown sugar soft

Nancy asks… Hi Jenny. What is the best way to keep brown sugar fresh?  Thanks.

My response… Brown sugar gets hard when its moisture escapes. The best way to keep brown sugar soft is to use a small clay disc and it works really well. Here’s an example below…

xbrownsugardiskmooseIt costs less than $5 and you just soak the disc in water for 15 minutes and then put it into a fresh bag of brown sugar. Seal up the bag tightly and you’re done.  Mine stays soft until I finish the bag. You can even use a piece of broken clay from a pot as long as it’s unglazed.

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  1. Deborah

    We keep our brown sugar fresh by putting it in a mason jar and using our food sealer adapter on the top. The top pops right off when you need to use the brown sugar and it only takes seconds to re-seal the jar to keep it fresh and soft.

  2. cynthia

    a slice of bread added to hardened brown sugar will soften it quickly. I keep a small roll in my bread and keep it wrapped with a rubberband. Still soft and the bread does not mold.

  3. Nancy

    Thanks Jenny.

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