Feb 10, 2014

Gluten-free pancakes

IanzGurrl asks… Just found out the hubby is gluten-intolerant. Could I make your blueberry buttermilk  pancakes (and would they still be yummy) with rice flour?

My Response… The short answer is yes. I had never used gluten-free flour before so I bought some at the grocery store and made my pancake recipe using King Arthur Gluten Free Flour… this one…

img_8566I did some research and they say you have to add xanthan gum to rice flour to add body for baking but this flour made really good pancakes. It does contain some added starches so maybe that’s all it needed for pancakes. I made plain buttermilk pancakes and one with blueberries and they came out great. I ate all three!

IMG_9332If your rice flour has no starches added, you may need to add some or just try the flour I used or one with added starches. Next, I’m going to try baking a cake with gluten-free flour. Fingers crossed!

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  1. Vicki H.

    I also have a husband recently diagnosed with Celiac. I have tried Bobs Red Mill 1 – 1 flour and Namaste GF flour for various cookies and recipes. I currently have a loaf of Namaste GF bread in the oven. Bobs Red Mill 1 -1 says not to use for bread, but it made great chocolate chip cookies.

  2. IanzGurrl

    Thanks, Jenny! I never paid much attention to gluten-free recipes until my husband’s recent diagnosis. Now, I’m constantly looking at ways to make all the recipes we love still taste yummy, just minus the gluten. It’s great to know these pancakes are just the ticket! I can’t wait to see your gluten-free cake next! ~Vanessa 🙂

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