Mar 20, 2013

Homemade potato gnocchi

recipes_homemade_gnocchi_600It only takes three ingredients to make tender delicious potato gnocchi. My dad was the cook in our family and he used to make Polish kluski which I later learned are also known as gnocchi. The Polish way to serve them is with fried bacon and onions but nobody needs to do that any more! I prefer gnocchi Italian style as a side dish with red sauce or as a main dish topped with my homemade bolognese sauce. Anything you can do with pasta, you can do with gnocchi and it’s a pretty simple recipe. Plus they freeze beautifully. Click here for the recipe.  (p.s. Does anyone make these with ricotta cheese? I’m looking for a recipe.) – Jenny Jones

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  1. Russ S

    I expect even the most simple palate would relish these in the correct setting.
    Here in Dodge City, Kansas, people want simple foods, cooked to perfection!

    This recipe is the perfect substitute for regular pasta.

    I’ll cook this, and trial it for a restaurant menu item.

    It’s so great to see Jenny, thanks for your showmanship and mouthwatering recipes.

    • Jenny

      I would be honored to have my recipe served in a restaurant. Please keep me posted.

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