Feb 16, 2015

Happy Pączki Day (Fat Tuesday)


Tuesday, February 17th is Pączki Day!  It’s a day celebrated by most Poles by eating as many pączki as you can in preparation for the following day, Ash Wednesday, the traditional start of Lent, when many Catholics start fasting until Good Friday. So if you’re going to binge on pączki today, why not keep it healthy and bake them? My recipe is easy and you can fill them with custard or jam… I even fill some with my chocolate pudding recipe. (a single pączki is called a pączek.)


So Happy Pączki Day, everyone. And Szczęśliwa Pączki Dziennie to my Polish friends!  Oh, and Happy Fat Tuesday to everyone in New Orleans. That’s about the happiest place to be today. Click here for the recipe. – Jenny Jones

3 Comments on "Happy Pączki Day (Fat Tuesday)"

  1. Russ S

    I would fight for these. I wish Jenny was my sister!

  2. elzbieta with Poland/Lodz/

    Hi Jenny ! Sorry, but J can,t very well englishe. J did You paczki and J very like it. In Poland ofen fray pączki in deep oil, but J prefe You paczki and why J fonded You Blog

    greet You Elzbieta/Eizabeth/ from Poland

    • Jenny

      Elzbieta, your English is clear and thank you for writing. My sister’s name is also Elzbieta. We also called her Elzuna. Dziękuję.

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